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New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 27th Nov 2020

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Sunday lockdown to return in Dehradun from this week

Uttarakhand's Dehradun district will be locked down on Sundays from this week to contain the spread of COVID-19. Only shops selling essentials like medicines, fruits, vegetables, milk, petrol pumps and LPG agencies will be allowed to open. Weekend lockdown had been temporarily suspended in the district due to the festive season. COVID-19 cases have been on the rise in Uttarakhand with Dehradun district reporting the maximum number of infections in the state for several weeks.
26th Nov 2020 - The New Indian Express

No lockdown on weekends or border sealing: Minister

In Uttar Pradesh, State health minister Jai Pratap Singh ruled out night and weekend lockdowns or sealing of border areas in the state. Target and random sampling, he added, will continue in vulnerable areas. “There is no question of a night or weekend lockdown, or any steps towards sealing of borders. All rules of unlock will continue to apply. We will, however, continue with target sampling in designated areas, such as urban slums, jails, sweet shops, malls and (other) high-risk areas. Random testing at the borders will also continue,” Singh said.
26th Nov 2020 - Times of India

Covid-19: Should Indian states consider lockdowns again – even as a last resort?

If there is a Covid-19 surge, can a lockdown be far behind? As a fresh wave of the coronavirus sweeps through North and West India again, speculation is rife that some states will once again go back to the blunt-force tool that people across the world have to come to associate with the virus: lockdowns. The Delhi government has shot down the possibility of a fresh lockdown, despite cases spiking and rumours in the city markets. But Maharashtra has kept the door open. A decision, deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar said, would be taken shortly. Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh, on the other hand, have already clamped down with night curfews and weekend lockdowns.
26th Nov 2020 - Scroll.in

New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 26th Nov 2020

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Night curfews allowed, lockdown needs Centre’s nod in new Covid protocol

In India, due to the rise in the number of Covid-19 cases in various states, the Centre on Wednesday allowed states and union territories to impose local restrictions, such as night curfew, based on their assessment of the situation. However, they cannot impose any local lockdown outside the containment zones without prior consultation with the Centre. The MHA also said that state governments can consider implementing staggered office timings and other suitable measures in cities where the weekly case positivity rate is more than 10 percent so that the number of employees attending offices at the same time can be reduced.
25th Nov 2020 - Hindustan Times

Bulgaria imposes lockdown as COVID-19 cases surge

Bulgaria said on Wednesday it would close schools, restaurants, shopping malls and gyms until Dec. 21 as it struggles to contain a surge in new coronavirus infections. “Only one thing has been proven to have an impact on COVID-19 - decreasing social contacts or quarantine. To ease the pressure on hospitals that are on the brink, we are introducing measures for three weeks,” Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said. Like much of central and eastern Europe, Bulgaria weathered the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic relatively well in the spring, but cases have spiked across the region this autumn.
25th Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 25th Nov 2020

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All Hail The Lockdown

In a five-part series, made in lockdown, Ali Rae explores the complexities of our global response to the Covid-19 pandemic
24th Nov 2020 - Aljazeera.com

Amid lockdown worries, PM Modi holds key meet with CMs on corona surge

As the major Indian cities battle with the sharp rise in the fresh Covid-19 infections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday held a virtual meeting with several Chief Ministers to formulate the strategy for the coming days. The meeting was attended by the Chief Ministers of Delhi, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. The brainstorming session gains importance as it is not only a stock-taking meeting but more centred on making urgent plans to tackle the corona surges, especially in urban areas. While nothing official has been communicated so far, there is a buzz that the state, as well as the Centre, maybe thinking on something akin to a ‘mini lockdown’.
24th Nov 2020 - The Financial Express

No lockdown in Maharashtra, state Cabinet decides

In India, putting speculations to rest, the Maharashtra government has decided against imposing any lockdown in the state amid rising cases of the novel coronavirus. The decision was taken at a key cabinet meeting on Tuesday. The cabinet also ruled out clamping of a night curfew in the state.
24th Nov 2020 - India TV News

Can India Afford Another Lockdown?

Several states across India have reimposed the lockdown restrictions with a sudden spurt in coronavirus cases. While the Delhi government has raised the fine for not wearing face masks and reverted to the earlier cap on the number of wedding guests, night curfews and Section 144 have returned in states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and others. With these decisions, the reimposition of the total shutdown has started doing the rounds. Speculations are rife that PM Modi, after meeting the chief ministers on Tuesday, might announce another lockdown in states where the cases are rising.
24th Nov 2020 - India.com

New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 24th Nov 2020

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Bulgaria Plans Lockdown to Contain Coronavirus Infection Surge

Bulgaria plans to close schools, restaurants and shops and ban all sports events, private celebrations and excursions as it struggles to contain a coronavirus case surge. The Balkan country's health minister Kostadin Angelov said on Monday that the measures, to be debated by the centre-right government on Wednesday, were aimed at preventing a struggling health system from being overwhelmed. New coronavirus cases have doubled in the past week to 23,569, Bulgarian health ministry data showed, bringing the total number to 121,820 in the country of 7 million.
23rd Nov 2020 - U.S. News & World Report

Toronto enters virus lockdown as US looks to vaccine rollout

Canada's biggest city entered lockdown on Monday in the latest bid to curb coronavirus infections, with case numbers surging across North America even as US officials said vaccinations could be available within weeks. Toronto banned private indoor gatherings and capped the size of weddings and funerals for four weeks from midnight, with officials warning that hospitals risked being overwhelmed without quick action. "I've been clear on this: the situation is extremely serious and further action is required," Ontario premier Doug Ford had told journalists ahead of the lockdown.
23rd Nov 2020 - Medical Xpress

Pizza worker at centre of South Australia lockdown 'unaware' of public attention

In Australia, the Spanish national at the centre of a police investigation into his failure to disclose to contact tracers he worked shifts at the Woodville Pizza Bar is unaware of the growing public focus on him as he remains in hotel quarantine, Guardian Australia has learned. The 36-year-old man, currently on a temporary graduate visa in Australia, had his devices seized by South Australian police over the weekend after they issued a search warrant to obtain them from his quarantine hotel room. All the focus on the one man is causing concern among contact tracing experts, who argue it might hinder people coming forward for testing. They say the best way to get the most accurate information from people during contact tracing interviews is to ensure their privacy and protect them from punishment.
23rd Nov 2020 - The Guardian

More English regions to face tougher COVID rules after lockdown ends

England’s tiered system of regional COVID restrictions will be toughened up when a national lockdown ends on Dec. 2 and some areas will move into a higher alert level than the one they were in before, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday. “I’m sorry to say we expect that more regions will fall, at least temporarily, into higher levels than before,” Johnson said in a statement to parliament.
23rd Nov 2020 - Reuters

New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 23rd Nov 2020

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Trudeau warns Canada's hospitals could be swamped, Toronto to enter COVID-19 lockdown

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday that Canada’s hospital system could be overwhelmed by a possible quadrupling of new COVID-19 cases by year end as its biggest city Toronto prepared to impose a lockdown. Trudeau implored Canadians to stay home as much as possible as a second wave of the novel coronavirus rips across the country, forcing several of the 10 provinces to reimpose curbs on movement and businesses. Cases continue to spike and authorities complain some people are being more careless about taking precautions.
21st Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

South Australia says man's 'lie' caused coronavirus lockdown as harsh curbs eased

South Australia’s drastic six-day coronavirus lockdown was triggered by a “lie” to contact tracers from a man who tested positive and restrictions across the state are set to be lifted much sooner than first planned, authorities said on Friday.
21st Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

Toronto is under a 28-day COVID-19 lockdown starting Monday. Here’s what that means

With the risk of overwhelming hospitals in red zones with COVID-19 patients now imminent, Premier Doug Ford is moving Toronto into a 28-day lockdown along with Peel Region. The new measures will return the city to an experience similar to the earlier days of the pandemic with widespread closures. In Toronto, here is what that means as far as closures and new limitations as of 12:01 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 23:
20th Nov 2020 - Toronto Star

New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 20th Nov 2020

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Lockdown 2.0 Shows Europe’s Businesses Are Learning From the Pandemic

European small businesses that survived the first coronavirus lockdowns are getting creative to weather the second wave and the long-term fallout from the pandemic. Faced with the prospects of another recession and uncertainty over how long the crisis may last, firms are fighting to retain existing customers and hunting for new ones to stay afloat. Many have learned from the painful experience of the first lockdown to navigate some of the drastic long-term changes to work and consumer behavior brought about by the virus.
19th Nov 2020 - Bloomberg Quint

Strict, six-day coronavirus lockdown begins in Australian state

One of Australia’s strictest lockdowns began on Thursday with outdoor gatherings, weddings, funerals, takeaway food all coming to a standstill as authorities try to stifle the latest flare-up of the novel coronavirus. Images on social media showed empty streets in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia state, on day one of the state-wide lockdown. Residents flocked to supermarkets to load up with supplies until late on Wednesday.The state, home to about 1.8 million people, has recorded 23 cases from the latest cluster. There were no new infections to report on Thursday while 3,200 close contacts of the infected were in quarantine, the state’s chief public health officer, Nicola Spurrier, said
19th Nov 2020 - Reuters

South Australia reports no new Covid cases and urges people to avoid lockdown loopholes

South Australia didn’t report any additional cases of coronavirus as the state entered a strict six-day lockdown in an attempt to halt an Adelaide cluster that authorities worry could become a second wave. The so-called Parafield cluster remained at 22 on Thursday with three people in hospital in a stable condition. There are 17 additional suspected cases. The state’s chief health officer, Prof Nicola Spurrier, revealed the news at a testy press conference where the police commissioner clashed with reporters who questioned whether security guards at quarantine hotels should be allowed to work multiple jobs.
19th Nov 2020 - The Guardian

Health experts fear South Australia's extreme 'circuit breaker' lockdown may not work

A new 'dangerous' strain of coronavirus that sparked a sudden six-day hard lockdown in South Australia is so infectious it spread from a pizza box into the community. South Australians are in their first day of one of the world's harshest lockdowns, which aims to provide a 'circuit-breaker' to prevent the new strain spreading rapidly across the state. At the centre of the outbreak is a pizza shop in Adelaide's northern suburbs where an infected medi-hotel security guard had a second job making pizzas. Health experts are divided over whether the harsh lockdown enforced on South Australians will be enough to stop of the new wave from spiralling out of control.
19th Nov 2020 - Daily Mail

SA police out on empty streets as state goes into first day of lockdown

The busy streets of Adelaide looked like a ghost town as South Australians woke up to their first day in lockdown. On Thursday morning, many chose to sleep in and remained indoors to keep cool as the mercury rose to 36C. Regular peak hour traffic heading into the CBD was nowhere to be seen. While the city was near-empty — with the exception of essential workers — SA Police officers hit the streets to hand out face masks to homeless people and essential workers that passed by. Police Commissioner Grant Stevens told ABC Radio additional patrols would be out over the next six days to ensure South Aussies were complying with the tough restrictions.
19th Nov 2020 - NEWS.com.au

Top doc warns Western Australia is 'rolling dice' with lockdown

A top Western Australian doctor has warned that the state is "rolling the dice" as South Australia heads into lockdown. The state head of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Andrew Miller said Western Australians should be told to buy a mask in preparation for a coronavirus outbreak. "Just go and get one now, while you can, while there's time, while it's easy," he said. "If you never have to use it, that's a big bonus."Dr Miller said there was a gaping hole in the security of Western Australia's quarantine system, with many people such as security guards both working on the front line of the outbreak and having a second job. "It's just rolling the dice — we may as well be down as the casino putting it all on red," he said.
19th Nov 2020 - 9News.com.au

New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 19th Nov 2020

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South Australia announces six-day Covid lockdown as ‘circuit breaker’ to avoid second wave

The South Australian government has announced an immediate six-day lockdown followed by a further week of tough restrictions as the state scrambles to avoid a second wave of coronavirus infections. The lockdown will take effect from midnight on Wednesday after the Parafield cluster, which started from a hotel quarantine breach, grew by two overnight to reach 22 confirmed cases. The premier, Steven Marshall, said the state needed a “circuit breaker” to allow for a contact-tracing blitz so South Australia didn’t face a crisis as Victoria experienced.
18th Nov 2020 - The Guardian

South Australia introduces 6-day lockdown as COVID-19 'circuit-breaker'

The South Australian government has announced comprehensive restrictions under a six-day lockdown as it fights to stamp out a coronavirus cluster. Universities, pubs, cafes and food courts will be at a standstill, and schools will be closed to everyone but vulnerable children and children of essential workers as of midnight Wednesday, local time.
18th Nov 2020 - SBS News

Panic-buying across South Australia as state goes into lockdown

Adelaide residents have started panic-buying in supermarkets after Premier Steven Marshall announced a six-day coronavirus lockdown. South Australia is battling a cluster of 22 cases in the city's northern suburbs and will introduce the harshest restrictions the country has seen to slow the spread from midnight. The lockdown - described as 'extreme' by state chief health officer Nicola Spurrier - bans residents from leaving home for exercise and allows one shopping trip per household a day.
18th Nov 2020 - Daily Mail

South Australia plans six-day lockdown after 'highly contagious' virus outbreak

South Australia on Wednesday declared a six-day lockdown to stamp out what the state premier described as a highly contagious outbreak of the coronavirus disease that officials linked to a returned traveller from the UK. Most businesses will close except for some food outlets, and people will be largely confined to their homes, as the state tries to avoid a more severe breakout like the one that all but shuttered neighbouring Victoria for more than 100 days. “We need this circuit breaker, this community pause,” South Australian Premier Steven Marshall told media
18th Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

Crisis-weary Beirut residents defy new lockdown despite COVID surge

Beirut’s popular Sabra market teemed with shoppers this week, some of them unmasked, in apparent defiance of a full national lockdown imposed on Saturday to stem a resurgence of coronavirus infections. The Lebanese government ordered the two-week restrictions, including a 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew on Sundays, as new daily infections rose above 1,000. Lebanon reported 1,016 new infections on Monday, bringing its total to 106,446 cases and 827 deaths since Feb. 21. After city streets and roads emptied on Sunday, pedestrians were back on Monday and some motorists could be seen flouting a re-imposed odd-even licence plate alternate day driving rule.
18th Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 18th Nov 2020

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Teachers say Scots school closures should be on the cards as Level 4 lockdown is imposed in 11 council areas

School closures should be on the cards in the 11 local authority areas - including Glasgow - that face Scotland's toughest Covid restrictions on Friday. The level four rules will see the closure of non-essential shops, pubs, restaurants and gyms. Now the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), the country’s largest teaching union, has said schools in Level Four should be allowed to implement blended or remote learning contingency measures
17th Nov 2020 - heraldscotland.com

Italy’s Covid Lockdown Empties Tourist Hotspots, Again

Italy’s spring lockdown, one of the longest and strictest in Europe, gifted extraordinary experiences and photos of the country’s iconic tourist attractions devoid of people. As Italy’s latest COVID rules see regional borders closing and international travel continues to be restricted, these tourist hotspots are once more emptying. The situation is bittersweet. Many businesses, particularly those dependent on tourism, wonder if they’ll manage to survive a second travel hiatus.
17th Nov 2020 - Forbes

Austria returns to lockdown to limit rise in Covid-19 cases

Austria will introduce a national lockdown on Tuesday in a bid to bring its soaring coronavirus infections under control, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Saturday, confirming an earlier Reuters report based on a draft government decree.
17th Nov 2020 - FRANCE 24

Canada's remote Nunavut to impose COVID-19 lockdown after community outbreak

Canada’s remote Arctic territory of Nunavut is suffering its first community outbreak of COVID-19 and will close all non-essential services, as well as schools, for at least two weeks, officials said on Monday. “This is an outbreak,” Michael Patterson, Nunavut’s chief public health officer, told a news conference streamed online from the territory’s capital, Iqaluit. “There has been community transmission occurring in Arviat in the last little while.” COVID-19 outbreaks in Canada’s northern territories are particularly concerning because healthcare services are limited and because there are often numerous people living under the same roof, which facilitates the spread of the virus.
17th Nov 2020 - Reuters

People living in Scotland's toughest tiers could be arrested if they try to leave: Nicola Sturgeon makes it illegal to travel outside of Level 3 and 4 lockdown areas

In Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon today announced parts of Scotland that are home to millions of people will be moved into its toughest coronavirus level at the end of the week as she warned infection rates remain 'stubbornly high'. The First Minister said 11 council areas, which include the city of Glasgow, will be subject to Level Four restrictions from 6pm on Friday. The areas have a combined population of approximately 2.3million people. People living in Level Four areas are banned from meeting with other households indoors while all non-essential shops must close.
17th Nov 2020 - Daily Mail

New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 17th Nov 2020

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Most Spaniards support a second home lockdown, according to new poll

The majority of Spaniards (six in 10) would support a second home lockdown if it was needed to contain the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s according to a survey by pollster 40dB commissioned by EL PAÍS. During the first wave of the pandemic, the Spanish government introduced one of the world’s strictest lockdowns, with residents confined to their homes and only allowed out for essential business. In the past few weeks, with infections rising in some territories, several regional authorities called on the central government to authorize home lockdowns in areas with dangerously high incidence rates of the virus
16th Nov 2020 - EL PAÍS in English

Mongolia imposes national lockdown after first Covid case reported

The Mongolian government on Sunday extended a nationwide lockdown to contain the coronavirus pandemic by two weeks until December 1. Mongolia imposed a national lockdown effective from 6 a.m. on Thursday after the country confirmed its first Covid-19 case of local transmission, involving a woman who is the wife of a 29-year-old infected Mongolian transport driver, the Xinhua news agency reported. The driver returned home from Russia via Altanbulag border point and tested positive for the virus four days after he was released from the 21-day mandatory isolation on November 6. The extension is part of the efforts to identify all people who have had contact with cases of locally transmitted Covid-19 infection, Yangu Sodbaatar, the country’s deputy prime minister, said at a press conference.
16th Nov 2020 - India New England

New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 16th Nov 2020

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Italy to Continue Stop-and-Go Local Lockdowns Through Winter

Italy’s government is likely to extend its region-by-region lockdown system through the entire winter to counter the spread of the coronavirus while protecting the economy, the deputy health minister said. Pierpaolo Sileri, a lawmaker from the Five Star Movement, told Bloomberg Television’s Francine Lacqua that the current decree dividing the country into areas of varying risk, with different restrictions on businesses and movement, will be extended beyond its current Dec. 3 expiration date. “We need to monitor these regions and, as I think exposure to the virus will decrease, we will see better numbers,” Sileri, a 48-year-old surgeon, said at his Rome ministry. “I do see an extension of that for the entire winter. Obviously this will help us avoid a national lockdown.”
14th Nov 2020 - Bloomberg

Austria announces strict lockdown as virus cases soar

Austria’s government has ordered one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe, with chancellor Sebastian Kurz telling the public to “meet nobody” as the country battles a surge in coronavirus infections. “One contact is one contact too many,” Mr Kurz said on Saturday, as he unveiled a raft of restrictive measures that will put much of public and economic life in the alpine country on hold. An “around-the-clock” curfew will apply from Tuesday, with people only allowed to leave their homes to buy groceries, travel to essential work or provide urgent care.
14th Nov 2020 - Financial Times

Austria's Kurz confirms national lockdown will start on Tuesday

Austria will introduce a national lockdown on Tuesday in a bid to bring its soaring coronavirus infections under control, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Saturday, confirming an earlier Reuters report based on a draft government decree. Non-essential shops will close and the current curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. will be expanded into an all-day requirement to stay at home, with specific exceptions such as shopping for essentials or exercise, Kurz confirmed. People should work from home wherever possible, he added. The lockdown is due to last almost three weeks, with the last day being Dec. 6.
14th Nov 2020 - Reuters

Austria planning three-week lockdown from Tuesday, draft decree shows

Austria on Saturday ordered a three-week lockdown in a last-ditch effort to bring surging coronavirus cases under control and relieve the stress on the health service in time for retailers to reopen in the run-up to Christmas. The country had so far used a lighter touch in dealing with the second wave of cases than it did with the first outbreak, which it brought under control with a lockdown in the spring. A nighttime curfew is in place from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. this month but shops are open; cafes, bars and restaurants are limited to take-away service; theatres and museums are closed.
14th Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

Coronavirus Europe: Draconian lockdowns slow down second waves

Most European countries were hit with a tsunami of new infections in mid-September after schools went back. Blitz of cases triggered domino effect right across continent, with nations one-by-one announcing lockdowns. Most of these nations are seeing infections either decreasing dramatically or flatlining, data shows
13th Nov 2020 - Daily Mail

Lockdown 2.0: Food companies overhauled production to put more toilet paper, pasta sauce in stores

When rumors first began to circulate that the UK would go back into lockdown, Leanne Barnes despaired as bread and toilet roll flew off the shelves again at her local supermarket. But to her surprise, shelves were back to being fully stocked within a few days. Barnes stocked her pantry last time around with a few additional comfort foods - macaroni cheese, ravioli, soup and spaghetti. But as of last week, she said she felt no urge to stockpile goods. So far, consumers haven’t returned to the sort of panic buying frenzy that sent packaged-food manufacturers scrambling earlier this year.
13th Nov 2020 - Reuters

Italy extends partial lockdown as Naples hospitals struggle

The regions of Italy that include the cities of Naples and Florence were declared coronavirus red zones Friday, the latest signals of the dire condition of Italian hospitals struggling with a surge of new admissions. The director of the National Health Institute, Gianni Rezza, said the stricter measures were justified by a “worrisome increase in hospitalizations” as Italy's rate of new confirmed cases reached 650 per 100,000 people. Confirmed cases hit a daily pandemic high of nearly 41,000 and 550 people died of the virus in 24 hours, bringing the country's known death toll to 44,139. Italy has reported a total of more than 1.1. million virus cases.
13th Nov 2020 - The Independent

Coronavirus: Oregon and New Mexico impose restrictions

The US states of Oregon and New Mexico have announced strict measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 as the country faces growing outbreaks of the disease. Officials have ordered most non-essential businesses to close and urged people to limit their social interactions. On Friday, California became the second state to hit one million Covid cases, after Texas. On average, more than 900 people a day are dying with the disease in the US. Daily cases have topped 100,000 for the last 11 days and more than 67,000 people are currently in hospital.
13th Nov 2020 - BBC

New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 13th Nov 2020

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A national coronavirus lockdown would be 'the absolute last resort,' Democratic senator says

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Dr. Michael Osterholm, a member of President-Elect Joe Biden’s 12-person coronavirus task force, floated the idea of a four- to six-week lockdown to bring the coronavirus to heel. The virus that has killed around 250,000 people in the U.S. is on track to hit 150,000 new cases per day by the end of the week. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D., Ohio), in a separate interview with Yahoo Finance, said a lockdown would be “the absolute last resort” and suggested an array of priorities to fight the pandemic.
12th Nov 2020 - YAHOO!

An Expert Explains: A second wave of Covid-19, and is lockdown the answer?

Large parts of Europe are in a second lockdown as a new wave of infection sweeps through the continent. Cases in the US are smashing new records. But overall numbers in India are falling — for reasons not yet fully clear. What is the way forward, given the cost of lockdowns? In an interview to The Indian Express, Professor Sunetra Gupta, a proponent of herd immunity, weighed in on this and related questions.
12th Nov 2020 - The Indian Express

Is India heading towards another lockdown from December 1? PIB clarifies

As coronavirus cases are continuing to spike significantly in the country, there are a lot of rumours doing the rounds that the government might impose another lockdown in the country in December. It is to be noted that Britain has also announced Lockdown-2 after France to control the outbreak which is overwhelming the public health system. In fact, the second wave also started in India. Recently, AIIMS Delhi director Randeep Guleria warned that the second wave of coronavirus in India has begun. People should not leave the house unless absolutely necessary, he added. Guleria's statement came at a time when the number of corona patients is increasing significantly across the country
12th Nov 2020 - DNA India

Romania enters lockdown as medical workers protest

News of a possible vaccine against the coronavirus has hit the headlines across the globe. The first effective coronavirus vaccine can prevent more than 90% of people from getting COVID-19, a preliminary analysis shows. The developers, Pfizer and BioNTech, are a joint American and German effort. But these two countries are not the only ones currently busy trying to provide a vaccine to halt the health pandemic. So too is Kazakhstan which, while not quite at the same stage at Pfizer, is at the forefront of such efforts. The Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine has been tested on 43,500 people in six countries and no safety concerns have been raised. The companies plan to apply for emergency approval to use the vaccine by the end of the month. No vaccine has gone from the drawing board to being proven highly effective in such a short period of time.
12th Nov 2020 - EU Reporter

New EU Travel Bans: Country By Country Covid-19 Restrictions As Europe Locks Down

In a week when most European countries saw hospitals reach near-saturation point, many nations had no choice but to implement lockdowns, curfews and new travel restrictions. The U.K. reached 50,000 deaths, many countries moved from implementing curfews to full lockdowns, Denmark and other countries restricted movement due to a Covid-19 outbreak in minks and many European countries entered red lists, meaning residents from those countries cannot travel without a negative PCR test.
12th Nov 2020 - Forbes

Biden COVID-19 adviser floats plan to pay for national lockdown lasting up to six weeks

A top health adviser to President-elect Joe Biden suggested that the nation is well-positioned financially to withstand a lockdown of more than a month in an effort to get the coronavirus pandemic under control. "When you look at the personal savings rate in this country, it's now gone from about 8 percent to over 22 percent. We have a big pool of money out there that we could borrow. The historic low interest rates by the federal government, we could pay for a package right now to cover all of the wages, lost wages for individual workers, for our losses to small companies to medium sized companies, for city states, county governments. We could do all of that," said Michael Osterholm during a live event this week with Yahoo News.
12th Nov 2020 - The Hill on MSN.com

Biden COVID Advisor Says US Lockdown of 4 to 6 Weeks Could Control Pandemic, Revive Economy

Dr. Michael Osterholm, a coronavirus advisor to President-elect Joe Biden, said a nationwide lockdown would help bring the virus under control in the U.S. He said the government could borrow enough money to pay for a package that would cover lost income for individuals and governments during a shutdown. "We could really watch ourselves cruising into the vaccine availability in the first and second quarter of next year while bringing back the economy long before that," he said.
12th Nov 2020 - NBC Los Angeles

New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 12th Nov 2020

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US states resume lockdowns as COVID-19 hospitalisations skyrocket

Several US states on Tuesday imposed restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus as people admitted to hospitals soared, straining the facilities and medical resources across much of the country. The number of patients hospitalised with COVID-19 in California has risen by 32 percent over the past two weeks and intensive-care admissions have spiked by 30 percent, Dr Mark Ghaly, the state’s health and human services secretary told reporters.
11th Nov 2020 - AlJazeera

Italy May Have to Spend EU10 Billion a Month on Lockdown Aid

Italy may need to spend as much as 10 billion euros ($11.8 billion) a month to aid businesses and workers hit by coronavirus restrictions, according to people familiar with the matter. Authorities are working on plans that would help the country navigate through a surge in infections that’s derailed the rebound from one of Europe’s worst recessions. Lockdown measures similar to the ones imposed earlier this year are estimated to cost the government between 40 billion to 50 billion euros, or about 3% of Italy’s output, if they last until March, said the people, who declined to be identified because the discussions are confidential.
11th Nov 2020 - Bloomberg

Beleaguered Italy needs to spend $11.8bn a month on lockdown aid

Italy needs to spend up to 10 billion euros ($11.8 billion) a month on extra aid for businesses and workers during restrictions to contain the coronavirus, according to people familiar with the situation. Government officials estimate that during lockdowns, the country requires support of at least 6 billion euros a month. Virus measures may have to become tougher through the winter, the people said, which would push the bill to the higher figure. That means a tougher lockdown running into March could cost 40-50 billion euros, the people said. That’s about 3% of Italian GDP
11th Nov 2020 - AlJazeera

Italy Virus Cases Pass 1 Million With Second Lockdowns Under Way

Italy led the way in fighting the early wave of Europe’s pandemic back in March, imposing a strict three-month lockdown that halted the contagion but almost crippled its economy. Now, with cases topping 1 million, a second round of shutdowns has made Italians anxious about the economic impact and weary of the return to restrictions on daily life. The government’s wavering response hasn’t helped.
11th Nov 2020 - Bloomberg

Virus restrictions deal European economy lesser blow than in spring

The wave of new coronavirus lockdowns that has swept across Europe in recent weeks has hit consumer services activity hard, but the wider economy is less affected than when the pandemic first hit in the spring, according to high-frequency data indicators. Alternative economic data such as truck mileage, trips to entertainment venues and offices, and restaurant bookings have become widely watched since the pandemic began as they offer a more timely gauge of the economy, although they are less comprehensive and reliable than official data. The indicators show the damage that the new restrictions are doing to Europe’s services industry, but they also suggest that more people are continuing to travel to work than they did in the spring and manufacturing is still operating.
11th Nov 2020 - Financial Times

Ukraine approves lockdown restrictions at weekends to fight COVID spread

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's cabinet voted on Wednesday to impose a national lockdown at weekends to strengthen steps to curb the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Prime Minister Denys Shmygal said the weekend lockdown would be in force from Nov. 14-30. The decision will mean closing or restricting the activity of most businesses at weekends with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals and transport. The cabinet also stepped up restrictions on operations of restaurants, cinemas, gyms, and public events.
11th Nov 2020 - YAHOO!News

Lebanon orders full lockdown to combat COVID-19, boost hospital beds

Lebanon ordered a full lockdown for around two weeks to stem a rise in COVID-19 infections and allow a badly strained health sector to bolster capacity as the country buckled under a financial meltdown.
11th Nov 2020 - Reuters

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Waiting in the wings: how a second lockdown halted theatre's comeback

Two of this autumn’s most anticipated UK theatre shows opened last Wednesday – and promptly closed that night. A revival of the classic musical Rent at Manchester’s Hope Mill and a sequel to the hit play Death of England at the National Theatre in London were scuppered by the introduction of a second lockdown in England on 5 November. Their sold-out runs ended after a handful of previews and a press night. This month was supposed to find England’s theatres welcoming back audiences, albeit at reduced capacity, and plotting a path through the turmoil wrought by coronavirus. Perhaps they would even learn of the long awaited date for stage five of culture secretary Oliver Dowden’s roadmap to fully reopen venues. Instead, productions around the country have been cancelled, postponed or streamed for an online audience instead.
10th Nov 2020 - The Guardian

Lockdown 2 leaves music venues in search of an encore

On the genteel Royal Tunbridge Wells Common, a converted toilet has for almost three decades housed The Forum, the Kent town’s premier independent music venue. With a capacity of 250, acts from Oasis to Mumford & Sons have packed out this sweaty little building, epitomising what is most loved about live music. In these dreary lockdown days, we yearn for such evenings. The Forum shut on March 17, in accordance with the UK’s first lockdown, and has since subsisted on donations and sales of merchandise. With help from the government’s £1.6bn cultural recovery fund, the venue was ready to host socially-distanced gigs this month, albeit with a mere 55 patrons. Then came last week’s lockdown mark two, meaning more closures and cancellations.
10th Nov 2020 - The Financial Times

UK redundancies hit record before second Covid lockdown

The government’s furlough scheme and a recovering economy failed to prevent record redundancies in the period before tougher lockdown restrictions were imposed, according to the latest official data. Figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that young people have been the hardest hit by mounting job losses, with an unemployment rate three times the national average. The ONS said a record 314,000 people lost their job in the three months to September – a period in which the Treasury’s wage subsidy scheme became less generous.
10th Nov 2020 - The Guardian

How are people in Berlin handling 'lockdown light?'

German authorities have tightened restrictions on public life for a second time to fight the spread of the coronavirus. Bars and hotels are shut, and restaurants are open for takeout only. How are people in Berlin handling the situation?
10th Nov 2020 - Deutsche Welle

Italy’s Regional Lockdown Leaves Border Bar In Limbo

Plumb on the border between two Italian regions, legend has it this bar’s entrance is in Lombardy, now a red zone that can’t be entered from bordering regions, while the car park is in the “yellow” area of Emilia-Romagna, with the loosest COVID restrictions. Italy’s latest three-level coronavirus lockdown has plunged the bar and the surrounding village of Stellata di Bondeno into a regulatory nightmare restricting residents’ access to basic services and visiting relatives.
10th Nov 2020 - Forbes

UK consumer spending wilts even as new lockdowns spur stockpiling

Consumer spending, a rare bright spot for Britain’s economy during the coronavirus pandemic, faded in October although the re-introduction of lockdowns prompted a renewed stockpiling spree, surveys showed on Tuesday. Payment card provider Barclaycard said overall consumer spending slipped 0.1% in annual terms in October as people cut back on non-essential spending while stocking up on groceries. Another survey from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) similarly showed spending was skewed towards food sales.
10th Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

German investor moral drops on concerns over second coronavirus lockdown

German investor sentiment dropped more than expected in November as a second wave of coronavirus infections and a partial lockdown to contain the disease increased uncertainty over the outlook for Europe’s largest economy. The ZEW economic research institute said on Tuesday that its survey of investors’ economic sentiment fell to 39.0 points from 56.1 points the previous month, undershooting a reading of 41.7 in a Reuters poll. “Financial experts are concerned about the economic impact of the second wave of COVID-19 and what this will entail,” ZEW President Achim Wambach said in a statement, adding that the data pointed to an economic slowdown in the fourth quarter.
10th Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

Lebanon orders full lockdown to combat COVID-19, boost hospital beds

Lebanon ordered a full lockdown for around two weeks to stem a rise in COVID-19 infections and allow a badly strained health sector to bolster capacity as the country buckled under a financial meltdown. The Supreme Defence Council said in a statement on Tuesday the lockdown starting Saturday would be in place until Nov. 30, with vital sectors and food delivery exempt. The airport and borders will remain open. “We have reached a very dangerous stage as public and private hospitals can no longer admit critical cases because all beds are occupied,” Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab said, warning the shutdown may be extended if people do not comply.
10th Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

UK job losses underline scale of COVID-19 challenge - Sunak

British finance minister Rishi Sunak said figures showing a record increase in redundancies and a rise in the unemployment rate to 4.8% “underline the scale of the challenge we’re facing”. “I want to reassure anyone that is worried about the coming winter months that we will continue to support those affected,” he said in a statement after the data was published on Tuesday. Sunak last week extended until the end of March the government’s costly wage subsidy scheme.
10th Nov 2020 - Reuters

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Andalusia confines its municipalities and suspends all non-essential business activity from 6pm

The 8.4 million inhabitants of Spain’s Andalusia region will be confined to their municipalities from Tuesday, November 10 until November 23, as the regional government toughens its coronavirus restrictions. The hospitality sector and all non-essential activity will have to close at 6pm, apart from in the province of Granada, where the high rates of infection – currently at 1,194 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days – have prompted the authorities to implement a total shutdown. The nighttime curfew will be brought forward to 10pm and will last until 7am. Growing pressure on the region’s hospitals due to coronavirus cases has prompted the Andalusian government to take this action, which also includes obligatory online classes for university students. The plan was announced on Sunday by the regional premier, Juan Manuel Romero of the conservative Popular Party (PP), who explained that over this week a plan will be approved that will help to compensate the losses from the hostelry and retail sector, but did not go into detail about the assistance.
9th Nov 2020 - EL PAÍS in English

Coronavirus: Hungary and Portugal in partial lockdown

Hungary and Portugal are introducing new coronavirus restrictions to stem the second wave of infection now affecting most of Europe. Hungary's partial lockdown will include starting the current night curfew earlier, so it runs from 20:00 to 05:00 local time (19:00 to 04:00 GMT). Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the month-long curbs would include limits on public gatherings and closure of schools, restaurants and universities. Portugal has imposed a night curfew. Its state of emergency has started and is set to last at least two weeks. The curfew covers 70% of the population, including Lisbon and Porto. On weekdays it runs from 23:00 to 05:00 local time, but at weekends it will run from 13:00 to 05:00. Hungary's state of emergency is expected to get parliamentary approval on Tuesday, as Mr Orban's supporters have a majority.
9th Nov 2020 - BBC

New COVID Lockdown Triggers Fight Over Fate Of France's Bookstores

While small business owners across France are feeling the pinch of the nation’s second COVID lockdown, the economic plight of bookstores has taken center stage in the roaring debate about how to fight the pandemic. Late last month, President Emmanuel Macron announced the nation would go into confinement again as COVID rates raced out of control. But he also signaled that this second lockdown would be different based on lessons learned from the two-month shutdown in the Spring. For instance, schools that closed earlier this year have remained largely open.
9th Nov 2020 - Forbes

France to 'limit impact' of new lockdown with schools, public services open

The Banque de France predicts economic activity in November will decline by 12 percent under the country's second Covid-19 lockdown. That compares to a 31 percent decline during the first confinement in April, with the decision to maintain public services and keep schools open playing "a key role" in limiting the economic impact. The new figures were published on Monday in Banque de France's economic forecast under the new lockdown measures.
9th Nov 2020 - Yahoo News UK

Hungary announces lockdown measures to curb coronavirus infections -PM Orban

Hungary will close secondary schools, universities and restaurants and will impose an extended night-time curfew as of midnight on Tuesday to curb a fast rise in coronavirus infections, Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced on Monday on his Facebook page. Orban said sports events will be held behind closed doors, and all gatherings will be banned. He said the new lockdown measures were needed because “if coronavirus infections rise at the current pace... Hungarian hospitals will not be able to cope with the burden.”
9th Nov 2020 - Reuters India

Ukraine considers lockdown at weekends - President Zelenskiy

Ukraine may introduce a lockdown at weekends in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus and such a move would not have a serious negative impact on the economy, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Monday. “A temporary lockdown at weekends, for about a few weeks, can help us to avoid a harder lockdown,” presidential press service quoted Zelenskiy as saying.
9th Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

UK shopper numbers plummet as new English lockdown bites

Total shopper numbers, or footfall, across British retail destinations fell 15.4% in the week to Nov. 7 versus the previous week, reflecting the start of England’s new national lockdown, market researcher Springboard said on Monday. With COVID-19 infections rising at an alarming rate the British government imposed a second national lockdown for England, starting last Thursday and running until Dec. 2.
9th Nov 2020 - Reuters India

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Latvia to enter COVID-19 lockdown on Monday

Latvia’s government on Friday declared a four-week lockdown starting on Nov. 9 to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, which has accelerated in recent weeks in the Baltic nation. Latvia reported 367 new cases on Friday, bringing the total number to 7,119 with 87 deaths. It had only 2,086 total cases on Oct. 1. Under the new rules, social contact is discouraged and a maximum of 10 people from no more than two households will be allowed to gather inside. Restaurants can serve only takeaway food and shops will limit the number of people inside.
8th Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

