Media Focus uk – Strategic intelligence in a digital world.

We shape, deliver and support you with; media monitoring, evaluation and analysis. This cuts your costs, improves your efficiency and empowers your decision making.


Track & report on world news
* Strategic media analysis
* Media monitoring (‘What the CEO needs to know’)
* Social media analysis
* Events (10th Birthday Wikipedia)
* Press campaigns (Monmouthpedia 40 countries:300 stories)


* Reputation & message analysis
* Social media – create solutions
* International media evaluation and analysis
* C-level strategic summary support
* Editorial analysis
* ‘Best Solution’ finder

News Curation

* Deliver 6am newsletters
* Summary of the world’s news
* Identification of  Important 10-15 stories
* Brief strategic commentary
* Newsletter distribution

Key Business Competencies

* Turn complex issues into simple solutions
* Build strong client relationships
* Teams that care about clients
* Event organising skills
* Ideas that drive business development
* Thrive in highly charged environments
* Comfortable working in many languages
* Lead by example
* Agency and in-house PR experience

Media Evaluation suppliers

* Produce Daily Newsletters
* Client reports
* Sector summaries
* Conventional, online and social media measurement
* White Papers on key topics
* Mentoring report writers
* Editorial Style guides


* Research-based consultation
* Match best service to client need.
* Manage tendering process/cut costs and add value