– We find world news and deliver it to you by 6AM
– We create solutions to meet your need all-year-roundSteve presents at TedX Bristol 2011

What we do

  • Media Focus is a boutique news monitoring and media analysis company
  • We cut your costs and improve your efficiency
  • Our experts find the stories you need to act upon in real-time
  • We track the the experts that drive your news
  • We discover connections between top journalists, commentators, academics, scientists, thought-leaders or politicians
  • Our team monitor the news and/or report on influencers in near-real time
  • Our reports offer guidance to structured decision-making


  • Customer services comes first
  • We place trust and expertise at heart of what we do


  • Public affairs, Agrochemicals, Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical, Nanotechnology, Finance, Tobacco and Defence

 Newsletters/Sector News Selection

  • Top stories from sector on your desk by start of your day
  • Insightful summary of overnight news
  • Enables your press team to plan for the day


  • Structured press campaigns and events for Wikipedia
  • Launched the world’s first ‘Wikipedia Town’
  • We seek a ‘tailored’ solution, not a costly one, that closely matches your need

Media Analysis

  • Support, develop & track key messaging
  • Monitor competitive activity
  • Identify opportunity
  • Manage riskJimmy Wales Talking to Audience


Influencer Analysis

  • Monitor key journalists
  • Analyze topics and themes
  • See who they influence
  • Measure what topics are driving news