Greek PM orders nationwide lockdown to curb COVID cases surge

Greece’s conservative government on Thursday ordered a nationwide lockdown for three weeks to help contain a resurgence of COVID-19 cases. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said the new restrictions will come into effect on Saturday, November 7.
8th Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

Denmark tightens lockdown in north, mink cull devastates industry

Denmark announced strict new lockdown rules on Thursday in the north of the country after authorities discovered a mutated coronavirus strain in minks bred in the region, prompting a nationwide cull that will devastate the large pelt industry. The government said on Wednesday that it would cull all minks - up to 17 million - to prevent human contagion with a mutated coronavirus, which authorities said could be more resistant against future vaccines. Seven municipalities in northern Denmark, home to most of the country’s mink farms, will face restrictions on movement across county lines, while restaurants and bars will be closed, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told a press conference.
8th Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

Coronavirus: Italy imposes regional lockdown as Europe battles surges

Much of Italy is now in lockdown, including the densely populated northern Lombardy region, after the Covid-19 death toll for 24 hours hit 445 - a six-month record. Italy is now split into three zones: red for high risk, then orange and yellow. The red areas are Lombardy, Piedmont and Aosta Valley in the north and Calabria in the south. The whole country has a night curfew. In neighbouring Slovenia police clashed with violent anti-lockdown protesters. Riot police used water cannon and teargas to disperse the crowd of several hundred outside parliament in the capital Ljubljana. Some demonstrators threw bottles, stones and smoke bombs at officers.
7th Nov 2020 - BBC

Light coronavirus lockdown causes confusion across France

Oil for cooking is essential but the sale of essential oils is banned. Their statuses reflect the farcical side of a week-old second lockdown that scarcely resembles the harsh first round in the spring. Stumbling by President Macron’s government has compounded confusion over “le confinement, saison 2”, in which schools and public services remain open and much of the workforce troops to the office under pressure from the boss.
7th Nov 2020 - The Times

Parts Of Northern Denmark On Lockdown Over Coronavirus Variant Outbreak In Minks

Denmark is putting over a quarter of a million of residents on lockdown after discovering coronavirus outbreaks among bred minks, including a mutated strain. The government announced a number of restrictions on parts of northern Denmark, the area hit hardest by the infections. Two days ago, officials ordered the mink population to be killed, totaling up to 17 million animals. Restaurants in these areas are closed to diners. Public transportation within the region are shut down. Gatherings are largely limited to 10 attendees. Colleges are instructed to switch to online classes with a few possible exceptions. The regional health authority said it was preparing to test the 280,000 residents in the affected areas for the coronavirus.
6th Nov 2020 - NPR

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Greece orders nationwide lockdown to curb COVID-19 surge

Greece ordered a nationwide lockdown for three weeks on Thursday, its second this year, to help contain a resurgence of COVID-19 after a sharp increase in infections this week. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said he was forced to act after a spike in cases in the past five days, saying that without a lockdown pressure on the healthcare system would be “unbearable”. “I’ve chosen to take drastic measures sooner rather than later,” said Mitsotakis, who had previously said a nationwide lockdown was a last option. Officials said that in the past week alone, there was a 20% increase in confirmed infections. From next Monday, people arriving by air will require proof of a negative coronavirus test, taken within 48 hours of travel.
5th Nov 2020 - Reuters

Greece Imposes Lockdown to Avoid Worst at Hospitals

With a surge in coronavirus cases straining health systems in many European countries, Greece announced a nationwide lockdown Thursday in the hopes of stemming a rising tide of patients before its hospitals come under “unbearable” pressure.
5th Nov 2020 - U.S. News & World Report

Covid-19: Warning over tough fines as new lockdown begins

People who seriously flout new lockdown restrictions in England will face steep fines, Justice Secretary Robert Buckland has warned. Under the rules, people have been told to stay at home and non-essential shops, pubs and gyms ordered to close. Households are also banned from mixing indoors or in private gardens, unless in a support bubble. Currently there is a £200 fine for each breach which doubles on every offence up to a maximum of £6,400. And organisers of large gatherings face a £10,000 fine. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will give a Downing Street press conference at 17:00 GMT, alongside NHS England chief executive Sir Simon Stevens.
5th Nov 2020 - BBC

Coronavirus: Lockdown extension in England 'can't be ruled out', minister admits

A minister has admitted England's coronavirus lockdown could be extended beyond 2 December. "We've got to follow the evidence," Justice Secretary Robert Buckland told Kay Burley. "If there isn't to be an extension of this we go back into the tier system anyway, so we'd leave on a regional or local basis.
5th Nov 2020 - Sky News

Coronavirus: Germany and Sweden added to UK travel quarantine list

Germany and Sweden are being added to the UK's coronavirus quarantine list. Travellers returning from both countries will have to isolate for 14 days. The measure will come into force from 4am on Saturday, applying to people arriving in the UK. No countries are being removed from the coronavirus quarantine list this week, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps. He tweeted: "Travel corridors do remain critical to the government's COVID-19 response, keeping imported cases DOWN."
5th Nov 2020 - Sky News

Germany adopts loose lockdown despite record-breaking Covid-19 cases

Germany began its second lockdown on Monday but the bustling shopping streets in Berlin suggest locals in the capital are taking a liberal approach – as infections reach a new high. The so-called “lockdown lite” has forced the closure of pubs and restaurants, except for takeaway, as well as gyms, cinemas and all cultural events. Unlike in the spring, however, schools, childcare and hairdressers have remained open. Shops are still trading, with a new rule of one customer per 10 sq m floor space. “We’ve got 6,000 square metres of floor space so no capacity problems,” said a security man in an electronics store as 10 people waited to pay, none 1.5m apart. “It’s slightly quieter than usual now, but not much, and in two hours it’ll be very busy.”
5th Nov 2020 - The Irish Times

Germany says to distribute November lockdown aid to firms fast

Germany will ensure financial aid gets to firms and individuals hit by a partial coronavirus lockdown in November quickly, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said on Thursday, outlining further details of the 10 billion euro (9.03 billion pounds) programme. Europe’s biggest economy closed bars, restaurants, gyms, cinemas, theatres and domestic tourism on Monday for a month. The government has said small and medium-sized firms will be able to claim compensation worth 75% of their revenues from November 2019, up to 1 million euros. Aid of more than 1 million euros has to be agreed by the European Union.
5th Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

Europe's Second Lockdown Wave Risks Double-Dip Recessions

It’s 5:45 p.m., and a small square close to Rome’s Spanish Steps is full of the sounds of alfresco diners and children playing. Twenty minutes later, all that can be heard is the scraping of metal chairs on cobblestones as waiters close up for the night, the piazza darkening as they turn off the lights. To curb the resurgent coronavirus, Italy has locked down a few at-risk regions including Milan, while mandating milder rules for Rome and the rest of the country, including early closing hours for bars and restaurants. It’s not a lockdown—yet—but for Romans it might as well be. It “feels like 2 a.m., not 6 p.m.,” complains Angela Dimauro, pulling her jacket closed and her mask higher as she leaves the square.
5th Nov 2020 - Bloomberg

Reluctant last orders as England enters new lockdown

After downing a final round of drinks, queueing outside soon-to-close shops or getting a last haircut, England's 56 million people entered a second coronavirus lockdown on Thursday with more doubts about the stringent policy than the first time around. Prime Minister Boris Johnson abandoned a recently introduced system of regional curbs and announced an England-wide shutdown, after dire warnings that hospitals could soon be overwhelmed with Covid-19 cases. The death toll is hitting six-month highs.
5th Nov 2020 - FRANCE 24

Rishi Sunak set to unveil new economic boost as England goes into second lockdown

A new economic boost for the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic is later expected to be unveiled by the Chancellor. Rishi Sunak and the Bank of England will announce the measures as England goes into a second lockdown for four weeks, according to reports. Mr Sunak is set to confirm employees on furlough will receive 80 per cent per cent of their salaries if their employers have been made to shut down. The furlough scheme will be expanded after the scheduled end of the lockdown on December 2, the Telegraph reported.
5th Nov 2020 - London Evening Standard

Lockdown England: Police attacked as revellers hit streets after pubs call last orders for final time

The final hours before lockdown came into effect across England saw police tackling violent scenes around the country as revelllers gathered for the last night out in what could be more than a month.
5th Nov 2020 - The Independent on MSN.com

Bank of England pumps extra £150,000,000,000 into economy as lockdown begins

The Bank of England has injected another £150 billion into the economy amid fears the second lockdown will send GDP plummeting and wipe out thousands of jobs. Tighter coronavirus restrictions, including the national shutdown beginning in England today, are expected to push the UK into another downturn. Experts fear it could plunge the UK into a double-dip recession, but the Bank’s latest forecasts suggests the economy will narrowly avoid this as activity recovers at the start of next year. It said gross domestic product (GDP) will pick up in the first quarter of 2021, but warned that activity will still remain ‘materially lower’ than before the coronavirus crisis
5th Nov 2020 - Metro

Coronavirus France: Paris to see even tighter lockdown restrictions

Paris will be placed under more restrictions on top of France’s second national lockdown, the city’s mayor Anne Hidalgo told BFM TV early on Thursday. More shops will have to shut earlier in the evening in a bid to curb the worsening of the deadly second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the city, Hidalgo said. In addition to the shops that have closed or must shut early under France’s second national lockdown, the new measures will force certain shops selling takeaway food and drink to shut at 10 pm local time. “When you get people who are not playing by the rules of the game and are therefore putting at risk the health of a large number of people, that is when you need to put in place new restrictions,” Hidalgo said.
5th Nov 2020 - The Independent on MSN.com

Denmark to lock down regions after mutated coronavirus traced to minks

Parts of Denmark will face new, tougher lockdown measures after health authorities discovered a mutated coronavirus strain in minks and people in the country’s northern regions. The government said on Wednesday it would cull all minks in the Nordic country to prevent human contagion with a mutated coronavirus, which authorities said could be more resistant against future vaccines for people. The move to cull up to 17 million animals, which could cost the state more than $800 million, has prompted some lawmakers to demand to see the evidence behind the decision.
5th Nov 2020 - Reuters

Barely back on their feet, UK small businesses face crushing new lockdown

Business has been tough for Mandy Yin, chef and owner of a Malaysian restaurant and takeaway in London, since she tentatively reopened in June after being forced to shut down for two months during Britain’s first national coronavirus lockdown.
5th Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

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UK parliament approves month-long COVID-19 lockdown for England

British politicians approved a month-long lockdown in England, voting in favour of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to try to prevent COVID-19 running out of control and overwhelming health services. Johnson insisted that the looming new coronavirus lockdown would end “automatically” in four weeks, as he tried to placate party critics over the spiralling economic fallout.
5th Nov 2020 - AlJazeera

Lloyds and John Lewis axe thousands of jobs on eve of second lockdown

More than 3,000 jobs are being cut after a number of big employers launched redundancy plans on the eve of the second national lockdown in England. They include 1,070 job losses at Lloyds Banking Group, as well as 1,068 roles at Do & Co, an Austrian catering company operating at Heathrow airport, according to Unite, Britain’s biggest union which has hit out against the plans.
4th Nov 2020 - The Times

UK lawmakers vote in favour of month-long nationwide COVID-19 lockdown

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom's House of Commons have voted overwhelmingly to approve the government's plan to introduce a four-week nationwide lockdown in England in order to curb the coronavirus disease. During the vote on Wednesday afternoon, members of parliament voted 516-38 in favour of approving the lockdown, which will come into force on Thursday. Labour leader Keir Starmer had said earlier in the week that he would support the government's proposal to impose the lockdown in England.
4th Nov 2020 - YAHOO!

Mass exodus of students is expected as lockdown starts

Students in cities across England could begin a mass exodus back to their families ahead of new lockdown measures coming into force on Thursday. Hilary Gyebi-Ababio, National Union of Students vice president for higher education, said students were "really wanting to go home". "There's a sense there could be a mass exodus," she told the BBC. It comes after Universities Minister Michelle Donelan urged students, in a letter on Monday, not to "rush home". Her message aimed to prevent these young people from travelling across the country to their families and potentially taking coronavirus with them, thus fuelling the pandemic.
4th Nov 2020 - BBC

Covid: Nine ways England's lockdown is different from last time

In March, you could only meet others from outside your household in a very limited set of circumstances. Meeting another person socially wasn't allowed until May. This time, you can catch up with a friend in an outdoor public place, like a park or beach, as long as you socially distance and neither of you is self-isolating. And this time, children of pre-school age are not included in the two-person limit, so those looking after youngsters can still have social contact.
4th Nov 2020 - BBC

Johnson refuses to rule out Covid lockdown extension for England

Boris Johnson has refused to rule out an extended national lockdown for England if the scheduled four weeks of restrictions fail to rein in coronavirus infections, telling MPs only that it was his “hope” to reopen the economy before Christmas. In a mixed message before an afternoon Commons vote on the lockdown, which is due to start on Thursday, the prime minister had earlier told the CBI conference that the restrictions would definitely end in four weeks.
4th Nov 2020 - The Guardian

Italy adopts ‘light lockdown’ similar to German model

The new measures due to be enforced with the new decree are modelled after the German ‘light lockdown’ measures, said Health undersecretary Sandra Zampa. “We don’t want to paralyse the whole country,
4th Nov 2020 - Euractiv.com

Italy brings in curfew, regional lockdowns

Italy has registered 30,550 new coronavirus infections over the past 24 hours, the health ministry says, up from 28,244 on the prior day. The ministry also reported 352 coronavirus-related deaths compared with 353 on Tuesday. A total of 39,764 people have now died in Italy because of COVID-19, while 790,377 cases of the disease have been registered to date. The Italian government on Wednesday announced a new set of anti-coronavirus measures including a countrywide curfew and tighter rules for regions with high infection rates.
4th Nov 2020 - The Newcastle Herald

Italy opts for ‘flexible’ lockdown to stem coronavirus

Rome announced late Tuesday night new restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but stopped short of a full lockdown, according to the news agency ANSA. The measures include a national curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., as well as piecemeal regional lockdowns based on the local epidemiological situation. While Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte had already made public the broad outlines of the new health measures at the start of the week, the government has now officially signed the full text of the new law.
4th Nov 2020 - POLITICO.eu

France ups its lockdown police patrols

France reinstated a one-month national lockdown on Friday (October 30) to try and contain the resurgence of the pandemic. Movement is restricted to 1 kilometre from one's residence, with exceptions for reasons such as work that cannot be done from home, family obligations and medical visits. Patrol commander Gilles Foliard said lockdown rules were generally being followed, but that they would be more strict in asking people to show certificates if they were traveling outside the 1-km zone. Violators faced an initial fine of 135 euros, and three violations over 30 days could be penalised by a 3750 euro fine and 6 months' imprisonment.
4th Nov 2020 - YAHOO!

French bookworms denied their fix in lockdown

First, bookstores across literature-obsessed France were ordered to close in a new lockdown seeking to curb an alarming rise in coronavirus cases. A few days later, bibliophiles were dealt a further blow as the government banned supermarkets, too, from selling books in a bid to parry claims of unfair competition. Bookworms were left befuddled as store owners, authors and local politicians fumed.
4th Nov 2020 - FRANCE 24

France, Germany and England impose new lockdowns as pandemic fatigue seeps in across Europe and Covid cases soar

Europe is already seeing new Covid cases and deaths soar, prompting governments to roll out strict lockdown measures to slow the spread. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many epidemiologists in the U.S. have looked to Europe as something of a harbinger of what’s to come to the U.S. Now, epidemiologists and public health specialists are warning that the U.S. could share a similar fate as Europe if action isn’t taken quickly to counter the autumn surge.
4th Nov 2020 - CNBC

Covid: The things we’re not being told as lockdown looms

Lockdown 2.0 is on its way, with ministers saying they have been left with no choice if lives are to be saved and the NHS is not to be overwhelmed. It seems to be an open-and-shut case. But as MPs prepare to vote on the lockdown a number of questions remain to be answered.
4th Nov 2020 - BBC

Lithuania to enter three-week COVID lockdown on Saturday

Lithuania’s government on Wednesday declared a three-week lockdown starting on Nov.7, to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus which has accelerated in recent weeks in the Baltic nation. Lithuania, which imposed a two-month lockdown in March, reported 639 new cases on Wednesday, three times more than the 205 daily cases reported on Oct. 20, bringing the total number of cases to 18,092 with 182 deaths. Europe has seen a second wave of COVID-19 infections with many countries, including France, Britain and Germany opting for new lockdowns.
4th Nov 2020 - Reuters

Johnson says he is optimistic over medium term, despite looming lockdown

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday said he was optimistic about the country’s longer term prospects despite the coronavirus pandemic presenting grave short-term problems. “While I am more optimistic now ... about the medium- and long-term future than I have been for many months, there can be no doubt that the situation before us today is grave, and the need for action acute,” Johnson said in a debate about whether to introduce a month-long national lockdown.
4th Nov 2020 - Reuters

Coronavirus: Older children and teachers in England must wear face masks at school

All pupils and teachers at secondary schools in England must wear face masks in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus, it has been announced. Under updated government guidance issued on Wednesday, staff and students in Year 7 and above have been told to wear face coverings in school communal spaces - outside of classrooms - where social distancing cannot be maintained. Face coverings had already been required for secondary school pupils within areas under Tier 2 and Tier 3 restrictions in England, with those local restrictions now to be replaced by the national measures.
4th Nov 2020 - Sky News

New lockdown, same economic victims: young, low-paid workers

As far as the labour market is concerned, lockdown 2 will be the same as lockdown 1: the main casualties will be young, low-paid workers employed by consumer-facing services. Retailing, hospitality and leisure make up around one-sixth of the economy’s output and anybody working in one of those sectors is more at risk of losing their job, of being furloughed and of not having their government-supported wages topped up by their employers.
3rd Nov 2020 - The Guardian

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Students defy guidance and race home before lockdown in England

Students are defying government guidance that they should stay at university throughout lockdown to make a last-minute dash home before the new restrictions kick in across England on Thursday. The universities minister, Michelle Donelan, has written to students urging them to stay put. After a challenging first term, during which thousands of students have already had to lock down and self-isolate as a result of Covid outbreaks, many have decided to leave campus. With continuing uncertainty about what might happen over Christmas and the majority of learning now online, they plan to continue their studies at home during lockdown without fear of being trapped at university over the holiday.
3rd Nov 2020 - The Guardian

England lockdown will end on 2 December, Boris Johnson insists

Boris Johnson has told the cabinet that England’s lockdown restrictions will come to an end on 2 December, saying that was a hard deadline to develop a new solution to contain the spread of the virus. In a tacit admission that the current NHS test and trace system had not been enough to contain the virus, Johnson heralded a mass testing operation beginning in Liverpool, the start of an ambitious programme “Operation Moonshot” which would involve the entire population tested on a regular basis. The prime minister also appeared to affirm the government expected the four-week national lockdown in England would be enough to get the virus’s reproduction R number below one – raising questions as to whether the lockdown would be extended should that not occur.
3rd Nov 2020 - The Guardian

Protest exemption set to be removed from England lockdown rules

Protections for protesters are set to be removed from the coronavirus rules under the second national lockdown, it has emerged, provoking anger from human rights groups and campaigners. An exemption that permits demonstrations to take place with additional conditions designed to mitigate the spread of the virus is expected to be omitted from fresh regulations being drawn up for the lockdown that will commence from this Thursday. There have been a series of a high-profile protests since the pandemic erupted in the UK including rallies for racial equality led by the Black Lives Matter movement, racist counter-demonstrations and marches against lockdown measures directed by conspiracy theorists and extremists.
3rd Nov 2020 - The Guardian

Coronavirus: Panic buyers strip shelves as England prepares for lockdown

In scenes reminiscent of the first lockdown in March, some supermarket shelves have begun emptying once more, ahead of the second lockdown in England. Social media users have shared pictures of empty shelves where usually there would be toilet roll, bread, vegetables and meat, despite stores insisting there are no stock shortages. All non-essential shops will close from Thursday, as England enters another strict coronavirus lockdown. But food shops, supermarkets, garden centres and certain other retailers providing essential goods and services can remain open. The lockdown is due to end on 2 December, with the government hoping to then reintroduce a localised tiered system of restrictions.
3rd Nov 2020 - Sky News

Ministers add to confusion over England Covid lockdown rules

Ministers have prompted confusion over England’s new lockdown rules with Michael Gove apologising for incorrectly indicating tennis and golf could be played, as cabinet colleague Robert Jenrick apparently wrongly suggested a family would be allowed to meet a friend for a walk outside. Amid uncertainty over the lockdown coming into effect on Thursday, Gove, the Cabinet Office minister, issued an apology for signalling that singles tennis and golf in pairs could still go ahead. It came as Jenrick, the communities secretary, confirmed that a family could go for a walk with a friend – despite there being a two-person limit on people meeting outdoors when outside of households or support bubbles.
3rd Nov 2020 - The Guardian

Coronavirus: Is Germany's €10 billion enough for second lockdown?

Germany entered a second partial lockdown on November 2 to try to stem the soaring cases of coronavirus ripping through the country. Dubbed lockdown-lite, the measures aren't as severe as the virtual shutdown of the economy that took place in March and April. The impact on many businesses is still set to be wide reaching, particularly in the entertainment and leisure sector, as well as for self-employed workers. Many companies were tipped perilously close to bankruptcy by the pandemic's first wave. Announcing the partial shutdown on Wednesday the previous week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised an additional €10 billion ($11.6 billion) in support for affected businesses. Firms with up to 50 workers, and the self-employed, can have up to 75% of their previous year's November turnover reimbursed by the government.
3rd Nov 2020 - DW (English)

Germany is moving back into lockdown, but it hasn't suffered the same fate as Europe

Europe is in the grip of a surging second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. But with France, Germany and England moving into lockdown, its hold on the continent — as per the first wave in March-April — is again highly variegated. Based on the seven day average to November 1, new cases in Germany are trending up and have risen to almost 15,000 per day. But that is similar to Holland, with a population some five times smaller, and less than Belgium, with a population about eight times smaller. At the end of last week, daily case numbers reached almost 19,000 in Germany — in France, that figure was almost 50,000. As with the first wave, Germany — which was praised for increasing intensive care beds prior to the pandemic — is again taking patients from other European states.
3rd Nov 2020 - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Europe's shopkeepers on the warpath over lockdowns

Many European shopkeepers reluctantly accepted the need to close during the coronavirus lockdowns in the spring, but the second round of shutdowns in the autumn is proving a more difficult pill to swallow for bookstore owners, florists and hairdressers from Italy to Ireland — and harder for governments to enforce. France’s small traders, backed in some cases by their local mayors, have complained about the injustice of the measures imposed by Emmanuel Macron’s government from last Friday, arguing the restrictions on shops favoured big chain stores and online retailers such as Amazon. They were further enraged by Amazon’s launch of a premature “Black Friday” sale, supposed to be on November 27, which prompted remonstrations from the French finance ministry and a promise from Amazon to stop publicising the presale.
3rd Nov 2020 - Financial Times

Primark calls for extended trading hours after UK lockdown

Primark has called for store trading hours to be extended in December to help retailers offset the impact of the latest round of lockdowns in the UK, its most important market. George Weston, chief executive of Primark parent company Associated British Foods, said extending Sunday opening hours in particular “would help us, help consumers, help the high street”. “In some locations we could even open 24 hours. We know the demand is going to be there,” he said on Tuesday, based on the experience when Primark reopened after the first lockdowns.
3rd Nov 2020 - Financial Times

French government details products that can be sold during second lockdown

France’s government on Tuesday updated its conditions for businesses to continue selling products deemed to be essential during the new confinement declared to fight the second wave of Covid-19. Large retailers have until Wednesday to close off sections selling goods not on the list.
3rd Nov 2020 - RFI English

New French lockdown to reduce economic activity by about 15% - Finance Ministry source

The new four-week lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19 in France is expected to reduce economic activity by about 15%, a Finance Ministry source said on Tuesday. "We expect a much more moderate impact than that (the lockdown) of April, notably in France," the source said. While the April lockdown cut business activity by some 30%, the impact this time would "more around 15%", the source added
3rd Nov 2020 - Yahoo Finance UK

English retailers fret over Christmas as lockdown 2.0 looms

This year, the annual illumination of the Christmas lights on London’s famous Oxford Street was very much a bittersweet moment. The lights, which were turned on this week, are celebrating the people who helped during the coronavirus pandemic. They should have symbolized the start of a keenly awaited retail season following a year marked by lockdown restrictions. But with a second lockdown in England set to come into place on Thursday, shops selling nonessential items such as books and sneakers have been ordered to close, at least until Dec. 2. During the first lockdown they closed for nearly three months until mid-June.
3rd Nov 2020 - Associated Press

What European leaders need to get right during second wave of lockdowns

Lockdowns are multiplying throughout Europe as Covid-19 cases rise exponentially, threatening to push health services across the continent to breaking point. Fearing all of its intensive care beds could be full by mid-November, France implemented nationwide restrictions at the end of October -- as did Belgium and Ireland. Germany's softer, so-called "lockdown light," restrictions began on Monday, and Austria is following suite on Tuesday. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for a second lockdown to begin in England later this week, while daily record increases of coronavirus infections in Italy appear to foreshadow another round of severe restrictions.
3rd Nov 2020 - CNN

How much second lockdown will cost UK economy

Thousands of businesses are braced for a "truly devastating" blow from Boris Johnson's second lockdown amid fears that the economy will collapse 12 per cent this month. Britain is teetering on the brink of a dreaded double-dip recession following the Prime Minister's ban on household mixing and non-essential travel coupled with mass pub and restaurant closures, experts at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (Niesr) warned. It is thought that the new measures to contain the spread of Covid will cost taxpayers billions of pounds, destroy swathes of companies and put millions of jobs at risk.
3rd Nov 2020 - New Zealand Herald

Protests of more than two ‘to be banned during second lockdown’

People gather in Trafalgar Square to protest against the lockdown imposed by the government (Picture: Reuters) Protests of more than two people will be prohibited when England goes back into a national lockdown,
3rd Nov 2020 - Metro

Ireland's latest coronavirus curbs put 85,000 temporarily out of work

Around 85,000 more people have claimed temporary COVID-19 jobless benefits since Ireland moved to the highest level of restrictions to fight the virus two weeks ago, data showed on Tuesday. Limiting restaurants to takeaway service and the closure of non-essential retail pushed claims up to almost 330,000, from 244,153 before the six-week measures were introduced on Oct. 22, but far below a peak of 600,000 during a stricter lockdown in May. Recipients of the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) have been on the rise since hitting a post-lockdown low of 205,000 at the start of October. They are expected to have helped push Ireland’s unemployment rate up to around 20% in October, from 14.7% in September. October unemployment data is due on Wednesday.
3rd Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

Major banks tell London staff to return home ahead of England lockdown

Major banks in London have started directing all but essential workers to revert to home working, following the government’s plans for a month-long lockdown in England from Thursday. The switch will be a further blow to the City of London and Canary Wharf financial districts, whose skyscrapers have sat largely empty for most of the year with footfall at local businesses a fraction of normal levels. Several investment banks had been encouraging more staff to work in their offices in recent months since the first lockdown in March, but the latest measures by the government have forced them into a reversal of policy.
3rd Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

More debt, shrinking GDP: the impact of England's new lockdown

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered England back into lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19, a move that will add to the country’s 2 trillion-pound ($2.6 trillion) debt mountain and cause the economy to shrink again.
3rd Nov 2020 - Reuters

France considers new Paris curfew as lockdown rules are flouted

France could reimpose a night curfew on Paris and possibly the surrounding region amid government frustration that too many people are ignoring lockdown rules as COVID-19 infections soar. France dramatically slowed the spread of the coronavirus in the spring with one of Europe’s strictest lockdowns. But 10 months into the epidemic and with winter drawing in, many are reluctant to endure another period of confinement. “It’s unbearable for those who respect the rules to see other French people flouting them,” government spokesman Gabriel Attal told BFM TV. “We need to take all the steps needed to fight the epidemic.” A final decision on a curfew had not been taken, the office of Prime Minister Jean Castex said. It will be discussed at a meeting between President Emmanuel Macron and senior cabinet ministers on Wednesday, a government source said.
3rd Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

France Forces Closure Of Supermarkets For Non-Essentials During Covid-19 Lockdown

In order to appease small business owners, the French government made a U-turn in policy, Tuesday, and banned large supermarkets from selling anything other than ‘essential items’ during the current lockdown. The lockdown, which was brought in nationwide across France on 28 October to stem rising Covid-19 infection rates, made small businesses angry that they had been forced to close under the terms set by the government.
3rd Nov 2020 - Forbes

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Scottish Government 'cannot rule out' Scotland lockdown amid calls for furlough clarity

John Swinney said he was not surprised by Boris Johnson’s move to put England into lockdown from Thursday and said he could not categorically rule out the Scottish government abandoning their new levels system introduced today at 6am. The new measures will see different parts of Scotland subject to a differing severity of restrictions depending on the prevalence of Covid-19. Much of the central belt will be in Level Three, with other areas in Level Two and parts of the Highlands and islands in Level One.
2nd Nov 2020 - The Scotsman

Scotland will have access to furlough scheme for any future lockdown

Scotland will have access to the furlough scheme if Holyrood brings in another lockdown, Boris Johnson has confirmed.
2nd Nov 2020 - The Scotsman

Covid-19: 'A lot of people think this lockdown is unfair'

North Norfolk has one of the lowest coronavirus infection rates in the country, with a total of 25 cases reported in the most recent week for which data is available. What do the residents and businesses there make of being plunged into a second national lockdown from Thursday? "I think it is a shame for us around here because we don't have that many cases," says tobacconist and sweet shop owner Colin Page. His North Walsham shop remained open throughout the first lockdown and he plans to remain open throughout the second. Mr Page feels the second lockdown was "inevitable given the rise in cases". Across England, the most recent weekly figures are 202 cases per 100,000 people. In north Norfolk, the rate is 40.1 per 100,000.
2nd Nov 2020 - BBC

Students told not to rush home for lockdown

Universities say students in England should not move home for the lockdown - even if courses are switched to being taught online. They do not want a rush of students leaving universities as the new restrictions come into force this week. But the National Union of Students says students should have a choice to go home safely ahead of the lockdown. The government's guidance says universities should consider putting teaching online where possible. Universities UK says students should stay in their current accommodation and a mix of face-to-face and online teaching will continue through the lockdown.
2nd Nov 2020 - BBC

Rishi Sunak refuses to rule out extended lockdown in England

Rishi Sunak has refused to rule out the new coronavirus lockdown lasting longer than its intended four weeks, as one of the scientists advising the government said delays in imposing tougher restrictions were likely to have cost thousands of lives. Asked whether he could guarantee the lockdown across England, which begins on Thursday, would be lifted as planned on 2 December, the UK chancellor was less definitive. “Our expectation and firm hope, on the basis of everything we know today, is the measures we have put in place for the time they will be in place for, will be sufficient to do the job we need, and we will seek to exit these restrictions back into a tiered approach at the end of the four-week period,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.
2nd Nov 2020 - The Guardian

Lockdown: PM warns of Covid-19 deaths 'twice as bad' as spring

Covid-19 deaths could be twice as high over the winter as they were in the first wave of the pandemic, PM Boris Johnson has told MPs. In a Commons statement he said there was "no alternative", as he seeks to win support for a planned four-week lockdown in England from Thursday. But Mr Johnson explained he was "right to try every possible option" before ordering people to stay at home. Labour has said it will back the lockdown but criticised the delay. Mr Johnson announced at a Downing Street news conference on Saturday that strict measures will include closing pubs, restaurants, gyms, non-essential shops and places of worship.
2nd Nov 2020 - BBC

Germany imposes four week partial lockdown

Watch "Germany imposes four week partial lockdown; Chancellor Merkel says restrictions necessary to avoid an acute German national health emergency
2nd Nov 2020 - CBS News

Merkel says if lockdown works, Germany will have bearable December

Germany will have a bearable December if new lockdown measures introduced on Monday works, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday, adding that much of the success of the measures depends on the participation and understanding of citizens. Merkel told a news conference that if people respected the restrictions over the next four weeks “to curb the spread of the virus, then we will be able to have the conditions for a tolerable December.”
2nd Nov 2020 - Reuters

Coronavirus: Germany restricts social life in 'lockdown light'

Germany has entered the first day of a month-long "lockdown light", shutting restaurants, bars, gyms and entertainment venues, but keeping schools, shops and workplaces open. The lockdown is not as restrictive as the March-April one, and food outlets can still provide takeaways. The coronavirus infection rate is still rising in Germany, though not as dramatically as in France and Belgium, which are now in tighter lockdowns. Italy is also planning tighter rules.
2nd Nov 2020 - BBC

Asturias asks for permission to impose full lockdown for two weeks

The escalation in the number of new cases and increase in pressure on hospital services due to Covid-19 has resulted in some of Spain's 17 Autonomous Regions proposing a tightening of the restrictions currently being applied if the epidemiological evolution in their regions does not improve soon.
2nd Nov 2020 - Murcia Today

'Lenient' start to France's lockdown as police dish out 5,000 fines

French police will be stepping up lockdown inspections from Monday after a “lenient” start to the nationwide reconfinement that saw nearly 5,000 people fined for breaking the rules. Interior Ministor Gérald Darmanin told BFMTV more than 100,000 checks have been carried out since strict new measures came into effect on Friday – with police now under orders to carry out “reinforced controls”. "The first days of real confinement, if I dare say so, are starting today", Darmanin said, adding the flexibility over the weekend – the end of school holidays – was to allow people to return from vacation. Non-essential businesses including restaurants, bars and shops have been closed until at least 1 December as France tackles a difficult second wave of coronavirus infections.
2nd Nov 2020 - YAHOO!

