Monmouthpedia – managed press campaign for the launch of the World’s first ever Wikipedia Town in Wales..300 media stories across 40 countries..worth millions to Monmouth in terms of the stories it generated, an indirect benefit from the Pro Bono work


The Monmouthpedia project creates multilingual versions of Wikipedia pages, about every notable place, person, artefact, flora, fauna in the town of Monmouth and makes them instantly accessible to smartphone users in the town through the installation of QRpedia codes in key locations. The clever part is these QRpedia codes display the content in the user’s own language. So, if someone from France whose device is set to work in French scans a code, the Wikipedia content will display in French. The same applies to any language that has related content on Wikipedia.

My role in the team was one of helping to inspire its setting up by my talk (with colleague Roger Bamkin) at Tedx Bristol. Then, being present to encourage local people at the set-up meeting. Then from March, being invited in to manage the press and public relations for this project for Wikimedia UK. This included getting Pro-Bono PR support from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and Public Relation Consultancy Association for this event.