This isn't done: Experts warn that no matter what our Covid end goal is we still have a ways to go

By lockdown_exit - 7th Mar 2021, 12:00 am - That was the week that was

What is the end goal here?

Get to zero cases - Stop hospitalisations and deaths - To get to an acceptable number of cases

Many predict a resurgence in COVID-19 at the end of this year - we have to know how to respond to this.

  • If those surges are just cases and not hospitalisations and deaths because vaccines are preventing people from getting really sick - do we want to shut down society again?
  • If it comes with hospitalisations and deaths, at what level do we raise the red flag and say we're shutting things down again
  • These plans need to be developed right now

We don't get to normal in one country and that's it. The pandemic needs ending all over the world if we want to get back to life as it was before, the whole world needs to be vaccinated so we have a long way still to go.

Now is the time to spend a few billion in building up global surveillance networks for new pathogens, expanding the existing testing infrastructure and bulking up global vaccine manufacturing capability - if it is not being down now (when we know how damaging and disruptive a pandemic can be) will it ever get done? Another pandemic could be upon us at any moment and we're be off-guard once more and many will die