France fears fresh wave of domestic violence amid second Covid-19 lockdown

During its first Covid-19 lockdown in the spring, France saw a steep rise in domestic abuse cases. As the country’s 67 million have now entered a second lockdown, women’s rights groups fear that the isolation will spark a new wave of domestic violence, and have put a number of safety measures in place to try to help victims.
2nd Nov 2020 - FRANCE 24 English

China's Xinjiang Region On Lockdown Amid Report Of New Cluster Of Coronavirus Cases

China has reported a cluster of coronavirus cases in the western region of Xinjiang. The region is taking a well-worn approach to contain the cluster: mass, pooled testing and a lockdown.
2nd Nov 2020 - NPR

UK aviation needs government support for new lockdown pain: airport boss

Britain’s airports and airlines need urgent support to survive the “very bleak future” posed by a new lockdown in England, warned the boss of one of the country’s biggest airport groups. Very low levels of travel in recent months have put airlines and airports under renewed financial strain after they were effectively shut during Britain’s first lockdown, and they now face another month without income during its second. “An urgent package of support must materialise,” said Manchester Airport Group’s (MAG) chief executive Charlie Cornish in a statement on Monday. He said the new lockdown for England, due to start on Thursday and which bans international leisure travel, will make parts of the aviation sector unsustainable.
2nd Nov 2020 - Reuters

Labour Party will vote in favour of PM Johnson's lockdown plan

Britain’s opposition Labour Party will vote in favour of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan for a second national lockdown when it is put before parliament on Wednesday, Labour leader Keir Starmer said on Monday. “Labour will provide the votes the prime minister needs to be sure of getting this through parliament, but we will also be clear: It must be accompanied by a comprehensive economic support package,” Starmer said in a speech.
2nd Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

More debt, shrinking GDP: the impact of England's new lockdown

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered England back into lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19, a move that will add to the country’s 2 trillion-pound debt mountain and cause the economy to shrink again. Below are comments from analysts about the expected impact on the world’s sixth-biggest economy. They say the hit will be heavy but less severe than the record contraction of nearly 20% in the spring. Factors likely to soften the blow this time include: no closure of schools; manufacturing and construction firms asked to stay open; better preparedness by firms not asked to close; households more familiar with working from home.
2nd Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

‘Tragedy in the making’: Charities warn rough sleepers will have no protection during second lockdown

Charities are warning of a “tragedy in the making” due to the lack of measures in place to protect rough sleepers during the second lockdown. Ministers are being urged to re-introduce a scheme that housed homeless people during the first months of the pandemic, amid warnings that without urgent action, people will be forced to either sleep in the cold or take refuge in night shelters where social distancing is impossible. Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, the government has moved nearly 30,000 homeless people into emergency, self-contained accommodation, including hotels, under what has been termed the “Everyone In” scheme.
2nd Nov 2020 - The Independent

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Businesses say second second lockdown is ‘nightmare before Christmas’

Retail and hospitality leaders have laid bare the difficulties they face over the next month, as they rush to put measures in place to cope with the ‘devastating blow’ of a second lockdown. The British Retail Consortium described the latest restrictions as the ‘nightmare before Christmas’,
1st Nov 2020 - Metro

Lockdown in England could be extended, UK minister warns

The one-month lockdown for England announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson this weekend could be extended as Britain struggles to contain a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, a senior cabinet member said on Sunday.
1st Nov 2020 - Reuters UK

Panicked Johnson orders new lockdown, second wave on course to kill 85,000

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered a sweeping national lockdown after being told the second wave striking England is more severe than the government's worst-case scenario and could collapse the health system. "Unless we act, we could see deaths in this country running at several thousand a day," Johnson said in a hastily convened press conference on Saturday night. "No responsible prime minister can ignore the message of those figures."
1st Nov 2020 - The Sydney Morning Herald

Britain may impose new national lockdown from Wednesday - Times

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering imposing new national lockdown measures next week, amid concerns that hospitals across the country are overwhelmed by a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, The Times newspaper reported on Friday. The new restrictions could be introduced on Wednesday and remain in place until Dec. 1, the Times said. Johnson is expected to hold a news conference on Monday to announce the new measures, under which everything could be closed except essential shops and “educational settings,” the newspaper said. However, the new measures were still under discussion, and no final decision had been made, the Times added, citing a senior government source. Cabinet Office officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Reuters.
31st Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Experts say coronavirus lockdown in Scotland may still be necessary

Academics have predicted that Scotland’s new Covid-19 tiers may have to be replaced with a series of national circuit-breaker lockdowns to suppress the virus. With cases rising across Europe there are concerns that hospitals could be swamped in a deadly second wave unless more drastic action is taken than that laid out by Nicola Sturgeon. The first minister yesterday announced a five-tier virus suppression strategy, which will begin from Monday, with low-risk areas such as the Highlands and Islands in Level 1 and high-risk areas such as the Central Belt in Level 3.
31st Oct 2020 - The Times

Covid: France returns to lockdown amid new surge

France is now in a new national lockdown that will last at least a month as it aims to curb one of Europe's biggest coronavirus surges and ease the pressure on its hospitals. There were record traffic jams around Paris on Thursday evening, with many people heading for rural accommodation, but now the queues are much shorter. The capital's streets are, however, busier than during the March lockdown. Schools and workplaces remain open, but people need permits to leave home. The downloadable exemptions are for essential shopping, trips for medical reasons or for getting to work. Home-working is urged wherever possible. People are also allowed to go out for exercise - for a maximum of an hour - in their local area. The fine for breaking the rules is €135 (£122).
31st Oct 2020 - BBC

Belgium announces second coronavirus lockdown

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced a national “reinforced” lockdown starting Monday, with shops deemed non-essential to close and family visits outlawed. A planned school holiday will be extended until November 15. “We took the decision of a reinforced lockdown,” De Croo said. “These are the last-chance measures.” At a press conference Friday, De Croo said that visits to the homes of family and friends will no longer be allowed, and only one close contact will be allowed outside the household. There is an exception for people who live alone, who are allowed to have close contact with two people from outside their household.
31st Oct 2020 - POLITICO.eu

UK extends 80% wage subsidies as England goes back into lockdown

Britain’s government will extend by a month its costly coronavirus wage subsidies to ensure workers who are temporarily laid off receive 80% of their pay, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday as he announced a new England-wide lockdown. Britain introduced the 80% wage subsidy scheme in March and it had been due to expire on Saturday to be replaced with a more targeted and less generous support. The scheme supported 8.9 million jobs at its peak, and had been forecast to cost around 52 billion pounds ($67.28 billion) over its eight-month lifespan.
31st Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Amazon drops French Black Friday ad campaign as lockdown starts

Amazon is withdrawing advertising for pre-Black Friday discounts in France, after the government said the campaign was unfair to small shops at time when a coronavirus lockdown has forced them to close. France entered its second national lockdown on Friday to try to contain a surge in infections. The curbs imposed under it include the closure of non-essential stores. A spokeswoman for Amazon AMZN.O said the group had agreed to halt its radio advertising campaign around pre-Black Friday sales. A page with discounted items under the header “Black Friday ahead of time” was live on its French website on Saturday, however.
31st Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Portugal reimposes partial lockdown in most of the country

Portugal’s government on Saturday announced new lockdown restrictions from Nov. 4 for most of the country, telling people to stay at home except for outings for work, school or shopping, and ordering companies to switch to remote working. A day after daily coronavirus infections hit a record high, Prime Minister Antonio Costa said the measures would cover 121 municipalities, including the key regions of Lisbon and Porto. The affected areas are home to about 70% of Portugal’s population of roughly 10 million. The lockdown list includes municipalities where more than 240 new infections have been registered per 100,000 people for the past 14 days, and will be reviewed every 15 days, Costa said in a televised news conference.
31st Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Organised 'overkill': China shows off rapid lockdown system after latest outbreak

China’s strict formula of immediate lockdowns and mass testing even at the first signs of infection has been vital to its success in controlling the disease, allowing its economy to quickly recover from the crisis, officials say. The highly orchestrated strategy - described as “overkill” even by its own proponents - is unique among major economies at a time when Europe and the United States are facing a massive surge of new cases and often chaotic policies. At the time the girl was diagnosed, the Kashgar region of Xinjiang had reported no new cases for almost 70 days. “China has taken the most comprehensive, strictest and most thorough control and prevention measures since the COVID-19 pandemic started,” foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Wednesday. “The facts show China’s measures are effective.”
30th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Coronavirus: Parisians eager to 'get rid' of virus on day one of second lockdown

Paris is a strange place to be on this first morning of a new lockdown. Usually here you need to navigate the mass of people, the crazy traffic. There are some people and vehicles out there but it's the first time I've see the road around the Arc De Triomphe with free flowing traffic. On the usually busy streets nearby where you expect to queue for a morning coffee, the cafes, bars and restaurants are shut - the area missing the pulse of the people.
30th Oct 2020 - Sky News

28 areas coronavirus rates falling as 16 places plunged into stricter lockdown

See where your region ranks in the latest soaring case rates in our full list from Public Health England. It comes as sixteen more areas in England enter Tier 2 restrictions from Saturday with 32million people now under Tier 2 or Tier 3.
29th Oct 2020 - Mirror Online

New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 30th Oct 2020

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Coronavirus France: Gridlock as people flee Paris before lockdown

Thousands of Parisians caused massive traffic jams as they tried to flee the French capital for the country. Huge numbers of locals attempted a mass exodus in a bid to avoid the start of the second national lockdown. Many were enjoying their final night of freedom in France ahead of new lockdown restrictions from Friday Draconian measures will see people needing documents to show their reasonable excuse for leaving home. Europe has seen rising infections, with France recording 47,637 new infections in 24 hours and 235 deaths
30th Oct 2020 - Daily Mail

Greece introduces regional lockdown in north after COVID-19 spike

Greece will impose regional lockdowns on its second-largest city of Thessaloniki and two other regions from Friday after a spike in cases of COVID-19, the government said. The country has recorded significantly lower numbers of COVID-19 than other countries in Europe but cases have been rising rapidly since early October. Testing has also increased.
29th Oct 2020 - Metro US

Europe and US facing new round of shutdowns amid virus surge

A new wave of lockdowns and business closings swept across France, Germany and other places in Europe on Wednesday as surging coronavirus infections there and in the U.S. wipe out months of progress against the scourge on two continents. The resurgence and the resulting clampdown sent a shudder through Wall Street. The S&P 500 fell 3.5%, its biggest drop since June, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 943 points, or 3.4%. French President Emmanuel Macron declared a new nationwide lockdown starting Friday, saying the country has been “overpowered by a second wave.” Many doctors had urged the move, given that 58% of the nation’s intensive care units are now taken up by COVID-19 patients. In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a four-week shutdown of bars, restaurants and theaters. “We must act, and now, to avoid an acute national health emergency,” she said.
29th Oct 2020 - Associated Press

France and Germany thrust into lockdown as second COVID-19 wave sweeps Europe

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel ordered their countries back into lockdown on Wednesday, as a massive second wave of coronavirus infections threatened to overwhelm Europe before the winter. World stock markets went into a dive in response to the news that Europe’s biggest economies were imposing nationwide restrictions almost as severe as the ones that drove the global economy this year into its deepest recession in generations. “The virus is circulating at a speed that not even the most pessimistic forecasts had anticipated,” Macron said in a televised address. “Like all our neighbours, we are submerged by the sudden acceleration of the virus.”
29th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Germany faces 'a difficult winter', Angela Merkel admits while defending new lockdown measures

Merkel told the Bundestag today that Germany faces a 'difficult winter' ahead Comments come a day after Germany rolled out a series of lockdown measures These included the closure of bars and restaurants and limits on social contacts In the past day, Germany reported 16,744 new confirmed cases of coronavirus In the same time period the Robert Koch Institute said 89 Germans had died
29th Oct 2020 - Daily Mail

Some European countries are reinstating a national lockdown - could the UK follow?

Covid cases and deaths continue to surge in Europe, forcing France and Germany to reinstate some form of national lockdown in an effort to bring infection rates back under control. The World Health Organisation (WHO) warned that European governments are “well behind” in the fight against Covid-19, with the continent becoming an epicentre for the disease. However, executive director of the WHO’s health emergencies programme, Dr Michael Ryan, said that if tougher measures were imposed, it should be possible to stay ahead of transmission rates providing public health surveillance is in place.
29th Oct 2020 - The Scotsman

France Braces for Economic Suffering as Lockdown Returns

Bars, restaurants and non-essential businesses will be forced to close, but unlike during the two-month lockdown imposed last spring, students will continue to go to school, Macron said during a televised address. French President Emmanuel Macron announced Wednesday a new lockdown aimed at halting an alarming acceleration of Covid-19 cases, to take effect from Thursday night until “at least December 1.”
29th Oct 2020 - The Hindu

French bookshops ask to be treated as essential services during new lockdown

French authors, booksellers and publishers are imploring the French government to allow bookshops to stay open because reading is “essential”, as the country enters a national four-week lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus. France’s second lockdown, announced on Wednesday evening by president Emmanuel Macron, begins at midnight on Thursday. Macron said he hoped it would put a “brutal brake” on the infection rate, as France is “submerged by the acceleration of the spread of the virus”. All non-essential businesses, including bars and restaurants, are to close, while individuals will require sworn declarations to leave home.
29th Oct 2020 - The Guardian

Kashgar in lockdown after completion of 4.7 million Covid-19 tests

Neighbourhoods cordoned off, shops closed after 100 infections confirmed in village on outskirts of city. Local woman says situation not as bad as in July, as people have learned to cope the restrictions
29th Oct 2020 - South China Morning Post

New French COVID lockdown may have to go beyond December 1 - government adviser

France’s new national lockdown, aimed at curbing the resurgence of COVID-19, may have to be extended beyond its initial deadline of Dec. 1, government scentific adviser Professor Jean-François Delfraissy said on Thursday. President Emmanuel Macron said late on Wednesday that France might start to ease back lockdown measures once COVID infections fell back to about 5,000 per day from around 40,000 per day at present. But Delfraissy said he did not think that could be achieved by Dec. 1.
29th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Toilet paper and pasta: France girds for second virus lockdown

Stores and businesses across France were filled Thursday by people racing to get supplies -- and maybe a last-minute haircut -- ahead of a new coronavirus lockdown coming into effect at midnight. Essentials like pasta and toilet paper were in high demand, as were printer ink and electronics for working from home, while yoga mats were no longer to be found at many sporting goods stores. "I'm stocking up, since we don't know when this will end," said Catherine Debeaupuis while shopping at an electronics retailer in central Paris.
29th Oct 2020 - FRANCE 24

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Coronavirus: France and Germany have announced second national lockdowns

President Emmanuel Macron confirmed his country's widely-expected measures, which will start this Friday and last until 1 December. The month-long measures will include: A 'stay at home' order except to exercise for one hour a day, seek medical care or buy essential goods - Shutting restaurants and bars - Non-essential shops to close - A travel ban between regions - Closing some external borders - Universities moving to online teaching
28th Oct 2020 - Sky News

German federal, state governments agree new lockdown steps from November 2

Germany’s federal and state governments have agreed to introduce new lockdown measures starting from Nov. 2 to curb the spread of the coronavirus, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday. “These are tough measures,” Merkel told reporters, adding that authorities would adapt the curbs within two weeks if need be.
28th Oct 2020 - Reuters

German govt, states agree partial lockdown from Nov. 2 - sources

German federal and state governments agreed on Wednesday on a partial lockdown that will see bars and restaurants closing from Nov. 2 to Nov. 30, sources with knowledge of the talks said. Under the partial lockdown, shops would be allowed to remain open on condition that they respect social distancing by allowing in just one person per 10 square metres, the sources added.
28th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Germany to compensate firms hit by new lockdown measures - sources

German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz plans a coronavirus aid package worth up to 10 billion euros ($11.82 billion) to compensate firms hit by a new round of lockdown measures, three people familiar with the matter told Reuters on Wednesday. “The situation is very, very serious. We need far-reaching measures now and we have to cushion their impact financially,” Scholz said during a virtual meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel and the 16 state premiers according to participants, according to one of the people. Scholz wants to pay small and medium-sized firms that will be forced to close 75% of their lost sales in November, the three people said. Large companies should get 70% of lost revenues for next month.
28th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Germany Moves to Shutter Bars and Restaurants for One Month

Chancellor Angela Merkel is pushing for a partial lockdown in Germany that would include closing bars, restaurants and leisure facilities through the end of November, as coronavirus infections continue to surge across Europe. Merkel is also urging citizens to keep social contacts to an absolute minimum and avoid all non-essential private travel, according to a draft federal government briefing paper obtained by Bloomberg. Germany will help companies affected by the toughest restrictions since the end of the spring lockdown by making up to 10 billion euros ($11.7 billion) in aid available in November, when the measures will be in place, according to a person familiar with the matter.
28th Oct 2020 - Bloomberg

Europe coronavirus: Germany announces new four-week lockdown

Angela Merkel announced four-week lockdown that will see all bars and restaurants shut from Monday. But shops and schools will remain open, while businesses will still be allowed to offer takeaway services. Emmanuel Macron was also set to announce harsher measures for France on Wednesday evening. Markets in Europe and the US tanked at the news, with the FTSE 100 hitting its lowest level since April. Meanwhile Italy and Spain were hit with fresh anti-lockdown protests at the recent curfews introduced there
28th Oct 2020 - Daily Mail

Europe heads back into lockdown after warning hospitals are filling with COVID patients

A number of European countries are locking down again as COVID-19 surges across the continent. Tuesday’s World Health Organization (WHO) figures showed the region reported 1.3 million new cases in the past seven days, nearly half the 2.9 million reported worldwide, and over 11,700 deaths, a 37% jump over the previous week. The WHO’s Dr Margaret Harris warned that deaths are spiking and hospitals filling up across Europe. Germany and France are among the European countries preparing to announce restrictions that approach the severity of the blanket lockdowns seen in spring.
28th Oct 2020 - YAHOO!

Basque Country Becomes Fifth Spanish Region To Lock Down As The Second Wave Hits Hard

A ban on movement between municipalities is in force throughout the basque region as well as perimeter confinement. The Basque Country has become the fifth of Spain's 17 regions to re-impose closure of the boundaries with other parts of the country in an effort to slow the spread of the second wave of Covid-19, following declaration at the weekend of a new national state of emergency in response to the pandemic.
28th Oct 2020 - Murcia Today

COVID-19: New cases spark second-wave fear in Pakistan, partial lockdown reimposed

In cities with more than two per cent positivity – Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Hyderabad, Gilgit, Muzaffarabad, Mirpur Peshawar, Quetta, among others – certain restrictions will be in place with effect from Thursday till further notice.
28th Oct 2020 - DNA India

France and Germany prepare for lockdown as cases surge in the two countries

Germany recorded 14,964 new cases across the country in the past days, taking the total since the start of the outbreak to 4,49,275. Meanwhile, France reported 523 virus-related deaths in 24 hours Tuesday, the highest daily tally since April, bringing its overall death toll to 35,541.
28th Oct 2020 - The Indian Express

India's only state to not report any Covid-19 death so far, registers first fatality

Amid the declining number of novel coronavirus cases and deaths across the country, there comes a rather unexpected news from the only Indian state to have not reported a single virus-related fatality yet. Mizoram, which is the only state in the country to have not reported a single Covid death since the pandemic hit the country several months back, registered its first fatality today. A 62-year-old man with existing co-morbidities was under treatment for the virus in a city hospital for last 10 days. “The first Covid-19 mortality in Mizoram comes as a huge shock to the entire state.
28th Oct 2020 - Mint

COVID-19 curb: Germany to impose emergency month-long lockdown

As COVID-19 infections spiral, officials in Germany, Europe’s largest economy, agree to go into an emergency lockdown from November 2, shutting down restaurants, bars and other leisure facilities.
28th Oct 2020 - AlJazeera

France will go into a new lockdown from Friday, says Emmanuel Macron

France will go back into lockdown from Friday to combat a surge in cases of COVID-19, President Emmanuel Macron has said in a televised address to the nation. Schools and creches will remain open, he added. The evolution of the virus in France has surpassed "even the most pessimistic projections", the president said. While remote working should be carried out where possible, Macron said citizens will be able to leave their homes for essential work purposes, medical appointments, to help vulnerable individuals and to do grocery shopping.
28th Oct 2020 - EuroNews

Partial covid-19 lockdown in Germany prioritizes in-person schools over dining out

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron each announced month-long national lockdowns Wednesday, saying health authorities have lost control of skyrocketing new infections while hospitals fill rapidly. The announcements came as governments across Europe struggle to contain a second wave of the virus in colder weather, even after the relative success of strict lockdown restrictions in the spring. “We in Europe are all surprised by the propagation of the virus,” Macron said in a televised address to the nation.
28th Oct 2020 - The Washington Post

France to enter second lockdown amid record coronavirus surge

France will introduce a new coronavirus lockdown from Friday, President Emmanuel Macron has announced. In his second major televised address in two weeks, Mr Macron said France was “overwhelmed by the pace at which the virus is spreading", which was “worse than even the most pessimistic projections”. Average daily infections more than doubled from 17,000 to 36,000 in the two weeks since his last address. The latest figures represent a record level of new cases in the country, more than seven times the peak from the first wave earlier this year.
28th Oct 2020 - The Independent

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Belgium faces decision on possible new lockdown by weekend: official

The Belgian government will convene on Friday to decide on a potential new national lockdown with the country now suffering the highest rate of coronavirus infections per 100,000 citizens, according to official data. The nation of 11 million people had 1,390 new COVID-19 infections per 100,000 residents over the past two weeks, data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control showed on Tuesday.
27th Oct 2020 - Metro US

Germany braces for 'lockdown light' as virus cases surge

Germans were preparing themselves Tuesday for tough new measures to tame a surge in coronavirus infections, with media reporting that a concerned Chancellor Angela Merkel is pushing for a "lockdown light". Merkel is due to hold crisis talks on Wednesday with the leaders of Germany's 16 states, where she is expected to warn of a dire winter ahead as case numbers climb to record highs and hospital beds fill up.
27th Oct 2020 - Medical Xpress

Spain's Rioja wine region bans wining, dining as pandemic curbs grow

The wine-producing region of La Rioja on Tuesday ordered the closure of restaurants and bars in its two largest towns for a month as part of widening restrictions across Spain to curb the coronavirus outbreak. The number of cumulative infections rose by 18,418 to nearly 1.12 million and the health ministry added 267 deaths from Monday, the highest toll in the second wave of the pandemic, bringing the total to 35,298. Daily deaths during the first wave in late March peaked at almost 900. A nationwide curfew has been in place since Sunday, while a growing number of regions have banned people from entering or exiting their territory. Deputy head of the Madrid regional government, Ignacio Aguado, said on Tuesday he backed such a lockdown for his central region.
27th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Spain’s new state of alarm: more regions close their borders

Aragón, Asturias and the Basque Country join Navarre and La Rioja in sealing their territory, while Catalonia is considering weekend home confinements
27th Oct 2020 - EL PAÍS in English

Coronavirus: France faces lockdown amid surging cases

The French government is holding emergency meetings on Tuesday over the growing coronavirus crisis. Officials are warning of potential new lockdowns as the country sees soaring case numbers and hospitalizations. "We must expect difficult decisions," Interior Minister Darmanin told France Inter radio ahead of the meetings. President Emmanuel Macron is holding a Cabinet meeting to address the pandemic, while Prime Minister Jean Castex is meeting with lawmakers, unions and business lobbies.
27th Oct 2020 - Deutsche Welle

Slovakia's blanket COVID-19 testing may prevent tighter lockdown, PM says

Slovakia may be able to avoid harsher anti-coronavirus measures as a result of its plans for nationwide testing scheduled to start this weekend, Prime Minister Igor Matovic said on Monday. Authorities conducted pilot testing in four badly hit regions over the weekend with more than 90% of people participating, producing an infection rate just below 4% of those tested. The country will conduct wide-ranging testing over the next two weekends.
27th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Belgium faces decision on possible new lockdown by weekend: official

Belgium’s federal government should decide by this weekend whether a return to a nationwide lockdown is required, as the country grapples with a resurgence in novel coronavirus cases and hospitals risk running out of beds, an official said. New infections in Belgium, among the hardest-hit countries in Europe, hit a peak of more than 18,000 on Oct. 20, almost a 10-fold increase from the high of a spring wave of the pandemic. Health Ministry spokesman Yves Van Laethem told Belgian broadcaster RTBF on Monday evening that a decision on returning to lockdown would need to be taken by the end of the week.
27th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Leading French medic Pialoux calls for new national lockdown to tackle COVID

Gilles Pialoux, an infectious diseases specialist at the Tenon hospital in Paris, urged the government on Tuesday to impose a new national lockdown to tackle a resurgence of COVID-19 cases. “I think we clearly need to lock down the country,” he told BFM TV, as President Emmanuel Macron’s government prepares to meet on Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss new measures to tackle the virus.
27th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

More English cities face tightest COVID lockdown rules

Britain announced wider coronavirus restrictions on Monday which will take the number of people under England’s highest category of alert to nearly 8 million, as the government battles a sharp rise in cases.
27th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Merkel plans 'lockdown light' to slow infection wave in Germany - Bild

Chancellor Angela Merkel in planning a “lockdown light” that will focus on closing bars, restaurants and public events to slow a second wave of COVID-19 infections in Germany, Bild newspaper reported on Monday. Shops will stay open, with some restrictions, under the plan and schools will keep operating, apart from in areas with particularly high numbers of cases, the mass-selling daily reported. A government spokesman neither confirmed nor denied the report and said no final decisions had been made. Infections have almost doubled in the past week in Germany and cases are also rising across Europe and large parts of the Northern Hemisphere.
27th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

France mulling month-long national lockdown to combat COVID-19 crisis: BFM TV

The French government is envisaging a month-long national lockdown to combat a rise in coronavirus infections which could take effect from midnight on Thursday, France’s BFM TV reported on Tuesday. French President Emmanuel Macron is due to make a televised address on Wednesday. His office did not comment on whether Macron would announce such a measure then. BFM TV added the lockdown under consideration would be “more flexible” than the strict restrictions on movement imposed in France in March this year.
27th Oct 2020 - Reuters

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Groundhog day in Wales as country enters second-wave lockdown

Like the groundhog that peeks out and then retreats until winter is over, Wales has been forced back underground by the shadow of the coronavirus. Friday nights are usually heady and vibrant in the Welsh capital; its people are famous for being fiercely proud and incredibly hospitable. Cardiff, then, is a good place to welcome the weekend. At least, it was, until Friday, October 23, when Wales rolled back the clock to March 2020 to start a second national lockdown.
26th Oct 2020 - CNN

‘Mini-lockdown’ enforced in Italy

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte detailed on Sunday (25 October) the new measures to be enforced from Monday (26 October) to 24 November. “The analysis of the current situation shows a worrying increase of positive cases,
26th Oct 2020 - Euractiv.com

Spain enters COVID state of emergency to much dismay

The Spanish government faced a backlash on Monday over its plans to put the country, one of Europe’s worst COVID-19 hotspots, under a state of emergency for six months. Opposition parties said that was too long, epidemiologists said the move may be too little too late, and some citizens balked at nightly curfews. “The curfew doesn’t make much sense. Does the virus only infect people between 2300 and 0600? No,” said Marta Aragoneses, a 36-year old schoolteacher, enjoying a cigarette outside a cafe in Madrid’s historic La Latina neighbourhood.
26th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Europe Steps Closer to Lockdown-Level Curbs in Italy and Spain

Europe took a step closer to the stringent restrictions imposed during the initial wave of the coronavirus pandemic as leaders struggle regain control of the spread. Italy introduced its strongest virus restrictions since the end of a lockdown in May, and Spain will impose new measures, including a nationwide curfew. Germany will discuss its next steps on Monday, when Chancellor Angela Merkel convenes her crisis task force.
26th Oct 2020 - Bloomberg on MSN.com

Spain's Catalonia mulls weekend virus lockdowns

Spain's Catalonia region said Monday it was studying imposing a lockdown on weekends to fight the spread of the coronavirus, a day after a nighttime curfew came into effect across the country. "It is a scenario which is on the table because it is during the weekend that there are more social interactions," the spokeswoman for the regional government, Meritxell Budo, told Catalan public radio.
26th Oct 2020 - Medical Xpress

Second German district to enter lockdown after spike in coronavirus cases

Chancellor Angela Merkel in planning a "lockdown light" that will focus on closing bars, restaurants and public events to slow a second wave of COVID-19 infections in Germany, Bild newspaper reported on Monday. Shops will stay open, with some restrictions, under the plan and schools will keep operating, apart from in areas with particularly high numbers of cases, the mass-selling daily reported. A government spokesman neither confirmed nor denied the report and said no final decisions had been made.
26th Oct 2020 - YAHOO!

France 'must impose a second coronavirus lockdown'

France has lost control of the coronavirus pandemic and should follow the examples of Ireland and Wales by heading back into lockdown, a leading expert on infectious diseases has warned. Professor Eric Caumes on France Info - "The virus is so present among us that I think that today we have no choice but to reconfine," Professor Eric Caumes (right) head of the infectious diseases department at Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris, said in an interview with Franceinfo on Monday.
26th Oct 2020 - The Connexion

Austria's Kurz sees second lockdown as "ultimate measure" to curb COVID-19

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Monday that a second lockdown might be the "ultimate measure" to contain the sharp rise of coronavirus infections. "The higher the infection rates, the more restrictive measures are needed," said Kurz on the Austrian National Day. "The ultimate measure is a second lockdown." He emphasized that the Alpine country is facing an "extreme challenge" with the "exponential growth" of infections. "Even for those who still do not want to believe it, the situation is very, very serious," said Kurz. The key is to prevent the intensive care units from being overwhelmed, added the chancellor.
26th Oct 2020 - Xinhua

Malaysia extends partial lockdown in capital amid COVID-19 surge

Malaysia on Monday extended a partial lockdown on its capital Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding state of Selangor for another two weeks, as the country recorded the biggest jump in coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic. The Southeast Asian nation has seen a resurgence in infections, with the total number of cases more than doubling in the past month. The health ministry reported 1,240 new coronavirus cases on Monday, the highest daily rise on record.
26th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Second German district to enter lockdown after spike in coronavirus cases

Chancellor Angela Merkel in planning a “lockdown light” that will focus on closing bars, restaurants and public events to slow a second wave of COVID-19 infections in Germany, Bild newspaper reported on Monday.
26th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Italy imposes harshest coronavirus restrictions since spring lockdown as second wave sweeps Europe

Italy became the latest European country to announce new restrictions to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus on Sunday as countries across the continent continue to report surging infections. France on Sunday announced more than 50,000 new infections, a new record for the fourth day running. Germany, widely lauded for its initial handling of the virus, reported a surge of its own. The number of coronavirus cases in Poland has doubled in less than three weeks. And Spain has also imposed new restrictions.
25th Oct 2020 - The Washington Post

Europe Imposes New Covid-19 Restrictions as Second Wave Accelerates

Europe’s second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating, forcing countries to impose ever-more social-distancing rules in a bid to avoid a return to full-blown lockdowns. France announced a daily record for coronavirus infections, with confirmed infections reaching over 52,000 on Sunday, compared with nearly 84,000 confirmed cases in the U.S. on Saturday, whose population is around five times bigger. Italy, struggling with an explosive rise in infections, imposed the toughest restrictions on its population since ending its lockdown, including the closure of all bars and restaurants at 6 p.m. In Spain, the government announced a state of emergency, as it did in March, giving national authorities greater powers to impose social-distancing and emergency health-care policies.
25th Oct 2020 - The Wall Street Journal

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Sturgeon unveils five-level Covid lockdown rules for Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon has unveiled a five-level system for restricting people’s movements and limiting physical contact as part of new measures to combat the spread of Covid-19. The system includes a top level that is tougher than the highest of England’s three tiers, which Sturgeon said would be closer to the lockdown imposed across the UK in late March. It would involve the closure of all non-essential shops, bars, restaurants and leisure venues; strict controls on travelling and using public transport; and potentially a “stay at home” message similar to that coming into force in Wales on Friday evening.
25th Oct 2020 - The Guardian

Spain's government to decree COVID-19 state of emergency, tighten controls: local media

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced a new state of emergency on Sunday in an effort to curb soaring coronavirus infections, imposing local nighttime curfews and banning travel between regions in some cases. The measures go into force from Sunday night and will require all regions except the Canary Islands to impose a nighttime curfew and limit the number of people allowed to meet to six. “We are living in an extreme situation ... it is the most serious health crisis in the last century,” he told a news conference following a cabinet meeting. Catalonia was one of the first regions on Sunday to use the new legislation to impose a curfew, which will take effect at 10 p.m. Establishments open to the public will have to close at 9 p.m.
25th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Poland adopts nationwide 'red zone' lockdown

Poland's prime minister said on Friday that "red zone" measures including the partial closure of primary schools and restaurants would be adopted nationwide in the face of a record spike in coronavirus infections
24th Oct 2020 - The Times of India

Two-thirds of France in lockdown as coronavirus curfews extended

Around two-thirds of France’s population has been placed under lockdown as the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic hits Europe. France’s prime minister, Jean Castex, announced last week that a curfew imposed on Paris and eight other cities would be extended to 38 more departments. It confines 46 million of the country’s 67 million people to their homes from 9pm to 6am. "A second wave of the coronavirus epidemic is now under way in France and Europe. The situation is very serious," Mr Castex said at a news conference.
24th Oct 2020 - The Independent

Anger as Welsh supermarkets block off non-essential items during the firebreak lockdown

First Minister Mark Drakeford said the Welsh Government will review “how the weekend has gone” after thousands signed a petition calling for the ban on non-essential items being sold in supermarkets to be lifted. Mr Drakeford tweeted: “Thank you for all your efforts over the last 24 hours to stay at home. We know people are fed up. “It’s not easy, but we all have a responsibility to stop the virus spreading.
24th Oct 2020 - iNews

Italy's Campania region set for COVID lockdown, urges national curbs

Italy’s Campania region, based on the southern city of Naples, said on Friday it was set to impose a lockdown to stamp out a surge in coronavirus and urged the national government to follow suit. Daily infections have risen six-fold across Italy since the start of the month, hitting a record 16,079 on Thursday, raising fears that the pandemic is racing out of control in a country which already has one of the highest death tolls in the world.
24th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Czech PM tells health minister to quit after lockdown violation

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis moved to sack his health minister on Friday for holding a meeting in a restaurant closed under government restrictions as the country combats Europe’s fastest spread of the novel coronavirus. Health Minister Roman Prymula rejected calls to resign, including from Babis and his junior coalition partner, and said the meeting with two other officials took place in a private room and no regulations were broken. The Blesk newspaper published pictures of Prymula leaving a restaurant late at night and entering a car without a face mask, apparent violations of rules that closed restaurants and require wearing masks in most places, including chaffered cars.
24th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

'Eating rats': Myanmar's second lockdown drives hunger in city slums

After the first wave of coronavirus hit Myanmar in March, 36-year-old Ma Suu closed her salad stall and pawned her jewelry and gold to buy food to eat. During the second wave, when the government issued a stay-home order in September for Yangon, Ma Suu shut her stall again and sold her clothes, plates and pots. With nothing left to sell, her husband, an out of work construction labourer, has resorted to hunting for food in the open drains by the slum where they live on the outskirts of Myanmar’s largest city. “People are eating rats and snakes,” Ma Suu said through tears. “Without an income, they need to eat like that to feed their children.”
24th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Retailers urge Welsh government not to dictate what people can buy in 'fire-break' lockdown

Retailers in Wales have written urgently to First Minister Mark Drakeford expressing alarm over new regulations that restrict the sale of “non essential” products in essential shops during the country’s two-week COVID-19 lockdown. Wales’ “fire-break” begins on Friday at 1700 GMT and ends on Nov. 9. Everybody but essential workers will have to work from home. All non-essential retail, leisure, hospitality and tourist businesses will have to close. Retailers that can stay open, such as supermarkets, were told on Thursday that the regulations require them to only sell what the Welsh government deems to be “essential” product lines, partly to protect smaller businesses that do have to close being put at an unfair advantage.
24th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Brussels edges towards lockdown as Belgian COVID-19 cases hit record high

City's curfew has also been tightened to 10pm-6am with shops shutting at 8pm. The new changes will come in on Monday Brussel premier Rudi Vervoort said. Working from home will be obligatory and masks will have to be worn in public
24th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

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Czechs Enter 2nd Lockdown to Avoid Health System Collapse

But amid a record surge of coronavirus infections that's threatening the entire health system with collapse, the Czech Republic is adopting on Thursday exactly the same massive restrictions it slapped on citizens in the spring. Prime Minister Andrej Babis had repeatedly said these measures would never return. “We have no time to wait,” Babis explained Wednesday. “The surge is enormous.” Babis apologized for the huge impact the restrictions will have on everyday life but said if they were not taken “our health system would collapse between Nov 7-11.”
22nd Oct 2020 - U.S. News & World Report

Ireland goes back on lockdown: Residents must stay within 3 miles of home through November

Ireland is already focused on Christmas. It’s a major national priority. Unless the country can get the COVID-19 pandemic under control, there won’t be much Christmas cheer this year in Galway, Cork or Dublin. With infections on the rise, the government has imposed a tough new lockdown that began at midnight Wednesday, shutting down nonessential shops, limiting restaurants to takeout service and ordering people to stay within 3 miles of their homes for the next six weeks. The restrictions are among the toughest in Europe, and Prime Minister Micheal Martin said he imposed them in part to ensure Ireland can celebrate Christmas “in a meaningful way.”
22nd Oct 2020 - USA TODAY

Dublin 'eerie' as Ireland plunges into second lockdown

A "cloud of sadness" descended on the streets of central Dublin Thursday as Ireland became the first EU nation to return to a full coronavirus lockdown. Schools remain open but otherwise for six weeks, all Irish citizens have been told to stay home, with a strict five-kilometre (three-mile) travel limit for exercise. Restaurants, bars and pubs will be shuttered and visits between different households banned.
22nd Oct 2020 - FRANCE 24

More than seven million people in Spain now facing perimetral lockdowns

More than 7.2 million people in Spain live in municipalities or regions that are currently, or soon to be, subject to a perimetral lockdown, meaning residents cannot leave or enter the area unless it is for essential reasons, such as for work, to access care services or in the case of an emergency. This restriction – aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus – is already in place in 50 municipalities of greatly different sizes, from Madrid, with its 3.2 million inhabitants to Jerte in Extremadura, which is home to 1,266 residents. Over the past weeks and months, a series of measures has been introduced in the affected areas in a bid to slow contagion rates. But they have not worked.
22nd Oct 2020 - EL PAÍS in English

Why countries are resorting to pandemic lockdowns again

The lockdowns are back. On Thursday, Ireland is set to become the first country in Europe to impose a second national lockdown as cases of the novel coronavirus surge once again. “We’re making a preemptive strike against the virus, acting before it’s too late,” Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said as he announced the measures. Ireland is not alone in moving toward drastic action, although the extent of measures varies. The Czech Republic, only months ago considered a rare pandemic success story, announced similar plans on Wednesday. Britain, France, Germany and Spain have set regional restrictions this month, prompting demands for nationwide action.
22nd Oct 2020 - The Washington Post

What is Rishi Sunak’s new job support package for tier 2 and 3 lockdown areas and who is eligible?

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has announced some major changes to the Job Support Scheme to help businesses that have been affected by lockdown restrictions. Mr Sunak was under pressure to devise a more generous support system after Manchester Metro Mayor Andy Burnham and others accused the government of risking thousands of jobs by forcing businesses’ doors to close with lackluster financial support. The current furlough scheme ends on October 31, which will be replaced by the Job Support Scheme. What changes have been made to the scheme?
22nd Oct 2020 - Metro

Europeans face more curfews, restrictions, as virus surges

Curfews were largely expanded Thursday across France, which registered some 41.600 new confirmed virus cases to approach a total of 1 million, while similar overnight restrictions were slapped on Italy’s three biggest cities — Rome, Naples and Milan — as rapidly rising caseloads across Europe prompted tighter limits on everyday ways of life. In Greece, people in the Athens area and other parts of the country with high infection rates were also ordered to stay off the streets from 12:30 a.m. to 5 a.m. “The aim is to reduce general movement and evening gatherings, which favor the transmission of the virus,” Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in a televised address. “With a little less fun, for a short period of time, we will have better health for a long time.”
22nd Oct 2020 - Associated Press

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Is Italy Headed For Another Coronavirus Lockdown?

As Italy’s daily coronavirus cases continue to pass the 10,000 mark, the unwelcome prospect of another lockdown may be on the cards for some regions. The northern region of Lombardy is already leaning towards lockdown with an evening curfew while the southern region of Campania has closed schools until the end of the month. Other regions are also looking at heightening restrictions.
21st Oct 2020 - Forbes

Czech government to impose lockdown

The Czech Republic will go into lockdown mode again to try and contain the coronavirus, the government announced Wednesday. "From October 22 at 6 a.m. [until November 3 at 11:59 p.m.], free movement of the population will be prohibited, with a few exceptions," it said on Twitter, adding that these include "travel necessary to work, to visit family, to purchase basic necessities, to see a doctor or the authorities." In addition, non-essential shops will have to close from Thursday, "with exceptions similar to those during the spring measures," such as grocery stores and pharmacies, the government said.
21st Oct 2020 - POLITICO.eu

There’s a Middle Ground in the Lockdown Debate

As the coronavirus pandemic continues its sweep through the U.S., India and Brazil, the dreaded second wave is now gathering strength in nations that had once contained the virus. Numbers are rocketing upward, especially in Europe, even as winter approaches, which will bring the added burden of seasonal illnesses such as influenza. Attempting to tamp things down, and to avoid overwhelming their health services, authorities in France, Germany and the U.K. are now considering stronger social distancing measures, with others — including in Ireland and Israel — ordering short, strict “circuit breaker” lockdowns.
21st Oct 2020 - Bloomberg Quint

Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland may introduce 'five-tier lockdown' system

The First Minister said that a different regime may be adopted north of the Border to the three-tiered approach operating in England. The new approach will officially be unveiled on Friday and come into effect on November 2. It was confirmed today the current restrictions on hospitality which has seen a complete shutdown of pubs and restaurants in the Central Belt, will be extended until the new tiered approach comes into effect.
21st Oct 2020 - The Scotsman

Coronavirus: Nicola Sturgeon reveals five levels of lockdown will be applied in Scotland over winter

Nicola Sturgeon has outlined what the system will be when the new strategy for tacking coronavirus takes effect in 12 days time. She confirmed there will be a five-tier system of different levels of intervention which could be applied across the country or in different health board or council areas. The First Minister said Scotland will have two more levels in addition to those in place in England.
21st Oct 2020 - Glasgow Times

Lockdown rules: Different coronavirus restrictions across UK will soon show which system has biggest impact

In the absence of a clear road map from the Government on coronavirus restrictions, the words of the Prime Minister’s leading scientific experts must be examined more closely than ever. Professor Jonathan Van-Tam made it clear that sticking to regionally imposed tiers was the way forward. This will have brought some satisfaction to Boris Johnson, standing at a podium two metres away, who is resisting calls from Sir Keir Starmer and others for a short nationwide “circuit breaker” in England to allow it to get on top of the outbreak.
21st Oct 2020 - iNews

More of northern England put into highest COVID-19 lockdown tier

South Yorkshire in northern England will move into the very high lockdown tier on Saturday to tackle rising levels of COVID-19 infections, the mayor of the Sheffield City Region Dan Jarvis said on Wednesday. The area has agreed a funding package worth 41 million pounds ($53.5 million) to support businesses that will have to close and for additional public health measures. Regions in the north of England have been most severely affected by the second wave of COVID-19. South Yorkshire will join Liverpool and Lancashire in the highest tier. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday he would impose the same measures in Manchester after failing to agree a support package with local leaders.
21st Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

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Boris Johnson plunges Greater Manchester into Tier Three lockdown

Ministers gave Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham until noon today to agree to enter Tier Three lockdown. Last-ditch haggling between PM and Mr Burnham on money failed with tough restrictions now being imposed. Boris Johnson said he had no choice but to impose new rules which will see pubs and restaurants told to close Mr Johnson had offered Mr Burnham £60m in extra business support but the mayor wanted at least £65m. Mr Burnham slammed PM's approach as he said ministers were condemning the region to lockdown 'poverty'
20th Oct 2020 - Daily Mail

Majority of Wales below UK coronavirus average as new lockdown looms

A new national lockdown was announced in Wales yesterday - but figures show that just ten of the country's local authorities have a higher coronavirus rate than the UK average. Only one of Gwent's five counties, Blaenau Gwent, is suffering from the coronavirus more than the average across the UK. A government map, detailing the impact of the coronavirus in each local authority across the UK, shows that Newport, Monmouthshire, Torfaen and Caerphilly all have lower incidence rates than the average in the UK.
20th Oct 2020 - South Wales Argus

Europe Backpedals as Virus Lockdowns Return to Ireland, Wales

Ireland and Wales imposed stringent lockdowns and Italy’s financial center is planning a curfew, as Europe steps up efforts to regain control of the coronavirus pandemic. In Germany, tensions rose with parliamentary leaders sparring with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration over efforts to contain the spread of the disease. New cases in Europe’s largest economy rose to a record on Tuesday, and the first German region imposed stringent constraints. After leaders vowed to steer away from harsh lockdowns to protect the economy, Europe is reviving the measures in some areas. Piecemeal curbs have made little impact in slowing the disease, which has infected 4.9 million people and caused more than 200,000 fatalities.
20th Oct 2020 - Bloomberg

COVID-19: Naples mayor sees Campania headed for lockdown

Naples Mayor Luigi De Magistris said Tuesday that he expects Campania to go into lockdown soon because of a spike in COVID-19 cases and blasted the management of the coronavirus by the administration of regional Governor Vincenzo De Luca. "I think very serious mistakes were made by the region and that's not passing the buck," De Magistris told RAI radio. "The (contagion) numbers speak for themselves. "De Luca even banned the doctors from telling the truth."The problem is not young people (out socializing). "We are sure to go into lockdown in Campania. There are (just) 15 places (left) in intensive care". De Luca last week closed schools in Campania, which had been the last region in Italy to reopen them last month, until the end of October due to the pandemic, irking central government and parents. "Closing the schools just after they reopened is so sad," said De Magistris.
20th Oct 2020 - Agenzia ANSA

Navarre declares perimetral lockdown of entire region to contain coronavirus spread

The entire Navarre region in northern Spain will be confined from this Thursday onward for a 15-day period, in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus. People will only be able to enter or leave the area if it is for work reasons, to access care services or in cases of emergency. The regional government also announced on Monday evening that the entire hostelry sector would be closed, as well as an obligatory 9pm closure for commercial, cultural and sporting activities. The regional premier, María Chivite of the Navarre Socialist Party, justified the measures on Monday due to the spread of the virus in the region, and the progressive rise in pressure on area hospitals. The 14-day cumulative number of coronavirus cases per 100,000 inhabitants has reached 945, according to the latest report from the Spanish Health Ministry, which is way above the national average of 312.
20th Oct 2020 - EL PAÍS in English

Ireland to impose 5km travel limit in strict new Covid lockdown

Ireland is to close much of its economy and society in a second Covid-19 lockdown that imposes some of the severest restrictions in Europe. Non-essential shops will close and people are asked to stay at home, with a 5km (3 mile) travel limit for exercise, to curb surging infection rates, the government announced on Monday evening. From midnight on Wednesday the country will move to its highest lockdown tier for six weeks. Visits to private homes or gardens will not be permitted and there are to be no gatherings except for tightly controlled weddings and funerals.
20th Oct 2020 - The Guardian

Coronavirus: German Alpine region goes into lockdown

An Alpine area of southern Germany has gone into a new lockdown, the first part of the country to do so since the first Covid peak earlier this year. The 105,000 people of Berchtesgadener Land, bordering Austria, will only be allowed to leave home for essential reasons for the next two weeks. Like much of Europe, Germany is confronting a sharp rise in infections. But the situation remains less severe than in other major Western European countries. Germany has recorded 84 Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people in total over the past 14 days, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.
20th Oct 2020 - BBC

Wales aims to lift nation during 'brutal' lockdown

Wales kicking coach Neil Jenkins says the squad will aim to pick the nation up when they face France behind closed doors in Paris on Saturday. Wales will be in lockdown when Wayne Pivac's side play in a French city that will be under curfew with the kick-off at 21:00 local time. The Wales rugby union side can still play because of their professional status and Jenkins knows the squad have a duty to represent the country during the "brutal" Covid-19 lockdown period.
20th Oct 2020 - BBC

The evidence used by the Welsh Government which helped decide on a fire-break lockdown

At Monday's Welsh Government press conference, the First Minister announced that Wales would enter a 17-day national lockdown to prevent the further spread of coronavirus in the country. COVID-19 cases in Wales have continued to rise in recent weeks, despite almost 2.5m people living under local restrictions. In early September, Caerphilly became the first region to be placed under local lockdown rules, it was soon followed by Rhondda Cynon Taf and Bridgend. Other regions have since followed, but the restrictions will now be replaced by new national rules announced by Mark Drakeford. The fire-break is being introduced to prevent the pressure on health services in Wales from growing, with warnings from both the First Minister and the chief executive of NHS Wales that critical care was at capacity.
20th Oct 2020 - ITV News

Ireland will go back into lockdown for six weeks from Wednesday

Ireland will be put back under the toughest coronavirus restrictions this week, with the prime minister hopeful they will allow the public to celebrate Christmas ‘in a meaningful way’. As of midnight Wednesday, the Republic will be placed under level five restrictions – the most severe – for six weeks in a bid to bring down spiralling infection rates. Under the Government’s five-tier living with Covid roadmap, all non-essential shops, barbers, hairdressers and salons will be forced to close until December 1. Restaurants and cafes will only be permitted to operate on a takeaway and delivery basis and the public will be told to work from home if they can.
20th Oct 2020 - Metro

Manchester lockdown: Andy Burnham criticises late-night ‘provocative ultimatum’ over Tier 3 restrictions

Andy Burnham has criticised the Government’s “provocative” late-night ultimatum warning local leaders have until midday on Tuesday to agree to Covid-19 restrictions or face action. The Labour mayor of Greater Manchester said the Monday night statement was made to provoke local leaders in those areas resisting the tier three coronavirus model set out by the Government, and insisted he was still open to finding a solution. But he claimed he was unaware of the financial package on offer to support Greater Manchester through the stricter lockdown, although a Government minister said it was £22m.
20th Oct 2020 - iNews

Part of Bavaria goes into first German lockdown since April

Residents of the Berchtesgadener Land district of Bavaria will not be able to leave their homes without a valid reason for two weeks from Tuesday, officials said on Monday, making it the first area in Germany to go back into lockdown since April. The decision, which takes effect from 2 p.m. (1200 GMT) on Tuesday, follows a spike in coronavirus cases in the district to 272.8 per 100,000 inhabitants over seven days.
20th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Can a 2-Week 'Circuit Breaker' Lockdown Curb COVID-19? The U.K. May Be About to Find Out

The coronavirus is having its way with the United Kingdom—a fact that is told starkly by the numbers. The 21st most populous country in the world, the U.K. is 11th in total number of COVID-19 infections—and climbing fast. Its daily infection rate is doubling every seven to eight days in some regions, more people are now hospitalized there than on March 23 (when the country went into general lockdown), and in some regions, hospital beds and intensive care units are at 90% capacity. With cold weather coming on and flu season beginning, things look darker still. “We could sleep-walk into a long and bleak winter,” warned opposition Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer in an address last week.
19th Oct 2020 - TIME

New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 20th Oct 2020

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Prague holding off on lockdown decision until early November

The Czech Republic, which has the highest coronavirus infection rate in Europe, will wait at least two weeks before deciding whether to order a full lockdown to stem its epidemic, deputy prime minister Karel Havlicek said on Sunday. Italy, the first country in Europe to be hit hard by Covid-19, is also experiencing a sharp rise in cases and is preparing new measures to combat the spread of the virus. In the Czech Republic, bars and restaurants in the country of 10.7 million have been ordered in the past week to close except for takeout orders, and schools have moved to distance learning. Sport and fitness clubs, theatres and cinemas had already shut, but shops have remained open.
19th Oct 2020 - The Irish Times

Corona Kingdom: UK Lockdown Rules as Seen by an Italian

But you have a mask, right? In my car I don’t want anyone without one,” I was told outside Manchester airport by the taxi driver. Who had no mask. Apparently it is mandatory; but only for passengers. I soon realised that my time in the UK was going to be tricky. I am Italian and, in Italy, we have basically just one rule on COVID-19: masks, always. Masks, no matter what. This is because the virus spreads mainly through droplets, experts say, with surfaces accounting for only a-tenth of infections. In Italy, we spent months navigating the difference between an FFP2, an FFP3, a N95 – not to be mistaken with a KN95. Months weighing cotton filters against carbon filters, discerning an incoming virus from an outgoing one. In the UK, however, a scarf is fine. “Don’t worry, I have the helmet,” said a Deliveroo rider when I kept my distance. He had a helmet, true. But with its visor up.
19th Oct 2020 - Byline Times

Wales implementing two-week national lockdown to slow virus spread

Wales will impose a two-week national lockdown beginning Friday, officials announced Monday. Restaurants, pubs and nonessential businesses will be closed, and non-household members will be banned from both indoor and outdoor gatherings, according to the BBC. Houses of worship will reportedly only be open for funerals and weddings, and Halloween gatherings will also be barred. Observances will, however, be permitted for Remembrance Sunday, when Britain honors those who fought in the two world wars. Wales has a seven-day average of 130 coronavirus cases per 100,000 people. The country recorded 4,127 total cases between Oct. 9-15.
19th Oct 2020 - The Hill

Wales announces two-week lockdown to stop virus surge

Wales will impose a full "firebreak" lockdown for two weeks from Friday to try to reduce a soaring number of new coronavirus cases, First Minister Mark Drakeford said on Monday. Under the new rules, people must stay at home, except for very limited purposes, such as for exercise, and work from home wherever possible. Households are forbidden from mixing, while non-food retailers, cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels and services such as hairdressers and beauticians must all close.
19th Oct 2020 - FRANCE 24

‘Firebreak’ lockdown in Wales could see all non-essential shops shut again

His letter said he expects non-essential shops to close along with all pubs, bars and restaurants. People would be advised to only make essential journeys. One of the weeks being considered for the lockdown would fall over half term. Some primary schools would be allowed to reopen in the second week while a decision is yet to be made on secondary schools, according to the letter. If introduced, the measures would be some of the strictest seen in any part of the UK since the national lockdown was eased in May.
19th Oct 2020 - Metro

UK offers Manchester money to impose tougher lockdown

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government hopes to reach an agreement shortly with local leaders in Manchester to impose a stricter COVID-19 lockdown, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said on Monday. Jenrick said the government had offered Manchester more money. “This does now need to be brought to a conclusion,” he said. The devolved Welsh government is due on Monday to announce a possible ‘fire break’ set of additional measures to control the virus. Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford is due to make a statement
19th Oct 2020 - Reuters India

UK lockdowns: Wales and Manchester head towards tougher restrictions

Wales will impose a two-week “fire-break” lockdown from Friday in which everybody apart from essential workers must stay at home to combat an accelerating second wave of COVID-19. Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford said he understood that people were tired of coronavirus restrictions but tougher rules were essential as critical care units were already full. “It will have to be sharp and deep in order to have the impact we need,” Drakeford told reporters. “Everyone in Wales will be required to stay at home.” “If we do not act now, it will continue to accelerate.”
19th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Czechs to wait two weeks before considering full lockdown

The Czech Republic, which has the highest coronavirus infection rate in Europe, will wait at least two weeks before deciding whether to order a full lockdown to stem its epidemic, Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havlicek said on Sunday. In the past week, bars and restaurants in the country of 10.7 million have been ordered to close except for takeout orders, and schools have moved to distance learning. Sport and fitness clubs, theatres and cinemas had already shut, but shops have remained open. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said it had registered 828 cases per 100,000 population in the last two weeks, more than 10 times the rate in neighbouring Germany. Since schools reopened in September, the cumulative number of cases has risen almost seven times.
19th Oct 2020 - Reuters

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Covid-19: Firms warn of 'catastrophic' impact of new coronavirus rules

Firms are calling for more financial support to avoid "catastrophic consequences" from tougher coronavirus restrictions. Without more help there could be mass redundancies and business failures, the British Chambers of Commerce warns. Its call for a new approach comes as tougher restrictions are imposed on large parts of the UK. The government said it had already put in place support worth more than £200bn to help firms cope. "We know this continues to be a very difficult period for businesses," a spokesman said. "That's why we have put in place a substantial package of support."
18th Oct 2020 - BBC

Lockdowns in Europe are a warning to the United States

The coronavirus is surging again in Europe, forcing harsh new restrictions in London and Paris as governments carefully weigh their next steps. That's bad news for the region's economic recovery — and puts the United States on notice ahead of a difficult winter. What's happening: Paris has imposed an overnight curfew. In London, people from different households are banned from meeting indoors. The measures are an attempt to stem the rapid rise in Covid-19 cases across the continent as hospital capacity again becomes a concern. Stocks in London, Paris, Milan and Frankfurt sold off sharply on Thursday before rebounding Friday. Markets aren't tanking like they did in March, but the quick change in climate still presents a cautionary tale.
18th Oct 2020 - CNN

Will there be a circuit breaker lockdown in England?

The Government recently implemented a new three-tier system which separates areas in the UK into different categories of Covid risk – Medium (tier one), High (tier two) and Very High (tier three). Each local area will have to follow the designated rules for their tier. It is hoped that areas with a higher number of cases will see a drop from the tighter restrictions of a higher tier, with the aim to avoid a national lockdown. But as pressure mounts to consider a ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown – with a leaked letter suggesting Wales will enter a 17-day lockdown from Friday October 23 – what are the odds that Boris Johnson will place England under one? Could England go into a two-week lockdown if the tier system doesn’t work?
18th Oct 2020 - Metro.co.uk

Sweden to Introduce Local Lockdowns as Coronavirus Cases Rise

Swedish authorities want to bring in local lockdowns to stem the rapid spread of coronavirus in the country. The move marks a new approach in Sweden‘s handling of the virus as the country has kept bars and restaurants open while the rest of Europe shut down in March this year. “It’s more of a lockdown situation – but a local lockdown,” said Johan Nojd, who leads the infectious diseases department in Uppsala. It comes as several European nations put into effect new measures and restrictions in an effort to curb the second wave of the coronavirus rapidly spreading across the continent, with cases skyrocketing. Coronavirus cases in the country have been gradually increasing since the start of September, dashing Sweden’s hopes for immunity.
18th Oct 2020 - Euro Weekly News

Coronavirus in Poland: PM announces partial lockdown amid virus spike

Poland on Friday reported a new daily record of 132 coronavirus-related deaths and counted 7,705 new confirmed cases, amid fears the pandemic is testing the country's supply of hospital beds and ventilators.
18th Oct 2020 - FRANCE 24

Residents go for voluntary lockdown in Jaisalmer dist

Looking at the increasing Covid-19 cases, the general public has come up with voluntary lockdowns. In Nachana, a two-day successful voluntary close took place on Friday and Saturday while residents in Lathi have decided to go for a three-day voluntary lockdown from Sunday to Tuesday.
18th Oct 2020 - The Times of India

Police clash with crowds of drinkers as London plunged into tier 2 lockdown

The streets of Soho descended into chaos as some drinkers ‘refused to go home’ on the last night before London was plunged into tier two lockdown. Officers were seen leading some people away in handcuffs after crowds spilled out on the streets from pubs after the 10pm curfew on Friday. Pictures show people dancing and socialising, as Londoners enjoyed their last few hours before tighter restrictions were imposed. Anti-lockdown protesters, including Piers Corbyn, also gathered outside in the streets to chant ‘stick your new world order up you a**’ at officers.
18th Oct 2020 - Metro

Ireland to consider renewed lockdown advice from health chiefs

The Irish government is considering introducing more coronavirus curbs, Prime Minister Micheal Martin said on Friday, after local media reported that health chiefs had renewed calls for a second national lockdown. The government rejected a surprise recommendation by health chiefs to enter Europe’s first major second-wave national lockdown 11 days ago, instead tightening restrictions, including a nationwide closure of all indoor restaurant dining. Cases are now growing at a faster pace and Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan said this week that his team had not retracted its lockdown advice. Holohan called for a jump to the highest level of COVID-19 curbs, Level 5, for six weeks in a letter to government, a number of local media reported.
18th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Britain taking local COVID-19 measures to avoid national lockdown - Raab

Britain is taking a targeted approach to tackle a surge in COVID-19 cases with local restrictions to avoid another national lockdown and the associated damage to the economy, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said on Friday. “We are taking this approach, with the tiered approach (...) to avoid a national level lockdown,” he told BBC television. “A circuit breaker, which is effectively a temporary national lockdown, I think will be more drastic and more damaging for the economy.”
18th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Lockdown 2.0: Europe reimposes painful curbs as infections surge

Countries across Europe are reimposing painful restrictions on public life as a surge in coronavirus infections heightens fears the pandemic is tightening its grip, bringing another public health emergency closer just as winter approaches. In Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland, infections hit record daily highs on Thursday while France imposed evening curfews on its biggest cities and Londoners faced new limits on socialising indoors. The resurgence of the virus is a huge setback for a continent that had largely succeeded in bringing infection rates down to manageable levels over the summer, after implementing tough lockdowns.
16th Oct 2020 - The Financial Times

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Coronavirus UK: Student lockdown so they can go home for Christmas

Universities across the UK will reportedly be plunged into a two-week lockdown before Christmas to allow students to return home to their families. The lockdown will take place from December 8 to December 22 and will involve classes being taught online only. The plans are said to be in their ‘early stages’, reports the Guardian. Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously said ‘plans are being put in place to allow students home safely for Christmas’ as many hundreds of students across the country have been forced to self-isolate due to soaring coronavirus cases.
15th Oct 2020 - Metro.co.uk

Europe scrambles to control coronavirus second wave, with a state of emergency and lockdowns

European leaders have been put in a panic by surging coronavirus infections in the region. France has declared a national state of health emergency, the U.K. appearing to approach a second national lockdown and Germany introducing further rules to restrict the spread of the virus. Europe now has over 7.2 million confirmed cases of Covid-19, according to the World Health Organization.
15th Oct 2020 - CNBC

Coronavirus: France declares state of emergency as night-time lockdown imposed on Paris and eight other cities

A state of emergency has been declared in France, and President Emmanuel Macron has announced a curfew between 9pm and 6am for the areas worst-affected by coronavirus. Ile-de-France and eight metropolitan areas - including Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Aix-Marseille, Saint Etienne and Toulouse - will face the curfews for four weeks, starting on Saturday. During the curfew hours, people will not be allowed to go to restaurants or visit friends - but there will be no restrictions on public transport or on people travelling within regions.
15th Oct 2020 - Sky News

'Out of control': Europe scrambles to control coronavirus second wave, with a state of emergency and lockdowns

European leaders have been put in a panic by surging coronavirus infections in the region. France has declared a national state of health emergency, the U.K. appearing to approach a second national lockdown and Germany introducing further rules to restrict the spread of the virus. Europe now has over 7.2 million confirmed cases of Covid-19, according to the World Health Organization.
15th Oct 2020 - CNBC

'Last party' for Dutch as new virus lockdown starts

Dutch people drank and danced to pumping techno music Wednesday in the final minutes before all bars, restaurants and cannabis 'coffeeshops' closed as part of a partial coronavirus lockdown. many of the revellers who flocked to terrace cafes in a main square in The Hague said they backed the measures, which took effect at 10.00pm but that they wanted to party first
15th Oct 2020 - The Times of India

For a ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown to work in the UK we need to be honest about what it’s for – buying time

The pressure is mounting on the Government to introduce a two-week national lockdown, or “circuit breaker”, to limit individuals’ contacts and thus suppress transmission of coronavirus. Such a lockdown will inevitably cause even more economic and social hardship to the country. But as unpalatable as it is, and as much as I hate the idea, I am reluctantly coming to the same conclusion.
15th Oct 2020 - iNews

'Things will get worse': London goes into stricter lockdown

London, the world’s international financial capital, will enter a tighter COVID-19 lockdown from midnight on Friday as Prime Minister Boris Johnson seeks to tackle a swiftly accelerating second coronavirus wave. The respiratory pandemic, which emerged in China last year and has killed over a million people worldwide, is spreading in most parts of Britain, whose official death toll of 43,155 is the highest in Europe. Anger, though, is rising over the economic, social and health costs of the biggest curtailment of freedoms since World War Two. One former government adviser warned some people would have trouble clothing their children soon.
15th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Lockdown or a drip feed of Covid restrictions? One path is better for the economy

Governments across Europe are choosing between two vastly different strategies as a second wave of Covid-19 arrives in force. Most are imposing limited local restrictions and keeping their economies open. But in the UK and Ireland, scientific advisers have pushed for second national lockdowns, despite fears of an economic shock. The crisis, which hit Europe for the first time in early spring, is back — but this time around, many people feel that locking down society is too high a price to pay. Yet most medical and economic experts CNN spoke to agree that, in the long run, a short lockdown is better than a constant battle to contain the pandemic. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is one of those trying to avoid a second nationwide lockdown in England.
15th Oct 2020 - CNN

London to be placed in tier 2 COVID-19 lockdown with millions banned from mixing indoors

Millions of people will be banned from mixing indoors, with London due to be placed under tier 2 COVID-19 restrictions from this weekend. London will move from tier 1 to tier 2, or from "medium" to "high" alert, from 12:01am on Saturday under the new tiered system announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this week. Tier 2 means different households will be banned from mixing indoors, including inside homes, pubs and restaurants, and Londoners will also be told to avoid public transport and making non-essential travel.
15th Oct 2020 - ABC News

'Difficult winter ahead': London goes into stricter lockdown

* UK changing lockdown tiers to fight fast virus spread * London moves to 'high' alert from 'medium' on Saturday * Decision on stricter lockdown of Manchester put off * Concerns grow over economic hardships under lockdowns (Updates with London going into stricter coronavirus lockdown)
15th Oct 2020 - Thomson Reuters Foundation News

London to move to stricter COVID-19 lockdown shortly, mayor says

London's mayor Sadiq Khan said he expects the government will announce later on Thursday that London will shortly move to stricter lockdown restrictions. "It is my expectation that the governemnt will today announce that London will shortly be moving into tier 2 or the high alert level of restrictions," Khan said.
15th Oct 2020 - YAHOO!

Northen Ireland imposes strictest UK lockdown, Irish border curbs follow

Northern Ireland announced the strictest COVID-19 restrictions seen in the United Kingdom since early summer on Wednesday, closing schools for two weeks, restaurants for four weeks and leading Ireland to respond by tightening curbs in bordering counties. The British-ruled region of Northern Ireland has become one of Europe’s biggest COVID-19 hotspots in recent weeks. Its health minister described the situation last Friday as becoming graver by the hour. The health department reported a record amount of daily cases on Wednesday with 1,217 new infections bringing the number of cases per 100,000 people in the past seven days to 356. Four more deaths were also announced.
15th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

More UK cities may face stricter lockdown - but at what cost?

London, the world’s international financial capital, will enter a tighter COVID-19 lockdown from midnight on Friday as Prime Minister Boris Johnson seeks to tackle a swiftly accelerating second coronavirus wave.
15th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

New Lockdown - COVID-19 Lockdown Exit Analysis - 15th Oct 2020

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IMF urges governments to maintain Covid-19 support, as restrictions tighten - business live

International Monetary Fund says it’s too early to end government support scheme, as pandemic drives up to 90m people into extreme poverty - Britain’s economy faces a double risk to recovery from a disorderly Brexit as the coronavirus pandemic drags down growth, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has warned. On the eve of a critical EU leaders’ summit in Brussels, the influential Paris-based thinktank said the Covid crisis would further complicate a disorderly Brexit as companies were less prepared for the end of the transition period, having diverted attention away from leaving the EU. It warned that failure to secure a free trade agreement before the UK leaves the Brexit transition period at the end of December would leave the economy 6.5% lower in the next few years than would have been the case if existing arrangements with the EU had been maintained.
14th Oct 2020 - The Guardian

Two-week UK circuit-breaker lockdown ‘will be considered’ if strict tier system fails

The prime minister is reportedly considering a short ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown if his three-tier system fails, as pressure mounts on him to take drastic action over the half-term break. Sir Keir Starmer and experts are urging Boris Johnson to go further than his latest measures by introducing a fortnight of nationwide curbs, with scientists estimating the move could save around 7,800 lives by the end of the year. The temporary lockdown would see most businesses, including pubs and restaurants close, if the three-tier restrictions coming into effect today fail to bring down the spiralling infection rate, a Government source told The Telegraph.
14th Oct 2020 - Metro

Liverpool becomes first city to be placed under UK's tightest restrictions

The city of Liverpool in northern England is part of the first area to go under the UK's new strictest set of Covid-19 restrictions. CNN's Salma Abdelaziz reports
14th Oct 2020 - CNN

Coronavirus: Northern Ireland to go into four-week partial lockdown

Northern Ireland is to close schools, pubs and restaurants as part of new restrictions to try to contain exploding rates of Covid-19 infection. Arlene Foster, the first minister, announced the partial lockdown on Wednesday at a special sitting of the Stormont assembly in response to what has become a pandemic hotspot. The new rules take effect from Friday and are to last four weeks with the exception of schools, which will shut for two weeks. The hospitality sector will close apart from deliveries and takeaways. Off-licences and supermarkets cannot sell alcohol after 8pm. There will be no indoor sport or organised contact sport involving mixing of households, other than at elite level.
14th Oct 2020 - The Guardian

UK PM Johnson resists national lockdown but rules nothing out

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday resisted a short lockdown for all of England but said he ruled nothing out in the face of calls to shut the country down for two weeks as a “circuit breaker” in order to save lives. With cases rapidly rising, the British government opted this week for a three-tier system of local measures. The Liverpool area in the northwest became the first part of the country in the highest category, requiring bars, gyms and other businesses to shut, perhaps for months. Johnson said he would stick to this localised approach, responding to opposition leader Keir Starmer’s demand for a temporary national lockdown. “The whole point is to seize this moment now to avoid the misery of another national lockdown,” Johnson told parliament.
14th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Spain's Catalonia region orders bars and restaurants to shutdown for 15 days

The Spanish region of Catalonia, which includes the city of Barcelona, ordered bars and restaurants to close for 15 days from Thursday night onwards and limited the numbers of people allowed in shops to try to curb a surge in coronavirus cases. With close to 900,000 registered cases and more than 33,000 deaths, Spain has become the pandemic’s hotspot in Western Europe. The capital Madrid and nearby suburbs were put on partial lockdown last week.
14th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Netherlands goes into partial lockdown to contain coronavirus spread

The Netherlands returned to a "partial lockdown" on Wednesday (October 14, 2020) following Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte's announcement on Tuesday evening to close bars and restaurants in order to control the coronavirus in one of Europe's major hotspots. "Today we are announcing new and sturdy measures and in fact we are going to a partial lockdown," Rutte said in a televised news conference. He said public gatherings of more than four people would be prohibited and alcohol sales in the evening would also be banned. Schools were to remain open and public transport would keep running, in contrast to measures imposed during a partial lockdown earlier this year.
14th Oct 2020 - Zee News

COVID 2nd wave drives more European countries back into lockdown

More European countries have decided to reimpose nationwide lockdown measures to counter fast-rising coronavirus infection rates. Northern Ireland announced Wednesday that it would become the first among the United Kingdom's four nations to try a so-called circuit breaker lockdown. The tactic will see pubs and restaurants closed for all but takeout service, all schools closed and many other businesses greatly restricted for a short, defined period to try and break the cycle of spiraling infections.
14th Oct 2020 - CBS News

Lockdowns from China to Europe as trials stumble

As Europe imposed new restrictions to try to stall a surging second wave of the novel coronavirus, hopes for vaccines to rapidly provide relief suffered a blow Tuesday with the suspension of two clinical trials in the United States. China, meanwhile, rushed to test an entire city of nine million within days after a minor coronavirus outbreak in the sprawling country, and Europe struggled to tackle a new surge of infections. The virus is still spreading rapidly worldwide, with more than one million deaths and 37 million infections. Many nations that suppressed their first outbreaks now face a second wave.
14th Oct 2020 - Asia Times

New lockdowns from China to Europe as coronavirus trials stumble

As Europe imposed new restrictions to try to stall a surging second wave of the novel coronavirus, hopes for vaccines to rapidly provide relief suffered a blow on Tuesday with the suspension of two clinical trials in the United States. China meanwhile rushed to test an entire city of nine million within days after a minor coronavirus outbreak in the sprawling country, a far cry from the struggle in Europe to tackle surging infections with tough new steps including partial lockdowns
14th Oct 2020 - News24

Coronavirus: Which countries have tried circuit-breaker lockdowns and have they worked?

Sir Keir Starmer has called for a two- to three-week national lockdown, accusing the prime minister of "no longer following the scientific advice". The Labour leader's intervention came after it emerged Boris Johnson dismissed a recommendation for the measure from government scientists three weeks ago. Here’s a look at how other countries have attempted a so-called "circuit-breaker" in their fight against Covid-19.
14th Oct 2020 - The Independent

Here's how circuit breaker lockdowns worked in Israel, New Zealand and Singapore

Just 24 hours after Boris Johnson unveiled his latest plans to crub the spread of coronavirus, the Labour Party has called for 'circuit breaker' lockdown. Sir Keir Starmer called for a two to three-week national lockdown on Tuesday that, accusing the Prime Minister of "no longer following the scientific advice". His comments come after it emerged on Monday evening that scientists advising the government recommended the country be put into a two-week 'circuit break' lockdown three weeks ago. Documents released on Monday night - prior to the PM appearing from Downing Street for his press conference - show that the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) were urging the Prime Minister to go further than the three-tiered system.
14th Oct 2020 - Manchester Evening News

Keir Starmer calls for 'circuit breaker' lockdown for England – video

Keir Starmer called for a two-to three-week national 'circuit breaker' lockdown across England to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed, urging Boris Johnson to act in a dramatic escalation of his criticism of the government’s approach. Starmer pushed the PM to heed the advice of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) after it was revealed late on Monday that the government’s scientific advisers called for a fortnight-long lockdown as long ago as 21 September, warning that a failure to do so risked a 'very large epidemic with catastrophic consequences'
14th Oct 2020 - The Guardian

Some British gyms defy PM Johnson's COVID-19 lockdown

For one gym owner in the northwest of England, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s latest COVID-19 lockdown is a step too far. To save his business, he is defying the government’s command to close, along with dozens of other gyms in the area. Governments across the world have imposed some of the most severe restrictions in peacetime history to tackle the coronavirus, to varying degrees of success. The virus has killed more than a million people and Europe is deep in a second wave. The measures have also pushed many companies, and in some cases whole sectors, out of business. Some feel ignored and are starting to push back against the rules. “We’re supposed to be closed but we are open,” Chris Ellerby-Hemmings, 36, owner of EmpoweredFit Gym in Greasby, near Liverpool, told Reuters.
14th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

UK not heading for a national lockdown yet, minister says

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday resisted a short lockdown for all of England but said he ruled nothing out in the face of calls to shut the country down for two weeks as a “circuit breaker” in order to save lives. With cases rapidly rising, the British government opted this week for a three-tier system of local measures. The Liverpool area in the northwest became the first part of the country in the highest category, requiring bars, gyms and other businesses to shut, perhaps for months. Johnson said he would stick to this localised approach, responding to opposition leader Keir Starmer’s demand for a temporary national lockdown.
14th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Northern Ireland to shut restaurants and suspend school in strictest UK lockdown

Northern Ireland announced the strictest COVID-19 restrictions seen in the United Kingdom since early summer on Wednesday, closing schools for two weeks, restaurants for four weeks and leading Ireland to respond by tightening curbs in bordering counties. The British-ruled region of Northern Ireland has become one of Europe’s biggest COVID-19 hotspots in recent weeks. Its health minister described the situation last Friday as becoming graver by the hour.
14th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Coronavirus: France to impose night-time curfew to battle second wave

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a night-time curfew in Paris and eight other cities to try to curb the rapid spread of coronavirus. The measure - from 21:00 to 06:00 - will come into effect from Saturday and last for at least four weeks, Mr Macron said in a televised interview. A public health emergency has also been declared. Meanwhile Germany announced that bars and restaurants in higher-risk areas must close early. Chancellor Angela Merkel announced tightened restrictions on Wednesday as the country recorded more than 5,000 new infections for the first time since April. In areas where infections exceed 50 per 100,000 inhabitants, bars and restaurants must close their doors by 23:00. Private gatherings will be limited to 10 people from two households.
14th Oct 2020 - BBC

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Coronavirus: Northern Ireland set to impose 'circuit breaker' lockdown for four weeks

Northern Ireland is set to become the first full region of the UK to impose a "circuit breaker" lockdown. Tighter restrictions will be in place for four weeks - with schools closing for two of them, Sky News understands. According to the PA news agency, the new measures will mean pubs and restaurants have to close, with the exception of takeaways. PA said closures of hospitality outlets would begin on Friday 16 October and other measures from Monday 19 October
14th Oct 2020 - Sky News

Keir Starmer urges PM to impose 'circuit breaker' lockdown on England

Keir Starmer called on the government to “follow the science” and impose a national “circuit breaker” lockdown of at least two weeks as the death toll from Covid-19 soared to a four-month high. In a significant escalation, the Labour leader said Boris Johnson had “lost control of the virus” and must take urgent action to impose a near-total shutdown across England over October half-term. “If we don’t, we could sleep-walk into a long and bleak winter. That choice is now for the prime minister to make. I urge him to do so,” he said. The call was backed by metro mayors across northern England as official figures showed 143 UK deaths in a single day – the highest since early June. Last month the chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, warned the country could see 200 daily deaths by mid-November without fresh controls.
13th Oct 2020 - The Guardian

Shutdowns, alerts and more rules: This is how UK lockdown is going to work

The U.K. revealed further measures aimed at curbing a rapid spread of coronavirus cases in England with a three-tier alert system put in place, in addition to local lockdowns and nationwide restrictions. The measures are meant to simplify the rules in different parts of the country. The U.K. is the third worst-hit country in Europe in terms of coronavirus cases.
13th Oct 2020 - CNBC

Painful but effective? UK can look to Israel for example of short lockdown

Days before UK ministers rejected advice to impose a shortened “circuit breaker” lockdown in late September, Israel made the opposite decision and enforced the unpopular and painful policy to stem the spiralling number of virus infections. The country of 9 million – less than 15% of the population of Britain – was shut down for a second time, with Israeli officials arguing it was essential to halt infections or risk overloading hospitals. As the UK and other countries consider implementing shorter lockdowns, Israel presents an example of their benefits and perils. While clearly stalling infections, the second lockdown has further pummelled the economy and infuriated much of the public, some of whom have defied the rules out of frustration and apathy.
13th Oct 2020 - The Guardian

Europe Tightens Restrictions to Counter Record Virus Surge

European governments are adding new restrictions and calling on citizens to make sacrifices in a bid to contain a record increase in coronavirus cases, with the Czech Republic closing schools and the Netherlands shutting down virtually all nighttime activity. Saying measures needed to stop the virus “will hurt,” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced what he called a “partial lockdown” on Tuesday evening, with sales of alcohol to be banned after 8 p.m. and bars, restaurants and coffee shops to be closed altogether. Citizens are being urged to avoid public transportation where possible.
13th Oct 2020 - Bloomberg

Sevilla town in Spain’s Andalucia to enter new lockdown after 25 COVID-19 outbreaks linked to family gatherings

ECIJA will enter a new lockdown after recording a coronavirus incidence rate of 925.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the past two weeks. The Sevilla town, with a population of 39,873, has recorded 369 new cases of the virus over the same period.
13th Oct 2020 - Olive Press

England's pubs ponder if pasties or chips make a meal amid COVID lockdown

Pub owners across England’s COVID-19 hotspots were on Tuesday pondering a question that could decide if they survive or sink due to the coronavirus lockdown - when is a pub a pub, and when does it become a restaurant? The question has sparked a bizarre discussion about some of England’s favourite snacks: fries, chips and pork scratchings - roasted pork rind - do not count as a meal, according to a government minister quizzed on the status of the delicacies. But Cornish pasties, a much-loved meat and vegetable pie that dates back to England’s ancient tin mines, do count as a meal.
13th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Britain's hospitality industry sets legal challenge to lockdown restrictions

A group of English pub and night club owners have paused plans for a legal challenge against new COVID-19 shutdowns after the government limited closures to the Merseyside region. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out new measures on Monday, but so far Liverpool and the surrounding area is the only one that will have to close pubs, clubs, gyms, leisure centres, betting shops, adult gaming centres and casinos. Britain’s pub, restaurant, night club and event industry has been hammered by the coronavirus crisis and after months of lockdown in the spring, a second wave and new measures limiting socialising now threaten hundreds of thousands more jobs.
13th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Strict rules loom across Europe as second wave of Covid-19 intensifies

European countries including Italy and England are mulling strict new measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus, as cases on the continent continue to soar. More leaders are preparing to take drastic action, which will likely damage their economies, to contain a second wave of Covid-19 -- following in the footsteps of nations such as France and Spain, which have been forced to tighten restrictions in major cities.
12th Oct 2020 - CNN

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UK PM Johnson sets out three-tier system of lockdown measures

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out on Monday a three-tier system of local lockdown measures in England, including a ban on households mixing indoors in some areas, designed to curb the spread of coronavirus.
12th Oct 2020 - Reuters

New lockdown will be 'very challenging' for furloughed staff, minister concedes

The UK culture secretary has conceded it will be “very challenging” for staff from hospitality businesses closed down under new lockdown rules to live on two-thirds of their wages, as leaders in Liverpool called for more generous support. Ahead of a Commons statement by Boris Johnson on Monday, where the prime minister will set out restrictions targeted particularly at parts of the north of England, Oliver Dowden defended the government’s new wage-support scheme for areas under new lockdown measures. Under plans unveiled by the Treasury on Friday, a replacement furlough scheme will pay two-thirds of workers’ wages in hospitality firms ordered to close their doors.
12th Oct 2020 - The Guardian

UK government to announce new Covid-19 lockdown restrictions on Liverpool

Liverpool City Region will go into the strictest "third tier" of new anti-coronavirus restrictions to be announced imminently by Britain, its leaders said late on Sunday after talks with the British government. The government has decided that further measures and closures will apply to Liverpool City Region, its leaders, including Mayor Steve Rotheram, said in a joint statement. "Pubs and bars; betting shops, casinos and adult gaming centres and gyms will close," the statement added
12th Oct 2020 - FRANCE 24 English

What is England's new COVID-19 lockdown system?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new system of lockdown rules on Monday, classifying the risk level in regions to help tackle rising infection rates in parts of England and simplify existing regulations. Two reasons: 1. Because infection rates in parts of England, particularly in the north of the country, are rising fast. Health officials say data show infections are beginning to move from younger people to more vulnerable older age groups, and will continue to spread further across the country.
12th Oct 2020 - Reuters

What is Tier 2 lockdown? Covid restrictions explained, and areas the rules will affect under new system

Boris Johnson has announced a new three-tier lockdown system, in a bid to curb the rapidly rising coronavirus cases across England. The Prime Minister set out his three-tier strategy in the Commons on Monday, with areas in England labelled as medium, high or very high risk, which will inform the “appropriate interventions” needed in each area. The worst affected areas of the country will be in tier three, where pubs and restaurants will be ordered to close from Wednesday.
12th Oct 2020 - iNews

Which areas will be tier 3? Regions at risk of new Covid lockdown restrictions, from Manchester to Nottingham

Areas in the north-east and north-west have largely seen the sharpest rises in new cases, but Nottingham currently leads the charge. The Midlands city has the highest rate of reported cases in England. In the seven days to 6 October, 2,532 cases were reported, the equivalent of 760.6 per 100,000 population. Liverpool is another badly affected areas with 2,987 cases reported in the week 30 September to 6 September. According to Liverpool City Council, the latest weekly rate in the city is 599.7 per 100,000 population. And in nearby Knowsley, this rises to over 657.6.
12th Oct 2020 - iNews

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Iran tightens COVID-19 curbs as infections continue to rise

Iran has imposed additional restrictions for capital Tehran and set penalties for people flouting the rules as coronavirus cases continue to surge in the country. A partial shutdown implemented in Tehran a week ago was extended on Saturday until October 16 as the authorities classified the city as red in a colour-coded scale denoting the severity of the pandemic.
11th Oct 2020 - AlJazeera

Coronavirus: Spain imposes state of emergency on Madrid

The Spanish government has ordered a 15-day state of emergency to bring down Covid-19 infection rates in the capital, after a court overturned a partial lockdown imposed a week ago. Madrid and nearby cities will see restrictions enforced by 7,000 police. The capital has been at the centre of a political row, with the centre-right city authorities challenging the Socialist-led government's demands. Cases are down and a state of emergency is unjustified, say city officials. Madrid health minister Enrique Ruiz Escudero insisted that measures already in place were working and that the national government order was "a measure no Madrileño will understand".
9th Oct 2020 - BBC

Spain Declares COVID-19 State of Emergency in Madrid

Spain’s government declared a state of emergency in Madrid Friday, taking control of efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19 from local authorities after a regional court struck down restrictions as the region faces one of the most significant outbreaks in Europe. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s government took the step at a special cabinet meeting as he imposed his authority on regional officials, who have resisted his calls for restrictions on travel in the region. The move gives Sanchez extraordinary powers to order new constraints on life in the capital, where efforts to control a surge in infections have been complicated by the standoff. The step forced Madrid authorities to restore restrictions they had ignored following the court ruling.
9th Oct 2020 - Voice of America

The need for detailed COVID-19 data in Spain

The COVID-19 epidemic has impacted the population of Spain far more than most feared or projected. As of Sept 25, 2020, more than 700 000 individuals had tested positive, and more than 31 000 deaths with a positive test had been recorded.1 Earlier in this pandemic, the Spanish Ministry of Health provided data by age and sex for the whole country in its daily COVID-19 situation updates (in Adobe PDF format), as well as daily data on total hospitalisations, intensive care unit admissions, discharges, and deaths by region. However, since May 19, 2020, disaggregated data have not been provided in the daily updates.1 In recent months, data improvements have been made by the National Centre of Epidemiology (CNE), and open data on total counts by region are updated and revised daily.2 However, at the time of writing, age-specific data from the CNE is given only in weekly publications (as Adobe PDF files), without geographic detail or retrospective corrections, and with cumulative counts tabulated only from mid-May onwards. Therefore, properly merging age-specific time series after the first wave is difficult or impossible.
9th Oct 2020 - The Lancet

Jordan enters 48-hour nationwide coronavirus lockdown

Jordan entered a nationwide 48-hour lockdown starting on Friday for the first time in months as health officials worry a spike in coronavirus infections could threaten its stretched healthcare system, officials said. The country has seen what officials say an “exponential” rise, with about 10,000 cases confirmed in just more than a week – a near-doubling of the total number of infections since the first cases in early March and a reversal of what had been among the lowest infection and death rates in the Middle East.
9th Oct 2020 - AlJazeera

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Jordan returns to weekend lockdown as COVID-19 cases mount

Jordan will enter a nationwide 48-hour lockdown on Friday for the first time in months as health officials worry a major spike in coronavirus infections could threaten its stretched healthcare system, officials said. The country has seen what officials say is an “exponential” rise, with around 10,000 cases confirmed in just over a week – a near-doubling of the total number of infections since the first cases in early March and a reversal what had been among the lowest infection and death rates in the Middle East. Senior officials are struggling to avoid a broader lockdown that the hard-hit economy can ill afford.
8th Oct 2020 - Metro US

Coronavirus: England expected to be split into three different lockdown tiers next week

England is expected to be carved into three different lockdown tiers next week, with millions of people facing tougher restrictions as the government tries to get a handle on rising coronavirus cases and hospital admissions. Pubs, restaurants and leisure facilities are expected to be closed in parts of the North put into the strictest tier, according to two sources who have seen blueprints of the current plans. Under the proposals, people living in the strictest tier - tier three - are also expected to be ordered not to have any social contact with anyone outside their household in any setting, according to one person familiar with the blueprints being drawn up by the government.
8th Oct 2020 - Sky News

North of England leaders vow to oppose lockdown without financial support

Ministers are facing open revolt from leaders in northern England over fresh coronavirus restrictions due to be announced within days, with mayors, MPs, council chiefs and business groups vowing to fiercely oppose any new measures without substantial financial support. Pubs, bars and restaurants across Merseyside, Greater Manchester and parts of West Yorkshire and the north-east could be forced to close next week in an effort to slow the region’s soaring infection rate. The leaders of the big northern cities are planning a formal alliance in opposition to any attempt by government to force restrictions on them without significant Treasury funding.
8th Oct 2020 - The Guardian

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Scotland circuit break: What might it be like?

New lockdown restrictions will be announced on Wednesday, the first minister has said. It is possible this could be in the form of a "circuit-breaker" lockdown for a relatively short period. Nicola Sturgeon says it won't be the same as the lockdown introduced in March - so what might it look like?
7th Oct 2020 - BBC

UK Government’s Scientific Advisors Warn of Looming National Lockdown

SAGE experts say tighter lockdown ‘inevitable’ as coronavirus rates continue to soar in the UK. The government’s scientific advisors have warned that much tighter national lockdown rules are looming. Boris Johnson now faces an agonising choice over whether to bring in new restrictions for swathes of northern England, or even the whole country. The government’s advisors raised the alarm after the UK’s infection rate almost doubled in a week. There are now 125.7 cases per 100,000 people across the UK with 14,542 positive results confirmed yesterday – up more than 2,000 on the day before.
7th Oct 2020 - Euro Weekly News

Belgium closes cafes and bars for a month in Brussels as the country moves towards second lockdown

Brussels cafes and bars will be closed and drinking alcohol in public banned. The latest round of measures will be in place until November 8, then re-assessed. Belgium recorded an average of 2,500 new COVID-19 cases per day in past week This represents a 57 per cent increase on the previous seven day period. Paris enforced similar measures yesterday, Madrid entered lockdown on Friday
7th Oct 2020 - Daily Mail

Soaring coronavirus rate leaves Britain on lockdown alert

Surging coronavirus infection rates have put Britain on the brink of tougher lockdown measures, overshadowing Boris Johnson’s attempt yesterday to focus on life after the pandemic. The government’s scientific advisers called for “urgent and drastic action” after cases doubled in 11 days to 14,542 and deaths doubled to 76 in the same period.
7th Oct 2020 - The Times

Boris Johnson urged to impose coronavirus lockdown as cases surge

Boris Johnson's scientific advisers have urged him to introduce tighter lockdown measures as coronavirus cases surge across much of the country. The UK-wide infection rate rose from 63.8 a week ago to 125.7 as of Tuesday, meaning cases are now doubling every seven days. The prime minister appears to be resisting calls for a national lockdown. Professor John Edmunds, a scientific adviser to the government, said Boris Johnson should introduce further national restrictions to replace the patchwork of local measures currently in place across the UK. Professor Stephen Reicher, another scientific adviser to the government, said the prime minister should take action now to avoid a March-style lockdown by the end of October.
7th Oct 2020 - Business Insider

Second Wave of Virus? As COVID Threatens to Plague World Again, Many Countries go Back to Imposing Lockdown |

As the virus cases kept going down, many countries started with the unlocking process. But, many countries are now back to imposing lockdown measures to counter the spread of virus, which is threatening to plague the world yet again.
7th Oct 2020 - India.com

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Malaysia to Impose Targeted Lockdowns to Halt Infections Surge

Malaysia's Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on Tuesday said targeted lockdowns would be imposed in areas with high rates of coronavirus infections, as the country grapples with a sharp spike in cases over the past two weeks. The health ministry reported 691 new COVID-19 cases and four deaths on Tuesday, another new record in the wake of last month's election in the state of Sabah, from where many infections have been traced. "For now we are not thinking of imposing a total lockdown nationwide. If we do that again, it could bring down the country's economic and social systems," Muhyiddin said in an address on Facebook Live from his home, where he is undergoing quarantine due to possible exposure to the virus.
6th Oct 2020 - U.S. News & World Report

More than 5.2 million Spaniards are now under coronavirus mobility restrictions

The rising number of coronavirus cases in Spain is accelerating the introduction of new confinements across the country. For now, the restrictions being introduced are not as severe as they were during the first wave, when the central government implemented a state of alarm that saw Spaniards confined to their homes for several months. But perimetral lockdowns are being established where the transmission rate of the virus is on the rise.
6th Oct 2020 - EL PAÍS in English

Two more Spanish cities announce lockdown orders as a second wave of cases spreads beyond the capital.

Two midsize Spanish cities, León and Palencia, were ordered on Monday by the regional authorities to apply lockdown restrictions similar to those that came into force in Madrid last weekend, underlining the extent to which a second wave of coronavirus infections is spreading beyond Spain’s capital region. The new restrictions mean that residents of León and Palencia, which are in the northwestern region of Castile and León, will not be able to leave their cities as of Tuesday. Both have reached an infection rate of more than 500 cases per 100,000 residents. Over the last seven days, Spain has reported 73,451 new cases, which works out to 157 cases per 100,000 residents, according to a Times database. As of Monday, almost 11,000 people were being treated in hospitals across the country for Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, including 1,580 people in intensive care units
6th Oct 2020 - The New York Times

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NYC mayor seeks to lockdown coronavirus hotspots

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Sunday he is moving to shut non-essential businesses as well as schools in nine neighborhoods identified as coronavirus clusters, starting on Wednesday. This report produced by Yahaira Jacquez.
5th Oct 2020 - Reuters

What are the three proposed tiers of local lockdown for England?

A leaked document has revealed plans for three tiers of local lockdown measures in England to curb the spread of coronavirus and reduce confusion caused by a patchwork of regional restrictions. The document, dated 30 September and seen by the Guardian, describes the levels as follows:
5th Oct 2020 - The Guardian

Madrid's fearful residents head for the hills | News

Madrid residents fearful of another strict lockdown are moving in droves to the Sierra de Guadarrama, the mountain range 30 miles north of the Spanish capital. Estate agents say that demand to buy or rent a home in the area is 40 per cent higher than before the three-month lockdown in March and that almost all customers are Madrileños. Prices are rising in the mountains in contrast with the city, where they are falling.
5th Oct 2020 - The Times

Confusion but no chaos, as Madrid sees new coronavirus restrictions implemented in 10 cities

There was widespread confusion and doubts among the public in Madrid this weekend as new restrictions came into force on Friday night in 10 cities in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus in the region, which was described last week by the Health Minister Salvador Illa as being at the “community transmission” stage.
5th Oct 2020 - EL PAÍS in English

Business as usual? Scant enforcement of Madrid's new lockdown

Madrid residents were largely coming and going as normal on Monday despite a prohibition on non-essential travel in the first European capital to return to a coronavirus lockdown due to resurgent infections, which rose above 800,000 nationally. Police said 300 officers were manning 60 checkpoints, but commuters poured into the Spanish capital as usual and few said they had noticed extra controls. With 850 COVID-19 infections per 100,000 people, the Madrid area has Europe’s highest rate, so 4.8 million people in the city and nine satellite towns came under new restrictions from Friday night.
5th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Coronavirus: Paris to shut bars and raise alert to maximum

Paris will shut all bars completely from Tuesday after the French government raised the city's coronavirus alert to maximum following a period of high infection rates. Bars, gyms and swimming pools will all be closed for two weeks in a bid to curb the spread of the virus, the city's police chief said. But restaurants will remain open if strict hygiene rules are in place. On Sunday France reported 12,565 cases of Covid-19. "These are braking measures because the epidemic is moving too fast," police chief Didier Lallement said during a press conference on Monday.
5th Oct 2020 - BBC

Paris bars to close as Covid infections rise among young people

Bars in the Paris region have been ordered to close from Tuesday after health authorities reported a sharp rise in the number of Covid-19 infections among the 20-30 age group. Restaurants in and around the French capital have been given a reprieve and told they can stay open on condition that they enforce new, stricter health safety regulations. This will involve taking the name and telephone number of diners, allowing a maximum of six people per group and providing hand gel on each table. The city’s police chief said this applied only to establishments “whose main activity is serving food”.
5th Oct 2020 - The Guardian

Aussies defy COVID limits and crowd Victoria’s beaches, parks

The premier of Australia’s Victoria state has called on citizens to “stay the course” after large groups flooded beaches and parks at the weekend in defiance of lockdown regulations. Victoria, emerging from a major winter spike in coronavirus cases, relaxed lockdown regulations last weekend but still allowed only five people from up to two households to congregate outside.
5th Oct 2020 - AlJazeera

Coronavirus digest: Paris closes bars to curb rising infections

Paris authorities announced new anti-coronavirus measures, as the French capital is expected to go on maximum virus alert. Starting Tuesday, bars will be closed in Paris and its suburbs. Restaurants will remain open under strict conditions, including a minimum one-meter (three-foot) distance between each table, a limit of six people to groups reservation and a request to register contact information for tracing purposes. Cinemas, theaters and museums will remain open under strict sanitary rules and authorities have opted to maintain the limit of 1,000 spectators per day at big sports events, allowing the Roland Garros tennis tournament to this week, as planned. But indoor sport facilities, including swimming pools, will only be open to children aged under 18. Student parties and all other festive and family events in establishments open to the public are also banned.
5th Oct 2020 - DW (English)

Moscow authorities consider return to tough COVID- 19 lockdown - Vedomosti

Moscow authorities are considering imposing a strict lockdown to curb the spread of the new coronavirus and are looking at several possible scenarios, the Vedomosti newspaper reported on Monday, citing sources. * “It’s particularly important to understand how to take steps that don’t finish off businesses,” one Vedomosti source said. * Russia reported 10,499 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, the highest number of daily infections since May 15, when the outbreak was at its peak and lockdowns were in place.
5th Oct 2020 - Reuters

New three-tier lockdown planned for England: The Guardian

A new three-tier lockdown is being planned for England, The Guardian reported, citing leaked government documents which revealed tougher measures that could be implemented locally or nationally if the government fails to get COVID-19 cases under control. The new lockdown would potentially entail harsher restrictions including the closure of pubs and a ban on all social contact outside household groups, the newspaper said. According to the documents seen by The Guardian, the draft plan called the ‘COVID-19 Proposed Social Distancing Framework’ is designed to simplify the existing localized restrictions.
5th Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

Israel's Lockdown Feels Pretty Different the Second Time Around

When Israel imposed a coronavirus lockdown in March, I walked home after raiding the supermarket and was able to hear the birds chirping on Dizengoff Street, one of the busiest arteries here. The next day I spoke to my father in Jerusalem, where the country’s first death from coronavirus had just been recorded. We both danced around the fact that, since his age made him more susceptible to complications from the virus, it would probably be a long time before we could see each other. Movement was restricted to within 100 meters (about 330 feet) from one’s home. I taped to our fridge a “schedule” for my children, who were 3½ and 1½, which included assembling puzzles in the living room, coloring on our tiny porch and tent-building in their room. Five days later, I scrapped the “schedule” because every unfilled task felt like a personal failure. When my husband got off work (our dining table became his home office), I would lock myself on the porch with the shutters down to write.
4th Oct 2020 - The New York Times

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Schools and mosques closed in Tehran as COVID-19 infections rise

Schools, libraries, mosques and other public institutions in Tehran were closed for a week on Saturday as part of measures to stem a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases, state media cited authorities in the Iranian capital as saying. The closure plan, which will also affect universities, seminaries, libraries, museums, theatres, gyms, cafes and hair salons in the Iranian capital, came after Alireza Zali, head of the Tehran Coronavirus Taskforce, called for the shutdown to help control the epidemic.
4th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Police set up traffic controls as Madrid heads back into lockdown

Police set up controls and stopped cars on major roads into and out of Madrid on Saturday as the city went back into lockdown due to surging coronavirus cases. Some 4.8 million people are barred from leaving the capital area, while restaurants and bars must shut early and reduce capacity by half. The new restrictions, which started on Friday evening, are not as strict as the previous lockdown in March, when people were barred from leaving their homes.
4th Oct 2020 - Reuters

Kerala, India’s ‘model state’ in COVID-19 fight, suffers setback

The southern Indian state of Kerala is set to ban gatherings of more than five people amid a recent surge in coronavirus cases, a setback for the state hailed by experts as a model in the fight against the pandemic. Indian media reports on Friday said the imposition of Section 144 of India’s penal code will be effective in Kerala for a month starting on Saturday, thereby banning any social or political gathering in the state. The measure was announced after Kerala reported 8,135 fresh cases on Thursday. It currently has more than 72,000 active COVID-19 cases, the third highest among Indian states, according to the reports.
3rd Oct 2020 - AlJazeera

Madrid regional authorities to lock down city in coming hours, source says

Madrid’s regional authorities will in the coming hours publish a decree to put the Spanish capital and nine nearby towns under partial lockdown, with immediate effect, a source from Madrid’s regional government told Reuters on Friday. By publishing the decree, the conservative-led regional government will reluctantly comply with an order from the central government to ban non-essential travel to and from the city to fight a steep surge in COVID-19 cases
3rd Oct 2020 - Reuters

Madrid officials reluctantly ready city for partial lockdown

Madrid's regional government has appealed against a national order that requires a partial lockdown of the Spanish capital just hours before a Friday night deadline for enacting the restrictions in the European coronavirus hot spot. The appeal asks National Court judges to outlaw restrictions on movement, social gatherings and commerce by arguing that the order by central authorities violates regional self-rule laws and that it provokes “totally unjustified” economic damage. Madrid is leading the resurgence of the virus in Spain which has Europe’s highest cumulative caseload — 770,000 since the onset of the pandemic
2nd Oct 2020 - The Independent

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University lockdowns: a whole new way to fail young people

I distinctly remember the day in June when the boy cleared out his student flat and said goodbye to those few who were still living there. He had not been back since the previous term. While he packed and said his goodbyes, I found a place serving takeaways and ate at a table outside, before wandering into the “non-essential shops” in the town centre. It was only the boy’s second year, so this desolate end was not the final farewell to college life — but some of his friends would not be there next year. There were no kisses or bro-hugs, just a wave and a “maybe see you in London”. For the first time since lockdown, I truly saw the cost through his eyes.
1st Oct 2020 - Financial Times

Coronavirus UK: Plan to simplify 'confusing' lockdown rules with 'three tier' system

A three-tier lockdown system is expected to be introduced in England amid mass confusion over ever-changing rules in different parts of the country. It comes after even Boris Johnson had trouble explaining regional restrictions for the North East, mistakenly suggesting the ‘rule of six’ did not apply to gatherings outside. Now ministers are reportedly considering a simpler system which Downing Street hopes will help more people stick to the rules. It is expected to be split into three tiers – the first of which could involve strict lockdown measures such as completely closing bars and restaurants, iNews reports.
1st Oct 2020 - Metro.co.uk

Europe's worst infection hotspot Madrid heads for lockdown

Madrid will become the first European capital to go back into lockdown in coming days after the region’s leader reluctantly agreed on Thursday to obey a central government order to ban non-essential travel to and from the Spanish capital. In order to fight a steep surge in COVID-19 cases, Madrid and nine nearby municipalities will see borders closed to outsiders for non-essential visits, with only travel for work, school, doctors’ visits or shopping allowed. A curfew for bars and restaurants moved to 11 p.m. from 1 a.m. However, regional chief Isabel Diaz Aysuo said she will appeal against the lockdown in the courts, meaning the uncertainty and fierce political squabbling that has exasperated the residents of Madrid is far from over. “We are victims of improvisation,” architect Jean-Pierre Moncardo complained, saying politicians had wasted time fighting each other instead of giving medics the funding they needed to fight the pandemic.
1st Oct 2020 - Reuters

Coronavirus: Spain orders Madrid lockdown as COVID-19 cases soar

Residents in Madrid will be banned from leaving the city, except on essential trips, under strict new coronavirus restrictions imposed by the Spanish government. Madrid has 735 cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 people, one of the highest of any region in Europe and double the national rate. But regional authorities said the decision had no legal basis, setting the stage for a political showdown in an area accounting for more than a third of Spain's 133,604 new cases in the past two weeks.
1st Oct 2020 - Sky News

How A Three-Tier Lockdown System In England Could Work

Local lockdown rules are pretty confusing. Even the prime minister got them wrong. To ease some of the confusion, England could be heading towards a three-tier lockdown system as soon as next week, iNews has reported. Areas with outbreaks would be classified as ‘tier one’ and would be subject to the tightest restrictions. It’s believed this could involve a strict social lockdown in order to curb transmission. If you think of it in terms of a traffic light system, this would be a red area
1st Oct 2020 - Huffington Post UK

New lockdown restrictions for Ibiza as French students complain of coronavirus risk

Ibiza will go into partial lockdown from Friday after coronavirus spread quickly on the party island which is normally popular with British tourists. Parties of more than five people will be banned, children’s playgrounds will be shut down and bars and restaurants will have to close at 10pm, the Balearic Islands government said. Authorities recommended that people stay at home for all but essential activities but did not make this mandatory.
1st Oct 2020 - iNews

Coronavirus pandemic: Madrid urgently requests more doctors amid spike in area

#Spain's Madrid region on Wednesday requested urgent help to hire hundreds of foreign #doctors and reinforce police as they registered 1,290 new #coronavirus infections and considered extending a partial lockdown to more areas.
1st Oct 2020 - France24

Matt Hancock announces tighter local lockdown restrictions for Merseyside

Matt Hancock has announced a ban on mixing with other households in the Liverpool City Region, Warrington, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough after a spike in coronavirus infections. The new rules will restrict social mixing for almost two million people. The health secretary said indoor mixing between households will be illegal, and guidance will advise people not to mix with others in outdoor public spaces such as parks. The measures mirror those introduced in the North East on Monday to tackle the spread of COVID-19. Downing Street said they would come into force on Saturday morning at one minute past midnight.
1st Oct 2020 - YAHOO!

Madrid coronavirus: Spain orders lockdown amid rise in cases

The Spanish government has ordered a partial lockdown in the capital Madrid and surrounding areas badly affected by coronavirus after a rise in cases. Under the new restrictions, residents will not be allowed to leave the area unless they have to make an essential journey. However, Madrid's regional government says the lockdown is not legally valid. Greater Madrid accounts for more than a third of the 133,604 cases diagnosed in Spain over the past two weeks. On Wednesday, a majority of Spain's regional governments, who are in charge of healthcare, voted in favour of imposing restrictions in areas with more than 100,000 residents if they met three benchmarks - 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, 35% Covid patient occupancy in intensive care units and positive results in 10% of tests.
1st Oct 2020 - BBC

Europe's worst infection hotspot heads for lockdown

Madrid is to go into lockdown in coming days after the region's leader reluctantly agreed on Thursday to obey a central government order to ban non-essential travel in the Spanish capital that is Europe's worst COVID-19 hotspot. The Madrid region has 859 cases per 100,000 people, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), during a resurgence of the coronavirus in Spain, which was one of the worst-hit countries during the first wave.
1st Oct 2020 - Australian Financial Review

Tougher lockdown measures being discussed for Liverpool, minister says

British Environment Secretary George Eustice said further lockdown measures for the city of Liverpool in north-west England were being discussed but no decision had been taken. “My understanding is that a decision hasn’t been made, but I am aware that discussions have been taking place about what further restrictions might be needed I think particularly around Merseyside, Liverpool,” he told BBC News on Thursday.
1st Oct 2020 - Reuters India

Madrid heads for lockdown after Spain announces new virus restrictions

Residents of infection hotspot Madrid are to be barred from leaving except on essential trips under new rules to fight the coronavirus resurgence, Spain’s government said on Wednesday. But regional authorities said the decision had no legal basis, setting the stage for a political showdown in an area accounting for more than a third of Spain’s 133,604 new cases in the past two weeks. “Madrid’s health is Spain’s health. Madrid is special,” Health Minister Salvador Illa told a news conference to announce the new regulations, due to come into force in days. The capital city, with more than 3 million people, and nine surrounding municipalities with at least 100,000 inhabitants each, are to see borders closed to outsiders for non-essential visits, the government said.
1st Oct 2020 - Reuters UK

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Madrid coronavirus: Spain orders lockdown amid rise in cases

The Spanish government has ordered a lockdown in the capital Madrid and surrounding areas badly affected by coronavirus after a rise in cases. Under the new restrictions, residents will not be allowed to leave the area unless they have to make an essential journey. However, Madrid's regional government says the lockdown is not legally valid. Greater Madrid accounts for more than a third of the 133,604 cases diagnosed in Spain over the past two weeks. On Wednesday, a majority of Spain's regional governments, who are in charge of healthcare, voted in favour of imposing restrictions in areas with more than 100,000 residents if they met three benchmarks - 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, 35% Covid patient occupancy in intensive care units and positive results in 10% of tests. Madrid, which has a rate of 780 infections per 100,000, already meets the criteria. However, it is not yet clear when the restrictions will be introduced.
1st Oct 2020 - BBC

UK PM Johnson to speak on COVID-19 as anger mounts towards curbs

Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the British people on Wednesday to obey rules imposed to tackle a rapidly accelerating second wave of the coronavirus outbreak, cautioning that otherwise a tougher lockdown could follow.
30th Sep 2020 - Reuters

Covid: Boris Johnson defends local lockdown strategy

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended the use of localised measures to combat Covid-19 across the UK. Mr Johnson told MPs "strong local action" was needed in response to "a serious and growing" virus resurgence. Labour's Sir Keir Starmer asked how people could be expected to understand and follow rules when the PM himself had failed to make them clear. Mr Johnson said he had "cleared up" a mistaken comment he made on rules for the North East "as fast as I could". It comes as the latest UK coronavirus figures show there have been a further 7,108 cases of coronavirus and another 71 deaths.
30th Sep 2020 - BBC

First 'circuit break' lockdown set to be imposed by government in UK city as coronavirus cases soar

The first local ‘circuit break’ lockdown could be just hours away, according to reports. Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled a raft of new measures across the country last week, with a statement from No 10 Downing Street and is set to hold a press conference today. Mr Johnson unveiled pub curfews and curbs on households gathering and meeting as part of the nationwide restrictions. But localised lockdown rules are also in place across the country as the rate of Covid-19 cases continues to soar and soar this week. In Birmingham, households are banned from gathering indoors and in gardens, with similar measures in Sandwell and Wolverhampton.
30th Sep 2020 - Birmingham Post

Covid-19: Government 'must explain new lockdown rules better'

New local lockdown restrictions need to be "communicated better" by the government, a police and crime commissioner (PCC) has said. Households in the north-east of England are now banned from mixing indoors, including in pubs. But councils were not given advance warning of the announcement, according to Northumbria's PCC Kim McGuinness. And she said the prime minister had added to confusion by not being able to accurately explain the new rules. "Locally the communications methods weren't stood up to be able to back up what was happening through government," Ms McGuiness told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.
30th Sep 2020 - BBC

Spain's Ibiza under partial lockdown after contagion spreads

The Balearic Islands’ regional authorities decided on Wednesday to impose new restrictions on the tourism hotspot city of Ibiza after the coronavirus contagion spread quickly there over the past weeks. The restrictions on residents’ activities will last 15 days. The measures include a ban on parties of more than five people, the shutdown of playgrounds and the closure of bars and restaurants at 10 pm, regional authorities said in a statement. They also recommended that people stay home for all but indispensable activities, without making that a mandatory confinement.
30th Sep 2020 - Reuters

Spain set for months more travel restrictions in new coronavirus crackdown

Travel restrictions to Spain are unlikely to be eased for several months with little prospect of UK holidaymakers swarming back to the country. The country was taken off the 'safe travel' list in July in a move that devastated British tourists planning trips to the sun. Since then, Spain and its islands have effectively been out of bounds - even though there are still flights operated by Ryanair and easyJet between Spanish airports and the UK. The Spanish parliament is now set to approve tough new measures that will enable any towns and cities to be forced into lockdown when 500 Covid-19 cases per 100,000 are recorded or more than 30 per cent of PCR swab tests are positive.
30th Sep 2020 - Hull Live

Liverpool is 'days away' from circuit-breaker two-week local lockdown says city's mayor

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson says 'only matter of time' before city lockdown Two-week circuit-breaker will 'restore some normality' before Christmas, he says Mayor also backed calls for an alcohol sales ban in shops and off-licences at 9pm It comes after areas of the north-east were with with tighter coronavirus rules
30th Sep 2020 - Daily Mail

Another 500,000 people plunged into lockdown as Wales gets new local restrictions

More than half a million residents in North Wales will be put into local lockdown following a surge in coronavirus cases, the health minister has announced. New restrictions will be introduced in Denbighshire, Flintshire, Conwy and Wrexham from 6pm on Thursday. People will no longer be permitted to enter or leave these areas without a reasonable excuse, such as travel for work or education. They will also be banned from mixing indoors with other households but can meet outdoors for the time being. The recent spike in transmission has largely been blamed on people socialising indoors.
30th Sep 2020 - Metro

PM Johnson sows confusion as UK tightens COVID curbs

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson corrected himself on Tuesday after appearing uncertain about basic social distancing rules that will apply in a large swathe of England. The government announced on Monday a tightening of restrictions on socialising in northeast England from Wednesday, in response to high and increasing COVID-19 infection rates in the region - the latest in a series of local measures. In the affected areas, which include large urban centres such as Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland and Durham, people will face fines if they are caught meeting people from other households indoors, including in homes, pubs and restaurants. After a junior minister said on morning radio that she did not know what the new rules were, Johnson was asked hours later whether people from different households would be able to meet outdoors in pub gardens in the northeast.
29th Sep 2020 - Reuters

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Coronavirus: 'Unenforceable' rules to trigger hospitality sector collapse, lockdown city leaders warn

Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester face mass redundancies and "boarded-up high streets" amid a collapse of the hospitality sector unless coronavirus restrictions are reviewed, the cities' leaders have warned the government. A letter to Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Business Secretary Alok Sharma from the leaders and chief executives of the three city councils said restrictions in place in the regions were threatening a "huge, disproportionate" economic impact. They said hotel occupancy was down to 30% and footfall had dropped by up to 70%.
29th Sep 2020 - Sky News

Covid lockdowns in north-east England: new rules explained

What are the rules? - Residents are not allowed to socialise with people outside their household or support bubbles in private homes or gardens. - Leisure and entertainment venues – including restaurants, pubs and cinemas – must close between 10pm and 5am. Restaurants, pubs and bars will be restricted to table service only. - Residents are advised to only use public transport for essential trips, such as travelling to work or school. - They are also advised to avoid attending amateur and semi-professional sporting events as spectators.
29th Sep 2020 - The Guardian

UK coronavirus news: Boris Johnson apologises for 'misspeaking' on lockdown rules in north-east England

Boris Johnson has apologised for muddling up his own coronavirus rules on social gatherings. The prime minister was questioned about the latest COVID-19 restrictions coming into force for northeast England from midnight on Wednesday. At first, he said people could meet indoors and outdoors in groups of six in areas where no additional coronavirus restrictions are in place. But speaking during a news conference in Exeter, he claimed: "In the North East and other areas where extra tight measures have been brought in, you should follow the guidance of local authorities. "It's six in a home or six in hospitality but as I understand it, not six outside."
29th Sep 2020 - Sky News

Lockdown tightened in north-east England as Covid-19 infections rise

Nearly 2 million people in north-east England face being fined up to £6,400 if they mix with other households indoors in a significant extension of the government’s lockdown powers. For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began, it will be illegal for people in parts of the UK to meet people they do not live with in pubs, bars or restaurants. The measure comes into force on Wednesday in Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, Northumberland, North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Sunderland. Previously, people in these areas were only advised not to meet others indoors. Breaches of the new regulation, which is yet to be laid down in law, will result in a £200 fine for a first offence, doubling each time up to a maximum of £6,400.
29th Sep 2020 - The Guardian

Coronavirus lockdown in Spain's capital affects about a million people

About a million people in the Spanish capital of Madrid are under a coronavirus lockdown enforced by police checkpoints. The country's health minster said even stricter measures might be needed.
29th Sep 2020 - CBS News

Is Paris heading towards new lockdown? The figures say that it is

Surging coronavirus numbers in Paris are fuelling speculation the French capital may headed for “maximum alert” – following in the footsteps of Marseille and Aix-en-Provence with total bar and restaurant closures. Covid-19 infections in Paris are already two and a half times the national average and exceed the government’s own maximum alert threshold of more than 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. While the incidence rate in the Île-de-France suburban region surrounding Paris as now 156.8 cases per 100,000, that number skyrockets to 254 cases once inside the Paris postcode. Covid-19 patients in Paris hospitals now account for more than 30 percent of intensive care beds – another threshold the government says qualifies an area for maximum alert.
29th Sep 2020 - RFI English

Coronavirus: Northern Ireland students in lockdown at Great Britain universities left angry and confused

Students from Northern Ireland who travelled to universities in Great Britain over the last week have expressed anger at the chaos and confusion caused by last minute lockdowns and 11th hour decisions to switch to online learning. Mass lockdowns are in place at Glasgow and Manchester Metropolitan Universities, while outbreaks were reported elsewhere as tens of thousands of students from across the UK and beyond were encouraged to return to campus. One student from Northern Ireland, who waited until as late as possible before deciding to return to a university in Wales, was stunned to be told at 11.30pm on Sunday that classes would be conducted entirely online from Tuesday.
28th Sep 2020 - Belfast Telegraph

Philippines placing southern city in lockdown

One southern Philippine province and its war-battered capital will be placed under a mild lockdown next month and the rest of the country will be under more relaxed restrictions to boost the battered economy of the country counting the most coronavirus infections in Southeast Asia. President Rodrigo Duterte announced the quarantine restrictions for October in televised remarks Monday night. Lanao del Sur province and its capital, Marawi city, will fall under a lockdown starting Thursday due to infection spikes in recent weeks.
29th Sep 2020 - BusinessMirror

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Pubs and restaurants 'responsible for just 3.2% of Covid-19 outbreaks' in week 10pm curfew was announced

Pubs, bars and restaurants were responsible for just 3.2 per cent of confirmed coronavirus outbreaks in the week the Prime Minister introduced a 10pm curfew, new data suggests. Public Health England publishes a weekly update of data on how coronavirus and respiratory infections are spreading around the country. According to the latest figures that were published on Friday, a total of 772 respiratory infections were reported in the week leading up to September 20, and 69 per cent of these were linked to Covid-19 infections.
28th Sep 2020 - Evening Standard

Madrid widens restrictions, 1mn people now under partial lockdown

A million Madrid residents were under partial lockdown Monday as the region moved to slow the spread of new infections, drawing fire from the Spanish government for not going far enough. The city and the surrounding region is at the epicentre of a second wave of coronavirus that is sweeping Spain, which has claimed more than 31,000 lives and infected over 700,000 in the highest infection rate in the European Union.
28th Sep 2020 - Medical Xpress

Discontent simmers as Spanish authorities spar over Madrid lockdown

A clash between Madrid’s regional authorities and the Spanish government over how to contain the city’s surging coronavirus caseload is provoking growing discontent among residents in poorer areas who say they have been unfairly targeted. The region extended a partial lockdown on Friday to 45 districts with high infection rates, the majority of which are in low-income neighbourhoods, prompting accusations of class discrimination from residents and concern from the national government, which wants even wider restrictions. “The politicians can’t agree among themselves and the poor are always the worst affected,” said Daisy Mencia, a resident of the working-class Vallecas neighbourhood, which is entering its second week of confinement measures.
28th Sep 2020 - Reuters Africa

Manchester students warned to remove 'let us out' signs from windows

University bosses have reportedly warned students to remove protest signs from their accommodation windows. Some 1,700 students at Manchester Metropolitan were put into a lockdown on Friday without any warning, after 127 students tested positive for Covid-19. Even if they showed no symptoms, students at the Birley campus and Cambridge Halls were told to self-isolate for 14 days, leaving many left wondering how they would get food and essential supplies. The handling of the situation has been heavily criticised by the students, who claim they received no warning of the stringent measures and hit back by sticking posters to their windows.
27th Sep 2020 - Metro.co.uk

Madrid in standoff with government over Covid-19 lockdown

The Spanish government and authorities in Madrid are locked in a standoff over how to tackle the second wave of Covid-19 in and around the capital, where more than a third of the country’s 716,481 cases have been diagnosed. As the number of infections continues to surge in Spain – by far the worst hit western European country – Madrid is at the centre of a medical, political and economic row. The conservative regional government has placed 45 areas into a partial lockdown that affects just over a million people in Madrid, but it has rejected calls from Spain’s socialist-led coalition government for the whole of the capital to be placed in limited confinement. On Saturday, the national health minister, Salvador Illa, issued another call for a city-wide lockdown and urged the Madrid authorities to “listen to the science” and put aside politics.
27th Sep 2020 - The Guardian

Covid: Cardiff and Swansea go into local lockdown

Wales' two biggest cities have gone into lockdown, which started at 18:00. The changed status of Swansea and Cardiff took the number of Welsh local authority areas under heightened Covid restrictions to eight. It follows the first localised lockdown in Wales, in the town of Llanelli in Carmarthenshire, which came into force on Saturday evening. It means 1.5 million people - about half of Wales' population -are now under lockdown. Earlier on Sunday, it was confirmed that three other council areas - Neath Port Talbot, Torfaen and the Vale of Glamorgan - will face the same measures from 18:00 BST on Monday. The restrictions are the same as those affecting people living in Merthyr Tydfil, Bridgend, Blaenau Gwent, Newport, Rhondda Cynon Taf and Caerphilly, which were already in lockdown.
27th Sep 2020 - BBC

British ministers prepare for social lockdown in northern Britain, London: The Times

The British government is planning to enforce a total social lockdown across a majority of northern Britain and potentially London, to combat a second wave of COVID-19, The Times reported late on Sunday. Under the new lockdown measures being considered, all pubs, restaurants and bars would be ordered to shut for two weeks initially, the report said. Earlier this week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said any new national lockdown would threaten jobs, livelihoods and human contact. The report added that households would also be banned indefinitely from meeting each other in any indoor location where they were not already under the order.
27th Sep 2020 - Reuters

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Coronavirus: Students 'scared and confused' as halls lock down

Students have spoken of their worry and confusion at being locked down in their university halls, in a situation described by unions as "shambolic". Up to 1,700 students at Manchester Metropolitan University and hundreds at other institutions, including in Edinburgh and Glasgow, are self-isolating following Covid-19 outbreaks. In Manchester, students are being prevented from leaving by security. Universities UK said the wellbeing of students was "the first priority". Robert Halfon, the conservative chairman of the Education Select Committee, said 3,000 students were in lockdown at universities from Dundee to Exeter. He called for the government and its scientific advisers to reassure students and families by setting out the policy for England - and warned having students in lockdown at Christmas would cause "huge anguish".
26th Sep 2020 - BBC

New restrictions for Wigan, Stockport, Blackpool and Leeds as coronavirus cases increase

New restrictions on household mixing brought in for Wigan, Stockport, Blackpool and Leeds London added as an area of concern as hospital admissions rise Teesside added as an area of enhanced support In close discussions with local leaders, the Health and Social Care Secretary, NHS Test and Trace, the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC), Public Health England (PHE) and the Chief Medical Officer for England have agreed to introduce local measures in parts of the North West and Yorkshire and the Humber.
25th Sep 2020 - GOV.UK

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The British government tightens covid-19 restrictions

The churchillian rhetoric is back. “Never in our history has our collective destiny and our collective health depended so completely on our individual behaviour,” Boris Johnson, the prime minister, warns. So are new nationwide restrictions. From September 24th, bars and restaurants will have to close at 10pm. More people will be required to wear masks; working from home will be encouraged. All rules will be strictly enforced. Barring a vaccine or testing breakthrough, Mr Johnson said, these new restrictions will last for six months. Merry Christmas indeed.
24th Sep 2020 - The Economist

Coronavirus lockdown in Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon calls for urgent UK talks to tighten restrictions

Nicola Sturgeon has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson calling for urgent four-nation talks to tighten lockdown restrictions to tackle the spread of coronavirus. The First Minister has pointed to scientific opinion that bringing the virus back under control will require measures beyond those announced so far. She also highlighted that devolved administrations' ability to take action is curtailed by a lack of financial levers to deliver economic support.
24th Sep 2020 - glasgowlive.co.uk

The evidence that local lockdown in Caerphilly is working

On Tuesday, September 8 at 6pm, Caerphilly became the first local authority in Wales to be placed under a local lockdown. It was announced by Health Minister Vaughan Gething following a steep rise in coronavirus cases in the region over the previous seven days.
24th Sep 2020 - Wales Online

Coronavirus UK: Traffic-light system being considered for lockdowns

Ministers have reportedly approved the plan which would see local authority areas ranked red, orange or green – depending on the severity of the pandemic locally. The system would work in tandem with the new NHS app and users would receive automatic alerts on their phone when further restrictions are coming in. The meaning of each category is still being discussed. But it’s thought if a place is marked green then no further restrictions would be needed, beyond the rules that already apply to the whole country.
24th Sep 2020 - Metro.co.uk

UK supermarkets urge shoppers not to panic over lockdown fears

Supermarket bosses have urged shoppers not to start panic buying, while Asda is bringing in 1,000 safety marshals, as the industry braces for a potential change in shopping habits ahead of new lockdown restrictions. Tesco boss Dave Lewis said stockpiling was “unnecessary” as there was no disruption to product supply chains as a result of new government measures to tackle rising Covid-19 infection. Giles Hurley, the boss of discounter chain Aldi in the UK, wrote to customers saying: “There is no need to buy more than you usually would. I would like to reassure you that our stores remain fully stocked and ask that you continue to shop considerately. “We have remained open for our customers throughout the pandemic and will continue to have daily deliveries, often multiple times a day, across all of our products.”
24th Sep 2020 - The Guardian

Coronavirus: Israel heads into 'hermetic' lockdown after infection figures surge

Israel's government has voted to tighten a week-old national lockdown as figures reveal the extraordinary extent of the country's coronavirus challenge. The cabinet met late into Wednesday night and concluded, not without huge disagreement, that a "hermetic" lockdown must be implemented by Friday. The country's infection rate is by far the highest among known rates globally.
24th Sep 2020 - Sky News

ALL bars in France's second city of Marseille are closed and others around the country told to shut at 10pm after new Covid spike

Closures in Marseille - which start on Monday - were announced by Olivier Véran They are as part of a nationwide series of tough new measures after Covid spike They include bars in Paris, Lille and Grenoble having to shut 10pm from Monday Mr Véran said an even earlier closure of bars can be sanctioned by local prefects
24th Sep 2020 - Daily Mail

France tightens coronavirus rules as government unveil map of ‘danger zones’

France faces further lockdown restrictions as the government unveiled a map of coronavirus "danger zones" around the country. The nation's health minister gave the hardest-hit local authorities, including that of Marseille, days to tighten measures or risk having a state of health emergency declared there. Olivier Veran told a news conference the country would be divided into zones by alert level. Marseille, the second-largest city, and the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe are for now the only two areas put on the "maximum" alert level.
24th Sep 2020 - London Evening Standard

Israel toughens second lockdown as virus cases surge

Israel toughened its coronavirus measures on Thursday as a second nationwide lockdown failed to bring down the world's highest infection rate a week after it was imposed. The new rules will close the vast majority of workplaces, shutter markets and further limit prayers and demonstrations. "Over the past two days, we've heard from experts that if we don't take immediate and harsh measures, we'll reach an abyss," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said late Wednesday, at the start of a cabinet meeting to thrash out the new measures.
24th Sep 2020 - FRANCE 24

Coronavirus: Why Scotland's new 'lockdown lite' might struggle to deliver the same results

If you experienced a strange sense of déjà vu on Tuesday, you probably weren't alone. Nearly six months to the day since Boris Johnson took to our screens to tell Britain to "stay at home", we find ourselves once again facing tightened restrictions - albeit this time couched in terms of avoiding a second lockdown.
24th Sep 2020 - HeraldScotland

Coronavirus: Marseille 'astonished' by new French lockdown rules

France is set to close all restaurants and bars in its second city Marseille, prompting anger from local officials. The move, which will come into effect from Saturday, follows a recent upsurge in coronavirus cases nationwide. France recorded more than 13,000 coronavirus cases on Wednesday, a record since restrictions were eased. But Marseille Mayor Michèle Rubirola said she was not consulted about the decision and had been left feeling "astonished and angry". "The Marseille town hall was not consulted. Nothing in the health situation justifies these announcements," she wrote on Twitter. "I won't allow the people of Marseille to become the victims of political decisions that no-one understands," she added.
24th Sep 2020 - BBC

Coronavirus: Israel tightens second lockdown to avoid 'abyss'

Israel is set to tighten its second nationwide coronavirus lockdown, with the prime minister warning that the country is at "the edge of the abyss". The new measures, which parliament must approve, would see more workplaces close and movement restricted further. Synagogues would only be able to open for small groups next week for Yom Kippur, Judaism's holiest day, and the size of protests would be limited. The move came after the daily number of new Covid-19 cases exceeded 8,000. That is one of the world's highest rates of infection relative to population size.
24th Sep 2020 - BBC

‘Lockdown Lite’: nations test new strategy to fight coronavirus outbreaks

Fresh off a summer of relative freedom after harsh lockdowns at the beginning of the pandemic, Europe is trying a new strategy to halt next coronavirus surge: Lockdown Lite. This comes as the European Union’s disease control agency warned that seven EU countries are of “high concern” because of rising virus death rates. Unlike the blanket stay-at-home orders that characterised responses to Covid-19’s first wave, a partial lockdown isn’t designed to stop transmission completely. Instead, the idea is to home in on hotspots – certain neighbourhoods, nightclubs or private parties, for example – while leaving large parts of the economy open for business.
24th Sep 2020 - South China Morning Post

Europe tries Lockdown Lite

Trump says White House could veto FDA’s vaccine rules. China’s retail recovery still rests on the richest consumers. U.K. to spend more to protect jobs, businesses amid outbreak
24th Sep 2020 - Bloomberg

Israeli cabinet tightens coronavirus lockdown as infections climb

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet decided on Thursday to tighten Israel’s coronavirus lockdown after he said a surge in infections was pushing the nation to “the edge of the abyss”. Israel went back into lockdown, its second during the pandemic, on Sept. 18. But over the past week, the number of daily new cases has reached nearly 7,000 among a population of 9 million, severely straining the resources of some hospitals. “If we don’t take immediate and difficult steps, we will reach the edge of the abyss,” Netanyahu said in public remarks to the cabinet, which met for about eight hours. The new restrictions require all businesses and workplaces, except for those designated essential, to shut down for at least two weeks starting on Friday. A list will be released later in the day, an official statement said.
24th Sep 2020 - Reuters UK

Cardiff is 'on the verge of coronavirus restrictions' warns council leader Huw Thomas as infection rates soar

Cardiff is on the verge of entering the Welsh Government's coronavirus "red zone", the city's council leader has warned. The number of cases per 100,000 population now stands at 38.2, while 3.8 per cent of tests are positive. Hospital emergency department attendance has also risen sharply in the last week. Evidence from contact tracers suggests the virus in Cardiff is mostly spreading within households - where family bubble rules are being breached and where people are mixing inside homes. Huw Thomas, leader of Cardiff council, said: “As we have seen over the past week, the situation can change quickly. “If case numbers continue to rise over the weekend there is a very real possibility that Cardiff will enter into the Welsh Government's ‘red zone.'
24th Sep 2020 - Wales Online

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Coronavirus: PM urged to explain plans for military to support police as new restrictions announced

Boris Johnson is facing demands from Labour to explain his proposal to use the Army to help support police amid the new coronavirus lockdown rules. He faces Sir Keir Starmer at Prime Minister's Questions just hours after his TV broadcast in which he warned of a tough crackdown if people continue to break the rules.
23rd Sep 2020 - Sky News

The UK's new lockdown rules are still failing BAME communities

Parth Patel was working as a junior doctor at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic when he saw for himself how the outbreak was disproportionately hitting people from minority ethnic backgrounds. In June, a report from Public Health England confirmed what Patel and many others in the NHS already knew: people of Bangladeshi ethnicity had around twice the risk of dying from Covid-19 while those from other minority ethnic backgrounds had between a ten and 50 per cent greater risk of dying than those from a white British background.
23rd Sep 2020 - Wired.co.uk

Coronavirus: Madrid in lockdown as doctor warns Britons to follow the new rules or pay the price

A front line doctor in Madrid has urged Britons to stay strong and obey the rules as the country faces a second wave of coronavirus. "We only have to do this for a few more weeks, not forever," Dr Moreno Santiago told Sky News. "Things like wearing a mask we only need to do for a few short weeks and in that time we can control the pandemic, if not we are going to pay for this. It will be very, very, very costly."
23rd Sep 2020 - Sky News

Coronavirus: Here's how the government could make lockdown measures even tougher

The prime minister has tightened lockdown rules and warned tougher measures could follow - but what other options could be on the table? Ban on home socialising - Mr Johnson could announce a ban on different households mixing together indoors. This may be the most likely next step as Scotland and Northern Ireland have announced the same move. If he follows suit it would likely involve exceptions; such as for extended households, couples not living together and for childcare reasons.
23rd Sep 2020 - Sky News

New lockdown rules: Curfews, work from home and fines doubled under new restrictions

Boris Johnson unveiled a new Government crackdown today, warning the UK has ‘reached a perilous turning point’ in the battle against coronavirus. Speaking in the House of Commons this afternoon, the Tory leader spelled out numerous new restrictions for England, the day after scientists warned the nation could face 50,000 new Covid-19 cases and 200 deaths a day by mid-October without action. New rules see pubs and restaurants hit with a 10pm curfew, weddings limited to just 15 people, harsher fines, a return to working from home and fresh guidelines on where to wear masks.
23rd Sep 2020 - Metro

Israel returns to lockdown as COVID-19 cases mount

Israeli border police patrol the main market before Israel will enter a second nationwide lockdown amid a resurgence in new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases, forcing residents to stay mostly at home during the Jewish high-holiday season, in Jerusalem
23rd Sep 2020 - Reuters

UK's new COVID measures met with scepticism, confusion

The British government on Wednesday defended its new, stricter coronavirus measures against criticism that they did not got far enough, saying it was trying to balance supporting the economy while protecting health. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told citizens on Tuesday to work from home if possible and ordered restaurants and bars to close early, in an effort to slow a fast-spreading second wave of COVID-19, saying restrictions would likely last six months. Britain has the highest COVID-19 death toll in Europe, with a total close to 42,000. New infections have been accelerating in recent weeks, leading scientists to say they could hit 50,000 per day by mid-October if left unchecked.
23rd Sep 2020 - Reuters

Israel reports highest ever daily spike in coronavirus infections

Several days after the start of a second nationwide lockdown in Israel, the number of coronavirus infections has reached a new record high with nearly 7,000 cases. According to the health ministry’s statement on Wednesday, 6,923 new patients were recorded the day before. The previous record was reached last week, when 5,533 new cases were confirmed on a single day.
23rd Sep 2020 - AlJazeera

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'Work from home': Johnson starts shutting down Britain again as COVID-19 spreads

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will tell people on Tuesday to work from home and will impose new curbs on pubs, bars and restaurants in a bid to tackle the swiftly accelerating second wave of the coronavirus outbreak.
22nd Sep 2020 - Reuters

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson reveals new COVID-19 rules on face masks, fines, pubs and working from home

Face masks will become compulsory for bar staff, shop workers, waiters and taxi passengers in an effort to combat the rise in coronavirus cases in England, the prime minister has announced. Fines for failing to wear a face mask will rise to £200 and will be extended to customers when they are not seated at a table, Boris Johnson told MPs.
22nd Sep 2020 - Sky News

New coronavirus restrictions - will Nicola Sturgeon go further than Boris Johnson with 'Lockdown II'?

08.30am - Boris Johnson chairs UK cabinet to sign off new lockdown measures which could be a mild as making pubs close at 10pm in England from Thursday and limiting pubs to table service only. 09.00am - Keir Starmer makes a speech in Doncaster to the online Labour conference, before rushing back to the Commons. The Labour leader’s speech is likely to be overshadowed on a big political day. 10.00am - Cobra crisis meeting with relevant cabinet members, experts and leaders of the devolved parliaments. It will be the first Cobra for four months and Nicola Sturgeon and other leaders have demanded a session in light of the rising numbers of infections. Having spoken to the First Ministers by telephone yesterday the PM will hope for a smoother session. However, London mayor Sadiq Khan has not been asked to attend which will cause fury in the capital. Neither have any regional English mayors, adding to the impression that Whitehall doesn’t get how devolution is changing the UK.
22nd Sep 2020 - Daily Record

UK adopts tough lockdown measures amid alarming second wave of COVID-19

Britain was put under tough new lockdown measures Tuesday because of an alarming second wave of the coronavirus — with the nation’s beloved pubs forced to close early and the military put on standby. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the House of Commons that the stringent new measures were needed because the nation had “reached a perilous turning point” soon after relaxing earlier lockdowns. Confirmed infection rates had “almost quadrupled,” and hospitalizations from the contagion “more than doubled” in the last fortnight, Johnson said — noting the pandemic is likely to spread more in colder weather.
22nd Sep 2020 - New York Post

Boris Johnson adopts cautious approach to second UK coronavirus lockdown

Johnson said pubs, bars, restaurants and other hospitality venues in England must close at 10 p.m. from Thursday, while venues will be forced by law to provide table service. The government also ditched its attempts to encourage workers back to their offices, instead telling them to work from home if possible with immediate effect. The move marks a significant U-turn after ministers previously insisted staff should return to their desks.
22nd Sep 2020 - POLITICO

Britain Moves Toward Lockdown As Covid-19 Surges

Today Prime Minister Boris Johnson will tell the British people to work from home as he imposes strict new curbs on pubs, bars and restaurants, according to released excerpts of his intended remarks to parliament. This follows last week’s new “rule of six” law that bans gatherings of seven people or more. Yesterday, the British government raised its Covid-19 alert status to level four — the second highest level — meaning that an epidemic is “in general circulation” and “transmission is high or rising exponentially.” Britain was at this level during the UK lockdown Johnson imposed back in March.
22nd Sep 2020 - Forbes

‘Shop as normal’: Panic-buying resumes as UK braces for new lockdown measures

Shoppers have been urged to remain calm in the nation’s supermarkets amid fears of a return to the panic-buying seen in the days approaching the UK’s March lockdown. Some supermarkets across the UK have been left with empty shelves in certain aisles - with toilet roll depleted - in scenes reminiscent of the run on shops that occurred in ahead of the first introduction of coronavirus restrictions. A spree of panic-buying in the early stages of the nation’s outbreak saw some forced to turn to foodbanks after being unable to get the essentials they needed to get by.
22nd Sep 2020 - The Independent

Boris Johnson to announce 10pm pub closing time across England

Boris Johnson will announce a 10pm closing time for pubs and restaurants across England on Tuesday, as the UK prime minister begins to reinstate national lockdown measures to contain a second wave of coronavirus. He hopes the new restrictions on social life will help to control Covid-19 while keeping businesses and schools open. But he said: “Nobody underestimates the challenges the new measures will pose to many individuals and businesses.” In another blow for the economy, Mr Johnson was set to reverse his recent attempt to coax workers back into city centres; only last month he told people to have “the confidence” to go back to the office.
22nd Sep 2020 - Financial Times

Spain ready to take further action to fight Madrid’s second Covid wave

Spain’s government said it was ready to step up measures to try to bring the coronavirus pandemic in Madrid under control, even as new restrictions came into force in much of the city in response to a surge in infections. With the highest rate of contagion in Europe, Madrid’s regional administration has introduced mobility controls on some 850,000 inhabitants — largely in poor southern districts — who account for 13 per cent of the region’s population but 24 per cent of coronavirus infections.
22nd Sep 2020 - The Financial Times

Spanish army to enforce lockdown in Madrid

Spain deploys army to Madrid to help enforce lockdownTelegraph.co.ukLockdown measures and rising anger in Madrid as Covid-19 takes hold againThe GuardianProtests in Madrid over coronavirus lockdown measuresThe GuardianSpain ready to take further action to fight Madrid's second Covid waveFinancial TimesView Full coverage on Google News
22nd Sep 2020 - The Independent

New coronavirus lockdown rules for England could be in place for 'six months', Boris Johnson announces

New lockdown restrictions in England - which include a curfew on pubs and a tightening of the 'rule of six' - are likely to be in place for six months, the prime minister has announced. In a bid to curb a surge in Covid-19 infections, Boris Johnson said it will be a legal requirement for people to follow the new rules and the military could be drafted in to help police enforce them.
22nd Sep 2020 - ITV News

Chhattisgarh enforces strict lockdown in 10 districts after coronavirus cases, deaths spike

Ten districts in Chhattisgarh went into a strict lockdown for a week that is ending on September 28 after the state witnessed a spike in coronavirus cases and deaths. State capital Raipur has been declared a containment zone to facilitate the lockown after the Union home ministry announced in Unlock 4 lockdowns would not be possible without consulting the Centre.
22nd Sep 2020 - India Today

UK’s hospitality sector warns new lockdown would be ‘nail in coffin’

Hospitality bosses in the UK have warned that restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus could be the “nail in the coffin” for the industry, which had only just begun to recover from the first period of lockdown. Fears of further curfews or a second shutdown on the sector sent share prices of leisure and travel businesses tumbling on Monday, before the government said it would impose a 10pm curfew on pubs starting Tuesday. Operators urged the government to provide evidence their establishments were the cause of a sharp uptick in cases over the past week.
22nd Sep 2020 - The Financial Times

Partial lockdowns return to Madrid

New partial lockdown measures became effective on Monday in Madrid's working class district of Vallecas, the morning after residents took to the streets to call for better health provisions, complaining of discrimination by the authorities.
22nd Sep 2020 - Reuters

Large parts of Wales to go into lockdown

Large parts of Wales will go into lockdown from 1700 GMT on Tuesday as the novel coronavirus spreads. Coronavirus laws are being tightened in four Welsh authorities – Blaenau Gwent, Bridgend, Merthyr Tydfil and Newport – following a sharp rise in cases, Health Minister Vaughan Gething said. People will not be allowed to enter or leave these areas without a reasonable excuse, such as travel for work or education, and people will only be able to meet others they don’t live with outdoors for the time being.
22nd Sep 2020 - Reuters UK

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Coronavirus restrictions are extended across NI

Covid-19 restrictions are to be extended to all of Northern Ireland from 18:00 BST on Tuesday, the Stormont Executive has announced. There will be no mixing of households indoors with some exceptions, and no more than six people from two households can meet in a garden. The move followed an urgent meeting of the Executive on Monday afternoon. In the last seven days, more than 1,000 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in Northern Ireland. First Minister Arlene Foster said "this is not a return to lockdown", but "doing nothing is not an option". She added: "The restrictions are limited and we are in a better place than at the height of the pandemic."
21st Sep 2020 - BBC

The threat of a second lockdown shows why the government must not end financial support

The United Kingdom is on the brink of a second serious outbreak of the novel coronavirus, with the country heading towards 50,000 new cases a day by the middle of October if the current trajectory is not halted, the government’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty and chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance have warned. Calls to the non-emergency services and steadily increasing hospitalisations point to a second wave of infections, just in time for the autumn and winter: the exact scenario that the government wanted to avoid back in March.
21st Sep 2020 - New Statesman

Sturgeon says Scottish lockdown will tighten 'within days' and hints England will follow

Nicola Sturgeon has said that the Scottish Government is poised to bring in toughened lockdown restrictions "within days" and has hinted that the rest of the UK is going to follow suit. Scotland's First Minister said that “doing nothing in the face of this rapid spread is not an option”. It cames as the all four leaders of the UK's devolved nations - Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales - spoke by phone about the spike in cases.
21st Sep 2020 - Mirror Online

Covid lockdown for Newport, Bridgend, Merthyr Tydfil and Blaenau Gwent

Four more counties in south Wales will go into lockdown from 18:00 BST on Tuesday, meaning more than a quarter of the Welsh population will be under tighter restrictions. Merthyr Tydfil, Bridgend, Blaenau Gwent and Newport follow Rhondda Cynon Taf and Caerphilly county into lockdown. People will not be able to enter or leave those areas except for a limited number of exemptions, such as work. Licensed premises such as pubs and bars will need to shut by 23:00 every night. People will only be able to mix with those not in their own household outdoors - meeting people from their extended households indoors will be banned in the four areas.
21st Sep 2020 - BBC

This is what a 'circuit breaker' lockdown could look like - and its chances of success

Reports suggest that the government may introduce a "circuit breaker" lockdown as soon as Tuesday in an effort to control the spread of coronavirus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted last week that the UK is now seeing a "second wave" of coronavirus coming in, with localised lockdown measures now affecting around 13.5 million people - over one in five of the UK's population.
21st Sep 2020 - The Scotsman

Partial virus lockdown in Madrid as US deaths near 200,000

A million people in and around the Spanish capital on Monday were under new "stay-at-home" orders to contain another coronavirus surge, as the US death toll neared 200,000. But unlike other nations that are tightening curbs to battle outbreaks, India pressed ahead with its measures to kickstart its battered economy, reopening the Taj Mahal and some schools on Monday -- despite having the second-highest caseload in the world. The restrictions in Madrid will last for two weeks starting Monday, affecting people living mainly in densely populated, low-income neighbourhoods who will be allowed only to travel for essential reasons such as work, medical care or taking children to school.
21st Sep 2020 - FRANCE 24

Resignation and anger greet new Madrid lockdown

Fresh lockdown restrictions came into force Monday in parts of Madrid and surrounding areas, drawing outrage despite a surge in Covid-19 infections. The curbs, which will be in place for two weeks, affect 850,000 people in mainly densely-populated, low-income neighbourhoods. Residents are now only allowed to leave their zone for going to work, school or to seek medical care.
21st Sep 2020 - FRANCE 24

Unlock 4: Fresh Covid-19 restrictions imposed in these cities

Several state and local administrations have reimposed restrictions in the view of the increasing number of Covid-19 cases even as the country is in the last leg on Unlock 4, which began from September 1. Here is a complete list of cities/districts which are under restrictions in September. Some restrictions have been freshly imposed while some have been just extended.
21st Sep 2020 - Hindustan Times

PM prepared the nation for lockdown through Janata Curfew: Health Minister

On criticism of the government over a sudden lockdown and mismanagement of the situation, the minister said, “If the lockdown was not used properly and things were not monitored, the dedicated 17,000 covid facilities would not have come up.
21st Sep 2020 - The Indian Express

Parts of South Wales put under local lockdown after surge in coronavirus cases

Bridgend, Merthyr Tydfil, Newport and Blaenau Gwent will be placed under a local lockdown from 6pm on Tuesday following an increase in coronavirus cases, the Welsh Government has announced. Wales' health minister Vaughan Gething said many of the coronavirus cases had been linked to people socialising indoors without physical distancing.
21st Sep 2020 - Evening Standard on MSN.com

Australia's coronavirus lockdown strategy worked. Could this be a model for the US?

When Daniel Andrews, premier of the Australian state of Victoria, declared a lockdown over the coronavirus, some detractors on the right labeled him a "dictator" and said he was trying to build "a gulag." But Andrews -- a Labor Party politician who has run Australia's second-largest state since 2014 -- has remained popular with Victorians throughout the lockdown, local polls show. And this week, his hardline approach was thoroughly vindicated. On Sunday, Victoria recorded just 11 new coronavirus cases, down from over 670 at the height of the most recent outbreak last month. Next week, Melbourne will begin lifting some restrictions if new cases remain below a fortnightly average of 50 per day. A nightly curfew is slated to remain in effect until October 26.
21st Sep 2020 - CNN

Partial lockdown in Madrid to combat second Covid wave

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis has admitted that his government had made a mistake when it eased restrictions aimed at containing Covid-19 over the summer. His comments came as governments across Europe struggle with a second wave of Covid-19 infections following the holiday months in which the number of cases began rising sharply. "Even I got carried away by the coming summer and the general mood. That was a mistake I don't want to make again," the billionaire populist said in a televised speech.
21st Sep 2020 - RTE.ie

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London should face new coronavirus lockdown by Monday, says mayor Sadiq Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has reportedly warned Boris Johnson that the capital needs new coronavirus restrictions as soon as possible to curb the spread of Covid-19. The Mayor is also said to be preparing to urge people to work from home if possible, despite the government's push to get people back to their offices.
20th Sep 2020 - Daily Mirror

Madrid braces for partial lockdown as virus surges

Nearly a million Madrid residents were bracing Sunday for a partial lockdown as Spanish authorities seek to put a brake on a second wave of Covid-19. The restrictions, which kick off Monday for two weeks, affect 850,000 people living mainly in densely-populated, low-income neighbourhoods in the south -- or 13 percent of the population in and around the capital. Like many countries in Europe, Spain is battling a coronavirus surge and, once again, Madrid is the worst-hit region.
20th Sep 2020 - FRANCE 24

Czech government could declare coronavirus state of emergency, says minister

The Czech government could declare a state of emergency if a recent spike in coronavirus cases continues in the coming days, Health Minister Adam Vojtech said. The Czech Republic’s daily count of new coronavirus cases has reached record highs in recent days and the country of 10.7 million had reported a total of 48,306 cases as of Saturday, Health Ministry data showed. “Should we need to have some deeper measures (against the epidemic), then the emergency state will be necessary,” Vojtech said in a televised debate on Sunday. The government should debate this step on Monday, Vojtech said, added that he would not yet propose declaration of a state of emergency.
20th Sep 2020 - Reuters

Coronavirus: New local lockdown rules announced in parts of North West, Midlands and West Yorkshire

Parts of the North West, West Yorkshire and the Midlands have been placed under further localised coronavirus restrictions. The new measures, prompted by a fast rise in COVID-19 cases, have been confirmed by the Department for Health following consultation with local councils and MPs. Lancashire, Merseyside, Warrington and Halton are now being classed as "areas of intervention", and fresh restrictions will come into force in Wolverhampton, Oadby & Wigston, and parts of Bradford, Kirklees and Calderdale.
19th Sep 2020 - Sky News

Coronavirus: New lockdowns mean 10 million Britons are under extra restrictions - the rules where you are

The latest local lockdown announcements mean 10 million people in Britain face extra coronavirus restrictions. Social gatherings of more than six people have been banned across Britain in an attempt to curb the rise in coronavirus cases - but tougher measures are being imposed in the worst-hit regions. Here we look at the rules that all of us currently have to follow, how they differ in England, Scotland and Wales, and the specific restrictions being enforced in certain areas.
19th Sep 2020 - Sky News

Coronavirus: Israel marks Jewish New Year with second lockdown

Israel is entering a second nationwide lockdown to curb surging coronavirus cases, just as people begin to mark the start of Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah is traditionally a time for big, family get-togethers. But under the new three-week lockdown, Israelis must stay within 1km (0.6 miles) of their homes, with exceptions, and the number of people allowed in synagogues has been greatly reduced. Israel currently has one of the highest Covid-19 infection rates in the world. In the past week, new cases have reached daily highs of more than 6,000, and the country's leaders have apologised for their failure to contain the pandemic. Israel has seen 1,169 deaths from Covid-19 and nearly 177,000 confirmed infections, according to a global tally kept by US university Johns Hopkins.
19th Sep 2020 - BBC

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Covid-19 restrictions announced for swathe of north-east England

Nearly 2 million people in north-east England will be banned from mixing with other families under the strictest measures imposed since the country eased out of nationwide lockdown. The restrictions, which will come into force at midnight on Thursday, will prohibit residents in seven council areas from meeting others outside their support bubbles and include a 10pm curfew on nightlife. People in the affected areas should only use public transport for essential purposes, such as travelling to school or work, and avoid attending amateur or semi-professional sports events as spectators. Residents should also take holidays only with people in their own household or support bubble. The rules will apply to people in Newcastle, Northumberland, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Gateshead, County Durham and Sunderland.
17th Sep 2020 - The Guardian

Under lockdown, Israel faces bitter start of Jewish New Year

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has imposed a three-week lockdown, beginning on Friday afternoon — just hours before Rosh Hashana starts. Israel's first lockdown, in March and April, put a damper on Passover, the Jewish spring holiday marking the deliverance of the ancient Hebrews from slavery in Egypt. Now, the Jewish High Holidays look to be similarly subdued. Israel has seen new daily cases of COVID-19 skyrocket in recent weeks, climbing to more than 5,000 on Wednesday — one of the highest per capita infection rates in the world. Since the pandemic began this year, it has recorded more than 169,000 cases, including 1,163 deaths, as of Wednesday, according to Health Ministry figures.
17th Sep 2020 - YAHOO!

Coronavirus: Restrictions expected in north-east England

Almost two million people in north-east England are expected to face restrictions as coronavirus cases rise. Northumberland, Newcastle, Sunderland, North and South Tyneside, Gateshead and County Durham council areas are in discussions to get the measures. These may include pubs closing earlier and restrictions on households mixing. It comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the Sun: "The only way to make sure the country is able to enjoy Christmas is to be tough now." He previously said the government was doing "everything in our power" to avoid another nationwide lockdown.
17th Sep 2020 - BBC

Coronavirus: Madrid lockdown targets poor areas

Tighter restrictions will be introduced in Madrid this weekend as Spain struggles with Europe’s highest number of coronavirus infections. The curbs on movement will most likely be imposed on the city’s southern working-class districts, where infection rates are highest. Madrid, home to 6.6 million people, is by far Spain’s worst-affected region at present, with an infection rate of 651 per 100,000 people in the past 14 days.
17th Sep 2020 - The Times

Covid: North-east England restrictions announced to stem virus spike

The World Health Organization warns of "a very serious situation unfolding" in Europe. It comes as cases exceed those seen at the peak of the pandemic in March. New social restrictions are introduced for north-east England amid a spike of cases. The temporary measures include restrictions on households mixing and pubs closing earlier at night. Turnaround times to get test results back are getting longer in England, figures show.
17th Sep 2020 - BBC

Global report: China locks down border city in response to two Covid cases

China has locked down a city on its border with Myanmar and launched a campaign to test the city’s entire population of more than 200,000 people. Officials in Ruili in Yunnan province said the city had entered a state of “wartime” defences against Covid-19 after two new cases emerged among travellers from Myanmar. Residents have been ordered to stay at home and authorities have set up checkpoints to prevent anyone entering or leaving Ruili and restricting access to border areas nearby. Most businesses have been closed. On Thursday, more than 360 testing sites were set up and almost 1,200 people deployed to conduct testing around the clock. Ruan Chengfa, deputy secretary of Yunnan’s party committee, said in a meeting on Wednesday that local authorities were implementing a strict policy of “complete inspection, strict quarantine. No entry and no exit.” As of Tuesday evening, 60,000 people had been tested.
17th Sep 2020 - The Guardian

New Zealand in Covid recession after worst quarterly GDP fall on record

New Zealand has entered a recession with the economy contracting 12.2% in the June quarter – the largest drop since such records began in 1987. Paul Pascoe at Stats NZ said the GDP fall was “by far the largest on record in New Zealand” and reflected months spent in lockdown. Industries such as retail, accommodation, restaurants and transport saw significant declines; as did construction and manufacturing at 25.8% and 13% respectively. Household domestic spending dropped by 12%.
17th Sep 2020 - The Guardian

New Zealand backs lockdown strategy despite record contraction

New Zealand’s finance minister has defended one of the world’s toughest Covid-19 lockdowns following a record economic contraction, insisting the restrictions saved lives and was facilitating a strong recovery. The country’s gross domestic product fell 12.2 per cent in the three months to the end of June, compared with the previous three months. The contraction has plunged New Zealand into its first recession in a decade, following a 1.4 per cent fall in GDP in the first quarter. But the drop was not as bad as initially feared, beating Wellington’s prediction in the May budget of a 23.5 per cent fall.
17th Sep 2020 - Financial Times

Covid pushes New Zealand into worst recession in years

New Zealand is in its deepest recession in decades, following strict measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic which were widely praised. The country's GDP shrank by 12.2% between April and June as the lockdown and border closures hit. It is New Zealand's first recession since the global financial crisis and its worst since 1987, when the current system of measurement began. But the government hopes its pandemic response will lead to a quick recovery. The nation of nearly five million was briefly declared virus free, and although it still has a handful of cases, it has only had 25 deaths. The economy is likely to be a key issue in next month's election, which was delayed after an unexpected spike in Covid-19 cases in August.
17th Sep 2020 - BBC

Northeast England to face tighter lockdown restrictions from Friday - Sky News

Parts of northeast England will be subjected to tighter lockdown restrictions from Friday, Sky News reported late on Wednesday. The restrictions will be announced on Thursday, the report said. The areas affected are likely to be Newcastle, Northumberland, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Gateshead, County Durham and Sunderland, according to the report.
17th Sep 2020 - Reuters

Huge area of England goes back into lockdown with 2,000,000 under curfew

Residents in the north-east of England will no longer be allowed to meet up with friends and hospitality venues will be placed under a curfew in a matter of hours. From midnight tonight, around 2 million residents will be banned from mixing with other households, announced the health secretary on Thursday morning. Pubs, restaurants and other licensed premises will also be forced to close their doors to the public between 10pm and 5am and move to table service only.
17th Sep 2020 - Metro

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Coronavirus: Restrictions expected in North East of England

Almost two million people in north-east England are expected to face local restrictions as coronavirus cases rise. Areas including Newcastle, Sunderland and County Durham are due to be subject to new measures. These are expected to include restrictions on households mixing and pubs being ordered to close earlier. Newcastle City Council leader Nick Forbes said it was hoped the temporary measures would prevent a "full lockdown". BBC Newsnight political editor Nicholas Watt said MPs from the area had met Health Minister Nadine Dorries earlier.
16th Sep 2020 - BBC

Coronavirus: New local lockdown in Wales

Health Minister Vaughan Gething announces a local lockdown for Rhondda Cynon Taf from 18:00 BST on Thursday to tackle a "rapid" rise in cases. This will include a 23:00 BST curfew for pubs, bars and restaurants - going further than the lockdown in Caerphilly. Earlier, Mr Gething said up to five extra mobile testing units would be deployed to Covid-19 hotspots in Wales this week. People seeking tests have spoken of their frustration over the time it takes to book, distance to travel, and long waits on arrival
16th Sep 2020 - BBC

Coronavirus pandemic: Second lockdown 'would be disastrous for UK economy'

UK PM Boris Johnson has also defended the testing system, saying there has been a "colossal spike" in demand for tests. Johnson tells MPs that a second national lockdown "would be disastrous for UK economy." There are ongoing reports of people struggling to get tests and results being delayed around the UK
16th Sep 2020 - BBC

Coronavirus: Rhondda Cynon Taff to go into lockdown

A second county in Wales will go into lockdown because of the rate of coronavirus cases. The 240,000 people living in Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) will have restrictions imposed on their daily lives. From 18:00 BST on Thursday, people will not be able to enter or leave the area without a reasonable excuse, such as travel for work or education. All licensed pubs, bars and restaurants will have to shut by 23:00 every day, once the lockdown comes into effect. People will also be banned from meeting people outside their own households indoors.
16th Sep 2020 - BBC

Chaos in Madrid, as regional government denies health chief’s announcement of new lockdowns

Sources close to the Madrid regional premier, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, backtracked on Wednesday after her deputy health chief, Antonio Zapatero, announced that stricter coronavirus measures would be introduced in parts of the region this coming weekend in a bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Speaking this morning, Zapatero told reporters that “action is needed as soon as possible,” adding that new decisions are being taken to “restrict mobility and the concentration of people.” The health chief added that “more drastic” measures were needed, “in line with what people could understand as selective lockdowns according to basic healthcare areas or healthcare areas with higher infection rates,” he said, referring both to the capital city and the Madrid region as a whole.
16th Sep 2020 - EL PAÍS in English

Madrid to toughen COVID-19 measures on Friday with targeted lockdowns

The Madrid region, one of the worst hit in Spain, is to introduce targeted lockdowns and other restrictions on movement on Friday in areas with high COVID-19 cases, local authorities said on Wednesday. Madrid accounts for around one-third of active coronavirus cases in Spain, with a higher incidence in high-density and low-income neighbourhoods, mainly in the south of the city. “We are taking measures but it is not enough ... Nothing will work if we are not responsible,” Antonio Zapatero, head of COVID-19 response in Madrid, told reporters.
16th Sep 2020 - Reuters UK

Ibiza follows Spain’s Palma de Mallorca in enforcing partial ‘lockdown’ to halt COVID-19 infections

In Ibiza, the centre of San Antonio and Ibiza Town will face similar restrictions that were laid down in Mallorca from Friday. This includes a complete control over mobility, impacting some 22,700 residents. The Balearic Ministry of Health said San Antonio and Ibiza are now labelled as hot zones due to the highest number of Covid-19 infections in the region
16th Sep 2020 - Olive Press

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Coronavirus: New restrictions in force for parts of West Midlands

New lockdown measures have come into force in the West Midlands after the number of coronavirus cases rose. People in Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihull are banned from meeting others who are not part of their household or support bubble, in homes or gardens. The restrictions affect about 1.6 million people and run alongside wider rules that came into force on Monday. The council is asking the government for an exemption to rules around child care after parents raised the issue. Michelle McDaid, from Solihull, who relies on her parents to help with childcare, said the rules were "frustrating". Dr Justin Varney, from Birmingham City Council's public health department, said: "This... prevents family members providing childcare, and that is having significant impact on lots and lots of families."
15th Sep 2020 - BBC

Deputy minister: If lockdown ignored, we’ll see dead in streets like NY, Italy

Deputy Health Minister Yoav Kisch said on Tuesday that if the Israeli populace does not abide by the sweeping lockdown regulations due to come into effect on Friday, infection rates will be so high that there will be dead in the streets, “like in New York and Italy.” Kisch said there were many people, particularly the young, who appeared not to be concerned about the coronavirus and may be considering ignoring the regulations.
15th Sep 2020 - The Times of Israel

Chinese city bordering Myanmar enters coronavirus 'wartime mode' as official impose strict lockdown

Chinese authorities have locked down a city on the border with Myanmar and declared entering ‘wartime mode’ after detecting two cases imported from the neighbouring country. Ruili, a city with over 200,000 residents in southwestern Chinese province Yunnan, Monday reported the new COVID-19 infections, two Myanmar nationals who were said to have illegally crossed the land border. All residents of the city will be tested for the coronavirus as authorities pledge to crack down on the area's notorious cross-border smuggling trade.
15th Sep 2020 - Daily Mail

China Locks Down City, Plans to Test 200000 After Two Covid-19 Cases Found Along Myanmar Border

A Chinese border city has gone back into lockdown and is testing all 200,000 residents after two people who illegally entered from neighbouring Myanmar were diagnosed with Covid-19. The government of Ruili in the southwestern province of Yunnan began mass testing on Tuesday morning to "thoroughly investigate the coronavirus outbreak and ensure the health and safety of people of all nationalities in the city"
15th Sep 2020 - Caixin Global

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Police urge people in England to respect Covid ‘rule of six’

Police chiefs have urged the public in England to take personal responsibility and observe the new “rule of six” regulations following a weekend rife with illegal gatherings. Overall crime dropped dramatically during the coronavirus lockdown, when police were handed powers to enforce regulations designed to limit the spread of the disease. But Martin Hewitt, the chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, said demand for the police was now close to that before the outbreak of the pandemic and urged the public to do their part by limiting gatherings indoors and outdoors to six people. Hewitt said: “Preventing the spread of coronavirus is a shared effort, and police are playing our part alongside government, businesses, hospitality owners, local authorities and others.
14th Sep 2020 - The Guardian

Hunting in England exempt from 'rule of six' Covid-19 restrictions

Grouse shooting and hunting with guns in England are among outdoor activities exempted from the government’s “rule of six” coronavirus regulations. Confirmation that the latest health protection regulations permit groups of up to 30 to take part in any “sports gathering” was published only minutes before coming into force. According to one report, an internal government row over whether bloodsports should be exempted was alleged to have delayed their release.
14th Sep 2020 - The Guardian

Do children count in the ‘rule of six’? How kids fit into the new lockdown restrictions around social gatherings, explained

The new “rule of six” restrictions for social gatherings have now come into effect in England. It is now illegal to meet more than six people either indoors or outdoors, with police able to fine those who do not comply. But there has been some confusion as to whether children count, and also how the rule applies to larger families.
14th Sep 2020 - iNews

Israel to reimpose virus lockdown as WHO reports record cases

Israel said it will reimpose a national lockdown to battle a coronavirus surge, as the number of daily infections around the world reached a record high. The Israel lockdown will last three weeks starting Friday, keeping people to within 500 metres (yards) of their homes. It is the first developed economy to take such drastic steps to contain a second wave of infections. "I know these measures will exact a heavy price from all of us," said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
14th Sep 2020 - Medical Xpress

Which other countries have had a second lockdown as Israel imposes fresh restrictions?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced late last night that Israel is going into a second national lockdown following soaring infection and death rates from coronavirus. The lockdown will last for three weeks and will come into effect at 2pm on Friday September 18 – coinciding with the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashana. During the three-week period, all restaurants, shops and recreational facilities will be closed. Schools will also close and the public will not be allowed more than 500 metres from their homes.
14th Sep 2020 - Metro

Israelis brace for new coronavirus lockdown

Israelis reacted with anger and dismay Monday at an imminent nationwide lockdown aimed at curbing one of the world's highest novel coronavirus infection rates. "It's unfair!" lamented Eti Avishai, a 64-year-old seamstress, hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a three-week lockdown will start on Friday. "They didn't stop the big gatherings in synagogues, the weddings and the other events, and now I can't be with my children and grandchildren during the holidays?" she added. The shutdown will be implemented hours before the start of the Jewish New Year and the High Holidays, which also include the Day of Atonement and Sukkot.
14th Sep 2020 - Yahoo News Australia

Business braces for impact as Jakarta heads into second lockdown

The markings of a rollercoaster year are plastered over Sutiwet’s small Jakarta restaurant – plastic barriers on the counters, stickers on the glass urging customers to wear masks, and a gallon of water out front for people to wash their hands. But just as life in the Indonesian capital was starting to return to normal, the city’s 10 million residents are heading into partial lockdown for the second time. Jakarta’s tightened social restrictions, effective from Monday for two weeks, mean businesses, malls and houses of worship can only operate at limited capacity, while dining in at restaurants and cafes is not allowed.
14th Sep 2020 - Reuters Africa

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Israel to impose a three-week nationwide lockdown - media reports

Israel will enter a three-week nationwide lockdown starting on Friday to contain the spread of the coronavirus after a second- wave surge of new cases, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday. During the lockdown, which comes during the Jewish high-holiday season, Israelis will have to stay within 500 metres of their houses, but can travel to workplaces that will be allowed to operate on a limited basis. Schools and shopping malls will be closed but supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open. The public sector will operate with fewer staff, but non-governmental offices and businesses will not have to close, as long as they do not accept customers.
13th Sep 2020 - Reuters

Could there be a second lockdown? If restrictions in England could tighten again as coronavirus cases continue to rise

As rules on social gatherings in the UK are tightened, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned about the need to act now in order to avoid a second lockdown. Rules limiting gatherings to just six people were introduced this week and mark the first significant reverse step in the Westminster Government’s move out of lockdown since restrictions began easing in May. The rules came as cases across the country began to rise steeply, with the UK recording close to 3,000 new positive cases on September 10.
13th Sep 2020 - The Scotsman

Israel to be first country to enter a 2nd nationwide COVID-19 lockdown

Israel is about to enter a second COVID-19 lockdown as the country experiences a resurgence in cases following what some say was a fumbled reopening. Israel is the first country in the world to reenter a full, nationwide shutdown during the pandemic, per The Times. There are more than 145,000 reported cases with nearly 1,100 reported deaths in Israel.
12th Sep 2020 - Business Insider

Coronavirus: Birmingham lockdown restrictions increased

Households in Birmingham have been banned from mixing in new lockdown measures announced following a spike in coronavirus cases. The rate of infection has more than doubled in the city in a week to 90.3 cases per 100,000. The measures also cover neighbouring Sandwell and Solihull, affecting more than 1.6 million people in total. The restrictions will begin on Tuesday, it was announced at a regional meeting of council leaders. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: "We never take these decisions lightly but social gatherings can spread the virus quickly and we need residents to abide by the new rules to break the chains of transmission."
12th Sep 2020 - BBC

Lockdown for a second time: 'It can't get any worse'

After just two months of "heaven", being open after the national lockdown, he had to shut his doors as all hospitality venues in the Bolton area were closed this week. He has re-furloughed his staff, keeping just himself and the head chef Robert Nelson in their small kitchen. He's hoping the new takeaway menu and this two-man band can keep the pub ticking over. "It can't get any worse can it?" he laughs ruefully. He believes this pub will probably survive, but its sister pub round the corner will not.
11th Sep 2020 - BBC

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Meet the covid marshals: Army of workers who will enforce new lockdown rules

Boris Johnson's new army of Covid secure marshals are out in force today. Those in the new roles will be recruited by councils to step up enforcement. There is confusion on how wide their remit will be and what powers they'll have. Rank-and-file officers have been left 'absolutely baffled' by the announcement
10th Sep 2020 - Daily Mail

Myanmar locks down parts of Yangon amid virus increase

Myanmar was accelerating efforts Thursday to control the spread of the coronavirus, which has led to campaigning for November’s general election to be suspended in some areas due to partial virus lockdowns. The Ministry of Health and Sport issued a stay-at-home order for 20 Yangon townships effective Thursday as cases of the coronavirus continued to rise, with 120 new cases and two deaths. That brings the country’s total to 2,009 recorded cases and 14 deaths since the pandemic began. The order calls for a partial lockdown, with limited trips out of the house allowed to carry out necessary activities, such as the purchase of food. Seven other Yangon townships were put under similar partial lockdowns Sept. 1, as was all of Rakhine state last month after a surge of new cases there.
10th Sep 2020 - The Japan Times

Indonesian stocks dive 5% as capital city Jakarta plans to reinstate partial coronavirus lockdown

Indonesian stocks fell by more than 5% on Thursday following an announcement that its capital city Jakarta will reinstate partial lockdown measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The decline in the benchmark Jakarta Composite Index stood in contrast with gains seen in most markets across Asia Pacific.
10th Sep 2020 - CNBC

Winston Peters says latest 'lockdown' outside Auckland 'should never have happened'

Peters again criticised the Government’s Covid-19 response while on the campaign trail in Kaikoura today. “The reality is the lockdown should never have happened outside of the Auckland super city region and that’s demonstrably obvious now,” he told reporters. "Members of the Government should explain why this has happened to the South Island, West Coast and Southland when they’re flying people in from Auckland but they’re not allowing them to be in lockdown 1.”
10th Sep 2020 - TVNZ

As Jakarta heads into lockdown, doctors warn of buckling health system

Doctors in Indonesia's capital warned on Thursday the coronavirus pandemic is 'not under control' with Jakarta intensive care units nearing full capacity and the city ordering new lockdown measures to stem a spike in infections
10th Sep 2020 - Reuters UK

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Coronavirus: Wales' first local lockdown starts in Caerphilly

Caerphilly has gone into lockdown, becoming the first county in Wales to face tougher restrictions following a spike in Covid-19 cases. No-one is allowed to leave the county without good reason, with stricter measures brought in from 18:00 BST. Family and friends living apart are no longer able to meet indoors, stay overnight, or form extended households. A senior police officer said Gwent Police was not planning to introduce roadblocks or cordons during lockdown. Ch Supt Mark Hobrough said neighbourhood officers would talk to motorists and visit shops and businesses to ensure everyone was aware of the new rules, with enforcement the "last objective".
9th Sep 2020 - BBC

All the new lockdown rules coming into effect across England from Monday - and who is exempt

Gatherings will be slashed from 30 people to 6 as UK battles a soaring coronavirus rate, the government has announced. In an announcement at around 10.30pm last night, the government announced a series of new restrictions for Brits to abide by. The rules change from Monday in England, with Birmingham facing a crisis of its own, as its rate of Covid-19 cases rises to around 70 per 100,000. Birmingham is beyond only two other parts of the country - and the rate in Solihull is causing, alarm, too, with around 50 cases per 100k.
9th Sep 2020 - Birmingham Post

Over 22,000 people in Spain’s Palma de Mallorca put on partial lockdown as COVID-19 infections rise – new rules here

The government of the Balearic Islands has today enforced a partial return to lockdown in several districts of Palma de Mallorca. The move, actioned by the Ministry of Health, serves to reduce the number of coronavirus infections in areas where it is the most prevalent. It is also supported by epidemiological research which has shown that there is high community transmission in the region.
9th Sep 2020 - Olive Press

As Caerphilly enters lockdown, chief doctor says: 'We've done it before and we will do it again'

People are spreading coronavirus because they've got used to socialising outdoors and think they can carry on inside, says the doctor at the centre of the lockdown in Caerphilly. Doctor Sarah Aitken, interim medical director at the Aneurin Bevan health board, said the spike in Covid-19 cases is the virus "showing us that it spreads better indoors than out" and cases have gone up as people headed indoors during a washout August. "What people have got used to doing outside, they can't do inside," Dr Aitken told WalesOnline. "We know the virus spreads better indoors and that's exactly what it's doing. "We've had a fairly good summer by British standards and people have got used to mixing and socialising outside. As the weather has changed and people have moved indoors, the virus has shown it spreads indoors."
9th Sep 2020 - Wales Online

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Birmingham Leeds and Liverpool facing lockdown as cases rise

Three of England’s biggest cities are teetering on the edge of lockdown after the number of coronavirus cases spiralled rapidly. Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool have all recorded notable week-on-week jumps in infection rates, with local leaders warning new restrictions could be imminent. The biggest spike was in Birmingham, where 712 people caught the virus in the seven days up to Saturday. Official data shows there were more than 60 cases per 100,000 residents in the week to September 4, compared with 28.1 the week before.
8th Sep 2020 - Metro.co.uk

Coronavirus: Caerphilly county lockdown to go into October

Caerphilly has gone into lockdown, becoming the first county in Wales to face tougher restrictions following a spike in Covid-19 cases. No-one is allowed to leave the county without good reason, with stricter measures brought in from 18:00 BST. Family and friends living apart are no longer able to meet indoors, stay overnight, or form extended households. A senior police officer said Gwent Police was not planning to introduce roadblocks or cordons during lockdown.
8th Sep 2020 - BBC

New coronavirus lockdown rules 'to be announced by government' - including indoor restrictions

Sky News is reporting that the government is set to reduce the maximum number of people who can legally gather indoors in England. The news comes as Health Secretary Matt Hancock prepares to make a statement in the Commons today regarding the lockdown rules. The developments came as the total number of confirmed cases in the UK passed 350,100. The seven-day rate of new UK cases has risen to 21.3 per 100,000 people, just above the threshold of 20 cases per 100,000 at which the Government considers imposing quarantine conditions on people travelling to the UK, if recorded in other countries. In Birmingham, the rate of cases now sits above 60 - the third highest in the UK - with over 40 cases per 100,000 people in Solihull now too.
8th Sep 2020 - Birmingham Post

Bolton lockdown: New COVID law will make it illegal for people to mix with other households

It will soon become illegal to meet or socialise with anyone from outside of your own household in Bolton, the health secretary has announced. Announcing tough new coronavirus restrictions on the north-west England town, which has become a particular concern for the government, Matt Hancock said people in their 20s and 30s have been socialising and that has led to a spike in cases. He added that authorities have identified a number of pubs where the virus had spread, and now venues will need to close between 10pm and 5am. Hospitality venues will be limited to takeaways.
8th Sep 2020 - YAHOO!

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Glasgow surprised but compliant as Covid-19 restrictions return

The restrictions brought in on Tuesday allow businesses to remain open but residents are discouraged from visiting other people’s homes. “I think there’s been a view in Scotland that we’re doing a better job of limiting the virus, so it was a bit of a surprise to see another lockdown in Glasgow,” says Stark, 29. “I was a bit disappointed and frustrated, and a few more weeks could be really tough for her emotionally, being so cut off and isolated. But I’d rather our government was more careful than less.”
7th Sep 2020 - The Guardian

After early virus success, Israel heads for partial lockdown

Once a role model in the fight against Covid-19, Israel is set to lock down several cities to slow the fast-spreading contagion as the government faces harsh criticism over the crisis. Israel passed the milestone of 1,000 novel coronavirus deaths this weekend after the toll tripled over the summer, fuelling regular protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's management of the health crisis and associated economic downturn. The dead were commemorated by Yediot Aharonot, Israel's top-selling daily newspaper, which covered its front page with the names of the pandemic victims and called out the "shameful failure of the management of the crisis since May".
7th Sep 2020 - FRANCE 24

Bengal’s first lockdown this month begins today, says Centre informed

The Mamata Banerjee administration in West Bengal is enforcing the first lockdown day in September on Monday. The state administration has already declared that complete state-wide lockdown would be enforced on three days in September – 7, 11 and 12. In August, the government had imposed lockdown on six days. Nearly 5,000 people were arrested for violating lockdown rules and around 2,500 people were booked for not wearing masks on these six days. A few thousand people were arrested on other days. Since the morning, the police have put up barricades on roads and naka checking was being done, vehicle owners were being checked and people on roads were being questioned. They were either sent back home or arrested if they failed to provide valid reasons.
7th Sep 2020 - Hindustan Times

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Victoria reports 76 coronavirus cases and 11 deaths as Daniel Andrews says roadmap not yet 'finalised'

Daniel Andrews says Victoria’s roadmap out of coronavirus lockdown has “not been finalised” as government and health experts meet before the unveiling of the plan on Sunday. At his press conference on Saturday, the Victorian premier announced 76 new coronavirus cases and 11 deaths, five of which were historical cases from recent days. In New South Wales, five further cases were announced on Saturday, as the Sydney CBD cluster grew to 61, while one additional case was recorded in Queensland and one in South Australia, the state’s first case in 12 days.
5th Sep 2020 - The Guardian

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Trafford MP: residents "in tears" as borough placed back in lockdown

A Trafford MP says residents were in tears after finding out they couldn't visit children and grandchildren when the borough was placed back into local lockdown. Graham Brady, for MP for Altrincham and Sale West, said it was “deeply disappointing” that restrictions preventing the mixing of households had been put back in place in a last-minute government U-turn yesterday. Lockdown restrictions were due to be lifted in the borough, and in Bolton, on Wednesday.
3rd Sep 2020 - Manchester Evening News

Israel announces partial national lockdown after coronavirus surge

Israel will impose a partial national lockdown next week to battle a coronavirus infection surge, the head of its pandemic task force said on Thursday, shouting his exasperation in an emotional television address, reported Reuters. The health official, Ronni Gamzu, said Israel was facing a “pivotal moment” in trying to contain the spread of COVID-19, with some 3,000 new cases now reported daily in a population of nine million. He put much of the blame on what he called apathy among the Arab minority to social distancing rules and high infection rates in close-knit ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities. Other health experts have said political in-fighting among members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government has led to a slow response to a second wave of cases after a national lockdown flattened the infection curve in May
3rd Sep 2020 - Middle East Monitor

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Government reapplies northern lockdown after 24 hours in latest U-turn

The UK faces a permanent £33bn annual hit to the economy as it emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey told MPs on Wednesday. Structural changes in the economy as people change their behaviours in response to the pandemic could cause long-term “scarring” to growth and employment, Mr Bailey warned. The Bank predicts that behavioural shifts, such as more working from home and people being more cautious about going out, will reduce gross domestic product (GDP) by 1.5 per cent every year below where it had been expected to be.
2nd Sep 2020 - The Independent

Cuba puts Havana into lockdown to stamp out spread of coronavirus

Cuban authorities have ordered a strict 15-day lockdown of Havana in an effort to stamp out the low-level but persistent spread of the coronavirus in the capital. Aggressive anti-virus measures, including closing down air travel, have virtually eliminated COVID-19 in Cuba with the exception of Havana, where cases have surged from a handful a day to dozens daily over the last month. A daily curfew from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. was instituted Tuesday. Most stores are barred from selling to shoppers from outside the immediate neighborhood in order to discourage people from moving around the city. Some Havana residents complained that the measures were complicating the already difficult task of buying food in a city hit by constant shortages and endless lines for a limited supply of basic goods.
2nd Sep 2020 - Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus: The countries bolstering restrictions or re-entering lockdown

Auckland re-emerged from lockdown this week, but the new cluster in the city was a reminder that globally, the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. Many countries who were apparently progressing well have been hit by second waves of Covid-19. In parts of Europe, surging infections numbers are placing pressure on governments, with some opting for localised lockdowns, mandated masks and even border closures to try and get on top of the virus.
2nd Sep 2020 - Stuff.co.nz

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Cuba imposes Havana lockdown as coronavirus spreads

Aggressive anti-virus measures including closing down air travel, have virtually eliminated COVID-19 in Cuba with the exception of Havana, where cases have surged from a handful a day to dozens daily over the last month. Starting on Tuesday, Havana was placed under a 7pm to 5am curfew. Most stores are barred from selling to shoppers from outside the immediate neighbourhood in order to discourage people from moving around the city. Some Havana residents complained that the measures were complicating the already difficult task of buying food in a city stricken by constant shortages and long lines for a limited supply of basic goods.
2nd Sep 2020 - AlJazeera

WHO warns hospitals to brace for surge in coronavirus patients this autumn

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned European hospitals they should be braced for a surge in Covid-19 patient numbers this autumn. Hans Kluge, WHO Europe regional director, said a potential increase in Covid-19 cases will be down to a host of factors, including flu season and children returning to school. He urged governments across the continent to use local lockdowns to target small outbreaks of the virus as winter approaches.
1st Sep 2020 - Evening Standard

Coronavirus: South Korea returns to lockdown and pleads with citizens to adhere to social distancing guidelines

South Korea has implemented a second nationwide lockdown to fend off a new wave of coronavirus and pleaded with its citizens to again adhere to social distancing rules. “Government officials and administrative orders alone cannot stop the daily activities of citizens,” said Jung Eun-kyeong, director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in a statement on Sunday. “We urge the public to practice complete social distancing over the next week.”
1st Sep 2020 - The Independent on MSN.com

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British Universities Should Not Reopen Next Month, Says Union

British universities should scrap plans to reopen next month to prevent travelling students from fuelling the country's coronavirus pandemic, a union said, calling for courses to be taught online. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government has come under fire over its moves to restart education, especially after a row over exam results for school students and a failed attempt to bring all pupils back to their classes earlier this year. Johnson has been calling on Britons to return to something more akin to normality after the coronavirus lockdown, calling on workers to return to offices to help the economy recover from a 20% contraction in the April-June period.
30th Aug 2020 - The New York Times

Coronavirus latest: France could face second lockdown amid ‘exponential’ rise in Covid-19 cases

President Emmanuel Macron has raised the possibility of another nationwide lockdown in France, after the country recorded its largest daily rise in coronavirus cases since March. On Friday, the number of infections recorded rose by a further 7,379, bringing the total in the country to 267,077. It latest figures mark the largest daily spike in cases since 31 March, at the peak of the first wave, when 7,578 cases were recorded.
29th Aug 2020 - iNews

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China's Coronavirus Lockdown In Xinjiang Is Severe — And Controversial : Goats and Soda

In mid-July, officials declared a "wartime mode" for the region. Community officials continue to go door to door, sealing doors with paper strips, tape and in some cases metal bars, to prevent residents from leaving their homes. The region has effectively been penned off from the rest of the country, meaning scant information about the lockdown has emerged. In July, Xinjiang's train stations were closed, intercity bus routes canceled, and centralized quarantine imposed on residents returning to the region. "It has been more than a week since we last had a case, but that does not mean we should relax," said Tang Shan, a Communist Party official who oversees Xinjiang's Ganquanbao district, an industrial zone just outside the region's capital of Urumqi. "We still ask our residents and the society at large, including our government organs, to work together in order to maintain the success we have achieved so far."
27th Aug 2020 - NPR

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Outdoor drinking banned as lockdown tightens in Manchester

Drinking outdoors has been banned in Manchester city centre over the Bank Holiday weekend due to coronavirus safety fears. Police will enforce the new measures over the weekend, fearing too many revellers will be out drinking in open spaces and breaking social distancing guidelines. However Mancunians will still be allowed to drink in pubs and restaurants. People in the city are already banned from meeting people from different households indoors or in private gardens after the Government re-imposed lockdown restrictions in large parts of the north after a spike in Covid-19 cases. Inspector Jonathan Shilvock said: ‘Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, events taking place over the bank holiday weekend have had to be cancelled for fears around public health and a possible lack of social distancing.
26th Aug 2020 - Metro.co.uk

Gran Canaria and other popular tourist destinations in Spain have gone into voluntary lockdown - here’s why

Certain regions of Spain, including popular tourist destinations, have embarked on new voluntary lockdowns in order to control outbreaks of coronavirus. Las Palmas and Valleseco (both in Gran Canaria), Tielmes in Madrid, and La Barquilla in Cáceres are currently all in voluntary lockdown. Gran Canaria has had the biggest number of coronavirus outbreaks of all the Canary Islands. While the tourist resort of Valleseco has only seen three positive cases of the virus, the local mayor Dámaso Arencibia Lantigua has said he doesn't want to take any chances, due to the high number of cases of Covid-19 elsewhere on the island.
26th Aug 2020 - The Scotsman

Myanmar expands Rakhine virus lockdown to cover one million

Myanmar expanded a lockdown in conflict-wracked Rakhine state to cover four more townships on Wednesday, halting the movement of about 1 million people as the number of coronavirus cases climbs steadily. One hundred new infections were confirmed across Myanmar in the last 24 hours -- bringing the total to 574 -- with the northwestern state registering the bulk. Rakhine is one of the poorest states in the country, with substandard healthcare facilities and a lack of access to education in some remote parts.
26th Aug 2020 - FRANCE 24

Jordan reimposes partial lockdown as Covid-19 infections rise

Jordan is set to reimpose restrictions and extend curfew hours from Tuesday in response to the worst coronavirus outbreak the kingdom has seen since the start of the pandemic. A ban on movement will be in force from 11pm to 6am and businesses will not be allowed to operate between 10pm and 6am as part of a series of sweeping measures to contain a nationwide surge in Covid-19 cases, with new infections rising from fewer than 10 to between 20 and 35 each day. Total lockdowns will be imposed on Fridays in areas with outbreaks, starting with Amman and Zarqa this week. Public hospitals across Jordan have suspended visiting hours as a precautionary measure. The restrictions aim to limit social gatherings and reduce “mixing” of citizens while avoiding a complete nationwide lockdown, government spokesman Amjad Adaileh said, while noting “the social and economic harm full lockdowns cause”.
24th Aug 2020 - The National

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Xinjiang residents handcuffed to their homes in Covid lockdown

Residents in the capital of Xinjiang are being forced to take traditional Chinese medicine, being handcuffed to buildings and ordered to stay inside for weeks as part of a harsh range of measures to tackle coronavirus, according to posts online. Urumqi, the capital of the semi-autonomous region known for its draconian security measures, has been in a “wartime state” of lockdown for more than a month after a cluster of cases emerged in July, when the outbreak had been mostly contained elsewhere in China.
25th Aug 2020 - The Guardian

China Locks Down Xinjiang to Fight Covid-19, Angering Residents

The restrictions, which remain even after new coronavirus infections subsided, have ruined livelihoods and damaged Beijing’s efforts to project harmony in the troubled region. First came the notices that Chinese officials had declared a “wartime” state. Then the authorities started going door to door, sealing off apartments and warning residents to stay inside. The Chinese government in recent weeks has imposed a sweeping lockdown across the Xinjiang region in western China, penning in millions of people as part of what officials describe as an effort to fight a resurgence of the coronavirus. But with the outbreak in Xinjiang seemingly under control and the restrictions still in place more than a month after the outbreak there began, many residents are lashing out and accusing the government of acting too harshly.
25th Aug 2020 - New York Times

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Gran Canaria goes into voluntary lockdown and cancels all events amidst coronavirus fears

New regions of Spain, including tourists destinations, are going into new "auto confinements" as coronavirus outbreaks continue to escalate across the country and in the holiday islands. Tielmes in Madrid, La Barquilla in Cáceres and Valleseco in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria are all back on voluntary lockdown and, within the next few hours, major new measures are to be announced for Catalonia. The tourist resort of Valleseco in Gran Canaria has only seen THREE positive cases of coronavirus but the local mayor says he doesn't want to take any chance given the high number of positives elsewhere on the island. He has asked 4,000 residents to confine themselves on a voluntary basis and not to leave their homes if possible to avoid outbreaks of coronavirus. Gran Canaria has registered the most coronavirus outbreaks of all the Canary Islands, mainly connected to nightlife
24th Aug 2020 - Daily Mirror

NZ extends lockdown amid 'frankly terrible year'

Hong Kong scientists report the first confirmed case of an apparently healthy patient being re-infected with Covid-19, four months after the first infection. However, the WHO urges people not to jump to any conclusions based on the experience of one patient. New Zealand extends lockdown measures in its largest city, Auckland, as the PM calls 2020 a "frankly terrible year." The US Food and Drug Administration gives emergency authorisation for the use of plasma to treat coronavirus patients
24th Aug 2020 - BBC

Lithuania adds Germany to virus isolation list

The Baltic country of Lithuania is as of Monday ordering a 14-day isolation for travelers from Germany because the number of infected people there is high. Germany was added to the Lithuanian Health Ministry’s list of coronavirus-affected countries because the COVID-19 infection rate on Friday reached 16.5 cases per 100,000 people over the last two weeks.
24th Aug 2020 - Associated Press on MSN.com

New Zealand's COVID-19 lockdown is extended by four days

New Zealand's lockdown has been extended by four days as cases still appear Aucklanders were expecting level three restrictions to be eased on Wednesday The city will now be placed under level two restriction on Sunday night instead Nation will be under level two restrictions for a week before alert level reviewed Face masks will now be mandatory on public transport to limit the risk of spread Jacinda Ardern said '2020 has frankly been terrible' but 'we're doing really well'
24th Aug 2020 - Daily Mail

New Zealand extends Auckland lockdown, Australian COVID-19 cases fall to seven-week low

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Monday extended a coronavirus lockdown in the country’s largest city until the end of the week and introduced mandatory mask wearing on public transport across the nation. Ardern said the four-day extension in the city of Auckland was critical to enable the country to step down its scale of emergency restrictions - and remain at less restrictive levels. “We want both confidence, and certainty for everyone,” Ardern said during a televised media conference. The Auckland lockdown, imposed on Aug. 11 after officials detected the country’s first locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in more than three months, had been scheduled to end on Wednesday. It will now end on Sunday night. The city’s step down from Level 3 to Level 2 restrictions will be made gradually from Monday, Ardern said.
24th Aug 2020 - Reuters UK

Weekend lockdown observed in many cities across India to control COVID-19 spread

In view of rising coronavirus cases, several state governments have imposed a weekend lockdown in cities. Weekend lockdown is being observed in Assam’s Guwahati on August 23. Fancy Bazaar was deserted as all shops were shut. Lockdown is also being observed in Chennai to control the spread of COVID-19. Restrictions are in place in Lucknow. Total cases in India surpassed 30-lakh mark today.
23rd Aug 2020 - The Economic Times

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Coronavirus: 27 swabs for nearly 4000 people on Ruby Princess cruise- how NZ was put at risk

Twenty-seven swabs. That was New Zealand’s Covid-19 frontline barrier against the 3795 people on the Ruby Princess as it made its way to our shores. Of the many remarkable findings in the 320-page report by the Special Commission of Inquiry into the Ruby Princess , the most concerning is the near total reliance New Zealand had on New South Wales Health and cruise ship company Carnival Cruises to protect us from the threat of Covid-19. Both failed to do their jobs. And while neither could be said to be responsible for the passengers spreading the virus here, the paucity of checks and monitoring raises serious questions about their actions and what needs to change when the indefinite ban on cruise ships is lifted.
22nd Aug 2020 - Stuff.co.nz

New Zealand defers lockdown decision as it reports new COVID-19 cases

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Friday deferred a decision on whether to ease a lockdown on the city of Auckland as 11 new coronavirus infections were reported, including nine cases of community transmission. New Zealand’s biggest city was placed in lockdown earlier this month until Aug. 26 amid a spike in new cases, forcing businesses to close and schools to shut. Ardern said after a review of the lockdown that there was no need to change any settings at this stage, and promised to review them again on Monday. “We have made good progress. Unlike our first lockdown we are not dealing with multiple outbreaks,” she said at a news conference. “There is nothing to suggest we need change our course and certainly nothing that suggests that we need to escalate our response.”
22nd Aug 2020 - Reuters

Madrid advises residents to stay at home as virus cases soar

Authorities in Madrid on Friday advised residents in areas with a high level of coronavirus cases to stay at home as the Spanish health ministry reported more than 3,000 new infections for the fourth day running. The country logged 3,650 coronavirus infections in the past 24 hours, bringing the cumulative total to 386,054. With 1,199 infections, Madrid accounted for nearly a third of the new cases. The region’s deputy health chief, Antonio Zapatero, urged people to avoid unnecessary trips and meetings, and said those in the worst-hit areas should stay at home, though he ruled out any mandatory confinement for now. “Although we’re worried, I don’t think the situation merits targeted lockdowns,” he told reporters.
21st Aug 2020 - Reuters UK

Spanish Government Considers the Possibility of Returning to Phase 2 Mobility Restrictions

The government is seriously considering proposing a return to phase 2 of a restriction of movement in order to stop the spread of the virus across Spain. The worsening of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain has prompted Pedro Sánchez to consider the possibility of implementing mobility restrictions in the autonomous communities, similar to those of Phase 2, but without having to decree a state of alarm, say sources from various regional governments. If there is no noticeable change in the current trend of the data – which this Friday amounted to more than 3,600 infections in a single day – Spain could take steps back in its ‘new normal’ and return, according to the same sources, to “similar situations to those of Phase 2 “, although mobility limitations would be limited to the community and not on a provincial level.
21st Aug 2020 - Euro Weekly News

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Is Oldham going into lockdown? Why people are worried about potentially ‘catastrophic’ new local coronavirus rules

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said an Oldham lockdown wasn’t ruled out, and the government would do ‘whatever is necessary to make sure we keep this virus under control.’ Oldham could be on the brink of a local lockdown as cases continue to spike in the Greater Manchester town. Matt Hancock said a local lockdown was not ruled out for Oldham, which has the highest rates of new infections in England, and topped Public Health England’s (PHE) red alert list of areas to watch. As a whole, Greater Manchester is seeing a concerning rise in cases, with experts saying “household transmission” is driving these new infections.
20th Aug 2020 - iNews

Morocco may reimpose full lockdown as COVID-19 cases surge: King

Morocco could return to a complete coronavirus lockdown as cases continue to spike, Moroccan King Mohammed VI said on Thursday, warning of severe economic repercussions. The warning came as a jump in infections in the once bustling tourist hub of Marrakech strained health services and led to protests by medical staff in recent days. New cases nationally have surged to more than 1,000 a day since Morocco lifted a strict three-month long lockdown in late June and hit a record high of 1,766 on Aug. 15. “If figures continue to increase, the COVID-19 Scientific Committee may recommend another lockdown, perhaps with even tighter restrictions,” the King said in a speech. The deterioration of the health situation “does not leave much room for optimism,” he said.
21st Aug 2020 - Reuters

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Town in Spain orders lockdown following surge in COVID-19 cases – despite majority being asymptomatic and just one remaining in hospital

Villamalea, in Albacete, has been ordered by the Government of Castilla-La Mancha to confine its 4,000 inhabitants. It comes after experts confirmed there was a worrying increase in coronavirus cases which points to community transmissions,
19th Aug 2020 - Olive Press

Lebanon reimposes lockdown amid COVID-19 spike: ministry

Lebanese authorities on Tuesday announced a new lockdown and an overnight curfew to rein in a spike in coronavirus infections. The new measures will come into effect on Friday and last just over two weeks, the interior ministry said, adding that they would not affect the clean-up and aid effort following the devastating August 4 Beirut port blast. A curfew will be imposed from 6:00 pm (1500 GMT) to 6:00 am.
19th Aug 2020 - FRANCE 24

Auckland lockdown affecting businesses throughout NZ

When New Zealanders emerged from their five weeks of level 4 lockdown, the top priority for many was getting a break from home cooking and finally ordering that favourite takeaway. Fast food outlets reported record sales, and the flat white-deprived population ensured struggling cafes got a much-needed cash injection. But it appears there's been no such flurry of business for the hospitality sector during the new level 3 lockdown, and there are fears it could be one hurdle too many for some businesses - and not only those in Auckland.
19th Aug 2020 - RNZ

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Victoria coronavirus: Will stage 4 restrictions be eased after 6 weeks?

Now that Melbourne’s stage 4 lockdown has been in place for two weeks, experts have modelled where the state will be at the end of six weeks and when restrictions can be lifted. Economist and modeller Professor Quentin Grafton of Australian National University told news.com.au that stage 4 was working but it was unlikely coronavirus case numbers would get down to zero by September 13. “If the goal is no community transmission, our modelling is telling us that six weeks is not enough,” Prof Grafton said. Even with these restrictions, Prof Grafton expects there will be a “long tail” of cases. “The number of cases will still be positive for a considerable number of weeks.”
18th Aug 2020 - NEWS.com.au

Lockdown Becomes an Australian Nightmare

Australia’s coronavirus response was, until recently, the envy of the world. Like its economy, which had gone nearly 30 years without a recession, Australia seemed to have cracked the Covid code. Community transmission had been all but eliminated, deaths kept low—a little over 100—and life in the population centers of Sydney and Melbourne was getting back to normal. At the same time, economists and business leaders had their fingers crossed for a V-shaped recovery, with hopes that the federal government would wind up its expensive stimulus and support programs before the end of the year. No longer. Australia is discovering what much of the world has already learned: Like holding a beach ball underwater, you can keep your infection rate down only for so long before it pops up again. And there’s only so much you can do to stop a virus from spreading without resort to petty totalitarianism.
17th Aug 2020 - The Wall Street Journal

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Hunt announces opening of 15 mental health clinics across Victoria amid second lockdown

Health Minister Greg Hunt has announced an additional $31.9 million to assist Victorians who are suffering during the course of the lockdown with their mental health. As part of the national response to Victoria's recent COVID-19 outbreaks, 15 new adult mental health clinics will be set up for an initial period of 12 months. Nine will open in metropolitan Melbourne and six in rural and regional Victoria.
17th Aug 2020 - 9News

Coronavirus Australia: Victorian daily numbers shows lockdown is working

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says the state’s strategy to drive down community transmission is working after it recorded 279 cases in the past 24 hours. Sunday’s COVID-19 figures follow a week of markedly lower daily infection numbers compared to earlier in the month, suggesting the harsh lockdown in Melbourne and tougher rules across the state appear to be having the desired effect.
17th Aug 2020 - NEWS.com.au

Second Lockdown A Wakeup Call For Kiwi Businesses To “get Digital”

New Zealand website agency Zeald has had fresh interest in its free ecommerce websites, following the announcement of Covid 19’s resurgence in the country last week. New enquiries add to the more than 600 free websites Zeald has already given away since the first lockdown, to help get struggling small businesses trading online. Founder and Chairman of Zeald, David Kelly, says getting online will help future-proof small businesses against ongoing uncertainty. “While this latest blow has come as a shock, it proves we simply can’t be complacent, even when it looks like we’re getting a handle on Covid 19. We will be operating in an uncertain trading environment for some time to come, and small businesses need to prepare digitally,” says Kelly.
17th Aug 2020 - Scoop.co.nz

Lebanon needs two-week lockdown after 'shocking' COVID-19 rise, minister says

Lebanon must shut down for two weeks after a surge in coronavirus infections, the caretaker health minister said on Monday, as the country reels from the massive Beirut port blast. The country’s health ministry registered a record 456 new infections on Monday, with two deaths, taking the cumulative number of cases to 9,337 since February, with 105 fatalities. “We declare today a state of general alert and we need a brave decision to close (the country) for two weeks,” Hamad Hassan told Voice of Lebanon radio. Lebanon, already deep in financial crisis, was struggling with a COVID-19 spike before the Aug. 4 blast that killed at least 178 people, wrecked swathes of the capital and pushed the government to resign
17th Aug 2020 - Reuters UK

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In Vietnam’s Da Nang, locals send cash, food as lockdown hits poorest

Months after Vietnam saw no local cases, a new outbreak in Da Nang has sent people back indoors, with many unable to afford food and rent. Local groups and others have been sending care packages to struggling families and overwhelmed hospitals
16th Aug 2020 - South China Morning Post

New Zealand Extends Auckland Lockdown as Virus Cluster Grows

New Zealand's government on Friday extended a lockdown of its largest city Auckland for another 12 days as it tries to stamp out its first domestic coronavirus outbreak in more than three months. The outbreak has grown to 30 people and extended beyond Auckland for the first time. Until the cluster was discovered Tuesday, New Zealand had gone 102 days without infections spreading in the community. The only known cases were travelers quarantined after arriving from abroad. Health authorities believe the virus must have been reintroduced from overseas, but genome testing hasn't found a link with any of the quarantined travelers. That has prompted authorities to investigate whether shipping workers were a source, after several employees at a food storage facility were infected. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said extending the Auckland lockdown, which began Wednesday, would give authorities time to get a handle on the virus cluster and isolate those infected.
16th Aug 2020 - YAHOO!

Covid 19 coronavirus: Ruapehū iwi follows Taranaki, wants regional lockdown

Ruapehū iwi Ngāti Rangi is calling for a regional lockdown after news a person with Covid-19 visited Turoa ski field. Ngāti Rangi chairman Whetu Moataane says the district is "not open for travellers", especially Aucklanders. The iwi's stance comes just days after the Taranaki Iwi Chairs' Forum and Taranaki Mayoral Forum issued a joint statement asking for its own "region-wide bubble". Taranaki groups were basing their view on whether the country went to alert level 3.
16th Aug 2020 - New Zealand Herald

New Zealand extends Auckland lockdown for 12 days

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a 12-day extension of the country’s Covid-19 restrictions, after a cluster of cases grew to 29. There are four “alert levels” in New Zealand, and Auckland has been on Level 3 since Wednesday. The rest of the country is on Level 2, and Ms Ardern said both would be extended. New Zealand has had success containing coronavirus, and went 102 days without a community transmission. The origin of the cluster in Auckland - New Zealand's largest city with a population of 1.5 million - is still being investigated.
14th Aug 2020 - BBC

Palghar to shut for five days with 300 Covid-19 cases in 3 days

A five-days complete lockdown has been declared in Palghar city from Friday after 100-plus Covis cases were detected in the last three days. The lockdown will see all shops and markets, including fish and meat completely shut. Medical, dairy and flour mills will be allowed to function. All industrial units except those manufacturing essential goods will be shut as well as restaurants engaged in home delivery. Read more at: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/77536431.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
14th Aug 2020 - The Times of India

On the ground in Vietnam's new COVID epicenter of Danang

Just weeks ago, things were looking up for residents of the Vietnamese coastal city of Danang. Their country was winning rave reviews globally for effectively handling the coronavirus pandemic, keeping infections low and being one of the few places hit to have avoided any deaths. Optimism was in the air. The local economy was gazing ahead to the eventual return of the foreign tourists who once flocked to its scenic beaches fronting the South China Sea. And more broadly, Vietnam itself was planning to pick up the pieces from the economic effects of the virus, with hopes pinned on an increased investment from companies seeking a safe haven from the U.S.-China trade conflict. But now, however, the atmosphere is fraught with fear and uncertainty as a surge in infections believed to have originated in the city and spreading elsewhere in the country has brought a series of emergency measures, with neighborhoods barricaded and residents are being mandatorily tested.
13th Aug 2020 - Nikkei Asian Review

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Homeless New Zealanders deported from Australia stranded in new lockdown

Several New Zealand nationals recently deported from Australia have ended up homeless after completing their 14 days in managed isolation, the Auckland City Mission says. Colloquially known as 501s, the group was deported after serving sentences across the Tasman and were housed in an "enhanced security" isolation facility in Auckland. But when their quarantine came to an end, some of them didn't have anywhere to go. Auckland City Missioner Chris Farrelly said several 501s had turned up at the Mission in recent weeks. They are among a number of people who have arrived in the city with nowhere to stay and whom the Mission is trying to find homes for during Auckland's alert level 3 coronavirus lockdown. Farrelly said many people had also been housed during the previous lockdown but some had left their accommodation since then.
12th Aug 2020 - 9News

Hear from mayor after New Zealand city of 1.5M orders lockdown

CNN's Richard Quest spoke with Andy Foster, the mayor of New Zealand's capital Wellington, about the country's response to the coronavirus as New Zealand reported 14 new coronavirus cases and imposed a lockdown in the city of Auckland.
12th Aug 2020 - CNN

Can New Zealand learn anything from Australia's lockdown?

Over the last couple of weeks, many Kiwis have looked across the Tasman at Victoria with the thought of "that would never happen to us". But as we begin our second wave, should we be taking advice from the situation in Australia? Epidemiologist at Melbourne University Tony Blakely told Mike Hosking the compulsory wearing of masks in Victoria has worked. "Studies have shown up to a 85% reduction by wearing masks. "The numbers have started to some down fast since wearing masks, there's very strong evidence they work. They really are a no brainier."
12th Aug 2020 - Newstalk ZB

England’s big northern lockdown leaves residents bewildered

The sight of dozens of customers at the village pub, just a couple of miles outside the spa town of Ilkley, perfectly illustrated the UK government’s attempts to curb coronavirus, while keeping the economy open. This area of West Yorkshire is part of a large zone across northern England, where almost two weeks ago 4.5m people were told lockdown rules were being imposed to contain localised outbreaks of the virus. The rules state that separate households can be fined £100 for mixing in each other’s homes and gardens. The combination of this ban on home entertaining and a government subsidy across England on meals out — designed to give the struggling hospitality sector a boost in August — has enticed crowds into temporary marquees in the car park of the Swan. Amy Sayers, the Swan’s landlady, praised the government’s efforts to balance measures to contain the virus with the need to keep the economy functioning. But some of her customers were not convinced. “It makes no sense,” said Fiona Mann, a local businesswoman having a drink with a friend. “I can come to the pub and meet someone but I can’t have them in my garden.”
12th Aug 2020 - Financial Times

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Melbourne stage 4 restrictions and Covid lockdown rules explained

Stage four restrictions have been in effect across metropolitan Melbourne since Sunday 2 August and will last for six weeks. Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, said the restrictions have been brought in to get community transmission – cases where the source of the transmission cannot be determined – under control. Andrews said government modelling showed that without these measures, stage three restrictions would need to last six months. Here are some of the main things you need to know about the stage 4 restrictions for Melbourne.
12th Aug 2020 - The Guardian

All rest homes going into level 4 lockdown for three days

Aged Care Association chief executive Simon Wallace told Nine to Noon no visits from family would be allowed. "We have decided that we will go into full lockdown. So every rest home in New Zealand will go into full lockdown immediately, we will be in that situation until midnight on Friday and then the situation will be reassessed at that point," he told Nine to Noon. Full lockdown meant rest homes would be operating under level 4 restrictions, he said. "It means there will be no visits, no family visits to their loved ones in rest homes and all the guidance and all the precautions that applied when we were at level 4 will apply for the next three days."
12th Aug 2020 - RNZ

Coronavirus: New Zealand locks down Auckland after cases end 102-day run

New Zealand has put its largest city back into lockdown after recording four new Covid-19 cases, ending a 102-day streak without a local infection. A three-day lockdown was swiftly imposed in Auckland after the cases were confirmed. The four new cases are all members of a single family. None had travelled recently. The restrictions will come into effect on Wednesday, as authorities scramble to trace contacts of the family. Auckland residents will be asked to stay at home, large gatherings will be banned, non-essential businesses will be shut, and some social-distancing restrictions will be reintroduced in the rest of the country. The country's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also on Wednesday deferred the dissolution of parliament, following the latest Covid-19 cases.
12th Aug 2020 - BBC

New Zealand's biggest city back in lockdown

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Wednesday delayed a key step toward next month's general election, as the country was plunged back into lockdown after the discovery of the first COVID-19 cases in more than three months.
12th Aug 2020 - Reuters

New Zealand city of Auckland prepares for lockdown as mystery COVID cases emerge

New Zealanders on Wednesday scrambled to stock up on essentials as the country’s biggest city prepared to go into lockdown again, following new cases of the coronavirus that ended a 102-day record run without any new infections. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced overnight that she was shutting down Auckland after four new cases of COVID-19 were discovered in the city from the same family, despite the international borders’ being shut to foreigners and returning New Zealanders put in mandatory quarantine. The government has said the source of the new infections was unknown so far.
12th Aug 2020 - Reuters UK

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Australia’s state by state coronavirus lockdown rules and restrictions explained

What are the restrictions within Victoria and the border closures with NSW and Queensland? How far can I travel, and how many people can I have over at my house? Untangle Australia’s Covid-19 laws and guidelines with our guide
12th Aug 2020 - The Guardian

Coronavirus: Australia's Northern Territory extends border restrictions for virus hotspots

Australia's remote Northern Territory (NT) will keep its borders closed to coronavirus-affected states for at least another 18 months, officials say. Australia is battling a second wave in its south-east, with about 8,000 active cases in Melbourne and smaller clusters in Sydney. But elsewhere around the country, the virus has effectively been eliminated. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said interstate travel restrictions will likely persist until Christmas. Last week, Queensland re-closed its borders to New South Wales - which includes Sydney - and the Australian Capital Territory.
11th Aug 2020 - BBC

Coronavirus in New Zealand: Auckland to lock down as cases are found

New Zealand’s largest city has been sealed off after new coronavirus cases shattered the country’s claim to have eliminated Covid-19. The confirmation of four cases in Auckland comes three days after Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister, launched her re-election campaign on a platform of beating the virus. The country votes on September 19.
11th Aug 2020 - The Times

Lockdown reimposed in New Zealand after first outbreak in 102 days

Coronavirus has broken out again in New Zealand after 102 days without any new cases. Four members of the same household have tested positive for Covid-19 in Auckland, forcing the city back into lockdown as officials begin contact tracing.
11th Aug 2020 - Metro

New cases end New Zealand's 'COVID-free' status; Auckland back in lockdown

New Zealand announced on Tuesday it was shutting down its largest city, Auckland, after four new cases of COVID-19 were discovered in the city, the first evidence of domestic transmission after being coronavirus-free for 102 days. New Zealand’s successful fight against COVID-19 was hailed globally and the Pacific island nation of 5 million was seen as one of the safest places, as the pandemic raged globally. Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said the four cases were within one family in South Auckland. One person is in their 50s. They had no history of international travel. Family members have been tested and contact tracing is under way. News of the cases sent panic across the country with media reporting people rushing to supermarkets to stock up, and businesses preparing to shut.
11th Aug 2020 - Reuters India

New Zealand moves fast to lock down Auckland after return of COVID after 102 days

New Zealand’s biggest city Auckland will be shut down from midday on Wednesday after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern warned four new cases of coronavirus had emerged. The country had achieved a record 102 days of no new transmissions and has been widely held up internationally as the model on how to beat the virus with the strictest regulations in the world. Citizens in Auckland will be expected to work from home unless they are essential workers, and schools will close, as will bars, cafes and restaurants until the end of the week. Ardern said in a televised press conference, “We’re asking people in Auckland to stay home to stop the spread
11th Aug 2020 - MarketWatch

Covid 19 coronavirus: Second Christchurch retirement village goes into lockdown

A second Christchurch retirement village has gone into lockdown and residents are being tested for Covid-19. Brookhaven Retirement Village in Woolston has reportedly tested eight of its residents and put them in isolation after they displayed flu-like symptoms. Emergency-only visits were being accepted, and those visiting were asked to wear masks and use hand sanitiser, a nurse told Stuff. It was revealed this afternoon that the Village Palms Retirement Community in Shirley had advised family members in a letter that it was in lockdown after residents began displaying symptoms of a respiratory illness.
11th Aug 2020 - New Zealand Herald

New Zealand retirement home in lockdown to test for COVID-19

A New Zealand retirement village has gone into lockdown after residents displayed symptoms of respiratory illness, the New Zealand Herald reported on Tuesday. The Village Palms retirement village in Christchurch advised of the lockdown in a letter to family members today, the newspaper said. No further details were immediately available. New Zealand, which has managed to largely contain the spread of the coronavirus, has gone more than 100 days without community transmission of COVID-19.
11th Aug 2020 - Reuters UK

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Half of coronavirus cases in UK city on lockdown are young people under 30

The Lancashire city of 140,000 was placed under localised restrictions last week with officials issuing a “don’t kill granny” plea to young people in the area. A ban on separate households gathering in each other’s homes and gardens coming into effect on midnight Friday August 7. In the week up to August 5, Preston saw a doubling of the infection rate from the previous week from about 21 cases per 100,000 to more than 42 per 100,000.
10th Aug 2020 - Daily Mirror

Australia borders to stay shut as COVID-19 daily deaths reach record

Australia recorded its biggest one-day rise in COVID-19 deaths on Monday although a slowdown in new cases gave hope that a second wave of new infections in the state of Victoria may have peaked. Nineteen people had died from the virus, all in Victoria, in the past 24 hours, a national daily record. However only 337 people had been diagnosed with COVID-19 across the country, the lowest one-day rise since July 29, officials said. “This is an agonising day for the members for the 19 families who have lost a loved one to COVID-19 today,” Michael Kidd, Australia’s deputy chief medical officer, told reporters. “We are now seeing the first promising signs of a significant decline in the number of cases.”
10th Aug 2020 - Reuters

Victorians flee Melbourne’s stage 4 lockdown using sneaky loophole

Thousands of Victorians are reportedly looking to flee the state for good, heading north to Queensland to escape stage 4 restrictions. And people are so keen to escape to the Sunshine State, they’re snapping up million-dollar properties without even seeing them first. According to online removalist platform Muval, 20,000 Victorians have looked at relocating since stage 4 lockdown was announced a week ago.
10th Aug 2020 - NEWS.com.au

Havana back on lockdown as coronavirus rebounds

Cuba placed Havana back on a strict lockdown on Saturday following a rebound in coronavirus cases, ordering restaurants, bars and pools once more to close, suspending public transportation and banning access to the beach. Cuba, which has been hailed as a rare success story in Latin America for its textbook handling and containment of its coronavirus outbreak, had eased lockdown restrictions last month after cases dwindled to but a handful per day. But they have risen back to April levels over the past two weeks, with the health ministry reporting 59 cases on Saturday and saying the situation could become “uncontrollable” if authorities did not act fast.
10th Aug 2020 - Reuters UK

Coronavirus Greece: Curfew in top island bars and eateries

Greece has announced a night curfew for restaurants and bars in certain areas Venues will be forced to close from midnight until 7pm from Tuesday Officials have also put in place new entry restrictions from several EU countries British holidaymakers are turning to Greece after Spanish quarantine enforced
10th Aug 2020 - Daily Mail

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Australian state records 466 cases, 12 deaths

The Australian state of Victoria recorded 466 new cases of COVID-19 and 12 deaths, including another man in his 30s. The figures were released as the city of Melbourne remained in lockdown and under an overnight curfew. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said that six of the deaths were connected to outbreaks at aged care facilities. On Friday, when the state reported 450 new cases and 11 deaths, the chief health officer said the coronavirus infection rate in the hard-hit state had been “relatively flat” in the past week. That was down from a record 725 infections reported a week earlier
8th Aug 2020 - Associated Press

Havana back on lockdown as coronavirus rebounds

Cuba placed Havana back on a strict lockdown on Saturday following a rebound in coronavirus cases, ordering restaurants, bars and pools once more to close, suspending public transportation and banning access to the beach. Cuba, which has been hailed as a rare success story in Latin America for its textbook handling and containment of its coronavirus outbreak, had eased lockdown restrictions last month after cases dwindled to but a handful per day. But they have risen back to April levels over the past two weeks, with the health ministry reporting 59 cases on Saturday and saying the situation could become “uncontrollable” if authorities did not act fast. “We are witnessing a new epidemiological outbreak that puts our entire population at risk,” Cuban Health Minister José Angel Portal said during a daily coronavirus briefing on Saturday.
8th Aug 2020 - Reuters

Coronavirus: Stricter measures introduced in Preston

Lockdown measures have been reintroduced in Preston after a rise in Covid-19 cases. Residents in the Lancashire city face stricter restrictions, which include banning separate households from meeting each other at home. The council had already asked residents to follow extra precautions in a bid to halt the spread of the virus. The move brings Preston in line with measures in east Lancashire, Greater Manchester and parts of west Yorkshire. Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed the restrictions in these areas would remain in place "as the data does not yet show a decrease in the transmission of this terrible virus". Any changes to the measures will be announced by 14 August following a review next week, he added. He said the decision to extend the restrictions to Preston was "at the request of the local area".
8th Aug 2020 - BBC

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Another UK city fears Government imposed local lockdown

Another UK city fears it could have a Government imposed lockdown. Preston City Council’s chief executive said the Lancashire city could be the next area to face Government intervention after a rise in coronavirus rates. The authority has advised residents to avoid having visitors to their homes, although there are no official restrictions such as the laws brought in for other parts of the county, as well as Greater Manchester and parts of West Yorkshire. Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Preston City Council chief executive Adrian Phillips said: “We are not waiting for some Government announcement. “We know our rates are increasing and they have increased over the last week to a level now where we are concerned that we could face Government intervention. “We’ve been working with our communities to make sure we get those key messages out.”
6th Aug 2020 - Wales Online

Coronavirus: How Leicester coped with local lockdown

Leicester became the first city in the UK to be put in local lockdown, meaning a delay to the easing of some restrictions that had been in place throughout the coronavirus pandemic and the reintroduction of others. But other places have followed - so what can their residents learn from Leicester? Restaurants, pubs and hairdressers in Leicester were able to reopen for the first time since March on Monday - weeks later than in other areas of England - and people have once again been allowed to make non-essential journeys and travel in and out of the city. However, leisure centres, gyms and pools must remain closed and, like in some other areas of England, there is a ban on visiting people's homes, either indoors or in private gardens.
6th Aug 2020 - BBC

Minister plays down prospect of expanding Aberdeen lockdown

Nicola Sturgeon has told people living in Aberdeen they should not leave the city for any holidays as confirmed cases in the coronavirus outbreak rose overnight to at least 79. The first minister said the city’s 229,000 residents had to observe the emergency lockdown rules that forbid non-essential journeys more than five miles from home. That included not taking holidays in Scotland, the UK or overseas, she said. “Our advice to the people of Aberdeen is that you should not be going on holiday right now, either to other parts of Scotland, or to other parts of the UK. We advise against overseas holiday in general for people right across Scotland,” she said. “We’re also advising people outside of Aberdeen not to travel to the city for leisure purposes or to visit friends and family.”
6th Aug 2020 - The Guardian

West Bengal Lockdown News: These Areas in Nadia District to be Under Complete Lockdown From Tomorrow Midnight

Amid a rise in Coronavirus cases, a complete lockdown will come into force in some places of Nadia district for a week starting Friday midnight. A comprehensive lockdown will be imposed in areas of Sadar and Tehatta subdivisions of Krishnanagar Police District at Kalyani and Ranaghat sub-divisions of Ranaghat Police Districts, Nadia District Magistrate Vibhu Goel said
6th Aug 2020 - India.com

Virus lockdown shuts Kashmir year after India lifts autonomy

Authorities enforced security restrictions in many parts of Indian-controlled Kashmir on Wednesday, a year after New Delhi revoked the disputed region’s semi-autonomy in a decision that set off anger and economic ruin amid a harsh security clampdown. Officials lifted a curfew in the restive region’s main city of Srinagar late Tuesday, but said restrictions on public movement, transport and commercial activities would continue because of the coronavirus pandemic. Government forces placed steel barricades and razor wire across many roads, bridges and intersections. Shops and businesses remained shut and police and soldiers stopped residents at checkpoints, only letting an occasional vehicle or pedestrian pass.
6th Aug 2020 - The Associated Press

New lockdown ratchets up economic pain in Australian city

A bright side for plant nurseries of Melbourne’s first pandemic stay-at-home order was that many householders took the time to garden. But the latest lockdown in Australia’s second-largest city is far tougher. More than 250,000 people were thrown out of work on Thursday. Those whose jobs are deemed essential need government-issued permits to travel the near-empty streets of a virtual ghost town to get to their jobs. The rolling restrictions have created confusion and uncertainly in a population navigating Australia’s toughest-ever lockdown that makes masks compulsory and imposes an 8 p.m.-to-5 a.m. curfew.
6th Aug 2020 - ABC

Melbourne enters Australia's toughest virus lockdown

Australia's second-largest city entered the country's toughest lockdown yet on Thursday, sparking a fresh wave of anxiety and confusion over ever-tougher regulations. Melbourne's streets were visibly quieter as non-essential businesses were forced to shutter under new coronavirus rules expected to be in place for six weeks. A second lockdown for the state capital of Victoria began in early July but additional regulations came into force overnight, requiring hundreds of thousands more people to stay at home.
6th Aug 2020 - RFI

Health minster defends Qld border lockdown

Queenslanders are waiting anxiously to find out if efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus have been successful as the state counts down to another border closure. It has been 16 days since two COVID-19-infected teens dodged quarantine and spent days moving about the community before police tracked them down. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says there were no new cases diagnosed overnight but health officials remain on high alert following the breach. "The next four days is still very crucial," she told reporters on Thursday. "If you are sick, stay at home and get tested."The premier urged people to be vigilant to stop the spread of the virus, saying "it only takes one or two cases for this virus to take hold".
6th Aug 2020 - The Canberra Times

What happens if Melbourne's stage four lockdown doesn't work?

Victoria's health authorities hope Melbourne's stage four lockdown will help drive COVID-19 infection numbers down, and say they aren't thinking about a stage five. But a New Zealand infectious diseases expert says her country's strict lockdown could provide some important lessons.
6th Aug 2020 - ABC News

Complete lockdown in some areas in West Bengal’s Nadia from Friday midnight

The Nadia district administration in West Bengal on Wednesday announced a complete lockdown at some places for a week starting Friday midnight to contain the spread of Covid-19, a senior official said. Comprehensive lockdown will be imposed in some areas of Sadar and Tehatta subdivisions of Krishnanagar Police District at Kalyani and Ranaghat sub-divisions of Ranaghat Police Districts, Nadia District Magistrate Vibhu Goel said.
6th Aug 2020 - Hindustan Times

Nation’s Leading Vaccine Authorities Urge Thorough Review of Safety and Efficacy of COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines should be made widely available only after the Food and Drug Administration has been able to evaluate safety and efficacy data from completed Phase 3 clinical trials, according to the nation’s leading vaccine authorities. Nearly 400 experts in virology, epidemiology, vaccinology, clinical care, and public health are calling on FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn to ensure a thorough, transparent process that will give experts and the general public alike reassurance that the candidate vaccines are safe and effective.
5th Aug 2020 - Center for Science in the Public Interest

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'Uncertainty' about origin of outbreak and 'rapidly accelerating' transmission forced Aberdeen lockdown decision

Nicola Sturgeon has said the uncertainty over the origin of the outbreak of Covid-19 in Aberdeen and the ongoing “rapid transmission” of the virus created a tipping point for the Scottish Government to reimpose lockdown restrictions in the city. The First Minister, speaking at her daily coronavirus briefing with chief medical officer Gregor Smith, announced those living in Aberdeen will face tougher restrictions from today due to the outbreak which was first reported last week.
5th Aug 2020 - The Scotsman

Which parts of the UK are back in lockdown as Aberdeen becomes the latest city to see a spike in coronavirus cases?

Aberdeen has become the latest city in the UK to go back into lockdown following a spike in local cases. The new restrictions will see hospitality venues once again forced to close and limitations placed on people’s movements as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said 54 cases had been reported in the cluster. It joins a number of other areas across the country which are facing renewed lockdown restrictions or other curbs in response to rising Covid cases. But which parts of the UK are back in lockdown, or have had some lockdown restrictions reimposed?
5th Aug 2020 - Metro

Pubs to be closed in Aberdeen as lockdown renewed

Lockdown restrictions have been reimposed in Aberdeen due to a coronavirus cluster in the city, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced. Pubs and restaurants were ordered to close by 17:00 on Wednesday. People are being told not to travel to Aberdeen, and those living in the city face travel restrictions. Ms Sturgeon said there were now 54 cases in the "significant outbreak" and that community transmission could not be ruled out.
5th Aug 2020 - BBC

Coronavirus Australia: Military deployed and car windows smashed by police to enforce lockdown stay-at-home orders

Some 500 military personnel will be deployed to Australia’s second most populous state, Victoria, to enforce coronavirus isolation orders. Anyone caught breaking the rules will face a tough fine as high as A$20,000 (£10,900), with the only exception being for urgent medical care. Earlier this week, Victoria imposed a night-time curfew, tightened restrictions on people’s movements during the day and ordered large parts of the economy to close in order to slow the spread of the virus.
5th Aug 2020 - The Independent

'Serious problems': Businesses warn food supply chains are in jeopardy

Business leaders are urging the Victorian government to make immediate changes to its tough COVID-19 lockdown rules to avoid jeopardising national food supplies amid confusion and fury at conflicting signals about who can keep working. Industry groups gained an emergency meeting with state Treasurer Tim Pallas on Wednesday night after venting their frustration at the lack of clarity about rules exposing employers to fines of up to $99,132 if workers do not carry the right permits during the six-week stage 4 lockdown.
5th Aug 2020 - The Sydney Morning Herald

Coronavirus: Queensland to close border to New South Wales

Australia's Queensland will extend its border closure to New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to halt the spread of coronavirus from south-eastern states. It has already shut to Victoria - the centre of Australia's second wave - amid an outbreak in Melbourne. Victoria reported 725 new infections on Wednesday, yet another daily record despite being four weeks into lockdown. NSW saw many fewer - 12 - but all other states have consistently fared better. Sydney - the NSW capital and Australia's largest city - has been averaging about 80 infections per week, prompting concerns that community transmission could grow.
5th Aug 2020 - BBC

City Streets Drain of Life in Australia's Toughest Lockdown

Melbourne’s usually vibrant downtown streets were draining of signs of life on Wednesday on the eve of Australia’s toughest-ever pandemic restrictions coming into force. Many of the stylish boutiques and eateries in a city dubbed Australia’s Hipster Capital that prides itself on superior coffee had already closed their doors ahead of a ban on non-essential businesses that will throw 250,000 people out of work from Thursday.
5th Aug 2020 - The New York Times

New lockdown laws for 4,000,000 in northern England come into force tonight

New lockdown restrictions impacting millions of people in parts of northern England come into force at midnight tonight. The coronavirus crackdown in areas including Manchester, parts of east Lancashire and West Yorkshire will see people from different households banned from meeting in a private home or garden, following a spike in cases. Ministers had initially said the rules – in the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions on Gatherings) (North of England) Regulations 2020 – would apply from midnight on July 31, but refused to comment when asked why there had been a delay in imposing them. The regulations, published on Tuesday afternoon, say anyone found flouting the rules could be fined £100 up to a maximum of £3,200 for repeat offences.
5th Aug 2020 - Metro

Philippines back under lockdown as virus cases continue to surge

Philippine police deployed road blocks on Tuesday to enforce a tough new lockdown on about 28 million people in the capital Manila and nearby provinces as the Southeast Asian country reported the region's biggest daily rise in coronavirus cases. The area, which accounts for most economic activity in the country and a quarter of the population, has gone back into lockdown for two weeks after restrictions were relaxed in June. The eased restrictions, in an effort to revive the economy, led to infections soaring more than six-fold to 112,593 and deaths more than doubling to roughly 2,100, piling pressure on a beleaguered healthcare sector. The health ministry on Tuesday reported 6,352 new cases, marking the biggest daily jump in infections in Southeast Asia and after posting a record rise in five of the past six days.
5th Aug 2020 - YAHOO!

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Philippines back under lockdown as virus cases continue to surge

Philippine police deployed road blocks on Tuesday to enforce a tough new lockdown on about 28 million people in the capital Manila and nearby provinces as the Southeast Asian country reported the region’s biggest daily rise in coronavirus cases. The area, which accounts for most economic activity in the country and a quarter of the population, has gone back into lockdown for two weeks after restrictions were relaxed in June. The eased restrictions, in an effort to revive the economy, led to infections soaring more than six-fold to 112,593 and deaths more than doubling to roughly 2,100, piling pressure on a beleaguered healthcare sector.
4th Aug 2020 - Reuters

Millions back under lockdown in Philippines amid surge in virus cases

Millions of people in the Philippines were ordered to stay home Tuesday as global coronavirus infections kept soaring, with the World Health Organization warning against relying on a vaccine "silver bullet" to end the pandemic. More than 18 million people worldwide have been infected with the virus since it first emerged in China late last year and it shows no sign of slowing down. Desperate to contain the spread and relieve pressure on overwhelmed hospitals, some countries such as the Philippines have resorted to reimposing economically painful restrictions on travel and businesses. Commuter trains, buses and other public vehicles stayed off the main roads of the capital Manila on Tuesday and police were again staffing checkpoints to restrict public travel as surging virus cases forced another lockdown.
4th Aug 2020 - YAHOO!

Manila’s new lockdown as Duterte accuses doctors of seeking ‘revolution’

Return to stringent ‘modified enhanced community quarantine’ will force most businesses to close, inflicting further pain on the economy. Philippine president took aim at ‘troublemakers’ who recorded and shared a Tagalog version of Do You Hear The People Sing from Les Miserables
4th Aug 2020 - South China Morning Post

Coronavirus Australia: Melbourne lockdown will see a million workers remain at home

Around a quarter of a million people in Australia’s second most populous state will be told to stay at home as businesses begin to close in Melbourne on Wednesday evening to stem the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.
4th Aug 2020 - The Independent

Coronavirus: Melbourne police 'assaulted and baited' over lockdown rules

Authorities in the Australian city of Melbourne have warned of a "dangerous" rise in people resisting lockdown measures, sometimes violently. Police said this trend included so-called "sovereign citizens" - who espouse an anti-government ideology - confronting officers. In one case a woman repeatedly smashed a policewoman's head into the ground. Authorities have increased fines for repeated rule breaches as Melbourne endures a deadly virus second wave. More than half of Australia's 18,300 cases have been recorded in the past month in Victoria, of which Melbourne is the capital. There have been 226 deaths nationally. Melbourne has recently mandated wearing masks and tightened a stay-at-home order to reduce transmissions. But authorities said many people were breaking rules, including some who claimed to be "above the law".
4th Aug 2020 - BBC

Philippines fears for economy, income as tough lockdown returns

Tens of millions of people in and around the Philippine capital will go back to a strict lockdown from Tuesday, threatening incomes and hopes for reviving a once dynamic economy as authorities take drastic measures to halt surging virus cases. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the Philippines was one of Asia’s fastest growing economies, but tough restrictions from mid-March to May pushed it to the brink of recession, and hopes for a swifter recovery are looking bleak with the return of measures set to squeeze commerce. The lockdown in Manila and nearby provinces is being reinstated for an initial two weeks after a prominent medical group warned the healthcare system could collapse from soaring COVID-19 cases that scaled new records on four straight days until Monday.
4th Aug 2020 - Reuters UK

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Northern England lockdown: Why you can go to the pub, but not sit in a friend's garden

Inconsistencies have led to sharp criticism of the government. Since the restrictions were imposed in Greater Manchester and parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire on Friday: Wigan MP and shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy said “the way the government has announced this has been an absolute shambles and made it harder to follow advice” Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham criticised the government for not publishing the exact rules immediately after the announcement was made on Thursday night - Francis Crick Institute director Sir Paul Nurse suggested the government is not treating the public like adults
3rd Aug 2020 - Yahoo News UK

Spain locks down two more towns after new coronavirus outbreaks

Two towns just three miles apart in north-west Spain went back in lockdown on Sunday, following a new outbreak of coronavirus. At least 49 people have tested positive following an outbreak at a slaughterhouse. Now around 10,000 residents in Iscar and Pedrajas de San Esteban, in Valladolid, must remain in their homes unless they have to go outside for an 'unavoidable' reason. Travel will be allowed between the towns but residents are not allowed to leave otherwise. Citizens face tough fines after officials warned that some people had not been taking the rules on face masks and social distancing seriously enough. Extra police patrols are being drafted in, as well as a helicopter to ensure the new rules are followed
3rd Aug 2020 - Mirror Online

Millions return to lockdown in Philippines as virus cases soar

More than 27 million people in the Philippines -- about a quarter of the population -- will go back into lockdown Tuesday after overwhelmed health workers warned the country was losing the battle against the coronavirus. Since the beginning of June, when much of the country emerged from one of the world's longest stay-at-home orders, confirmed infections in the archipelago have increased fivefold, surging past 100,000. The new restrictions announced by President Rodrigo Duterte late Sunday apply to the capital Manila and four surrounding provinces on the main island of Luzon.
3rd Aug 2020 - FRANCE 24

Manila returning to lockdown as coronavirus cases surge

The Philippine president has agreed to place the capital and outlying provinces back under a lockdown after medical groups warned that the country was waging “a losing battle” against the coronavirus amid an alarming surge in infections. Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said Monday that metropolitan Manila, the capital region of more than 12 million people, and five densely populated provinces will revert to stricter quarantine restrictions for two weeks starting Tuesday. The move, which finance and economic officials oppose, will again prohibit non-essential travel outside of homes.
3rd Aug 2020 - The Japan Times

Melbourne lockdown: Business owners await COVID workplace restrictions

Meat products are in short supply and customers are growing increasingly frustrated as Melburnians queue outside supermarkets to stock up on essentials. There was a 15-minute wait as shoppers lined up outside Woolworths in Mill Park on Monday morning. Shopper Amanda Cunningham said the wait wasn’t as nearly “as bad” as Sunday’s, moments after the Premier announced Melbourne would plunge into a strict stage four lockdown. “All hell seemed to break loose yesterday,” she said. “Today isn’t so bad, but I mean if we have to queue every time we need milk and bread, it’s going to make things difficult.” Inside the store, Thomastown’s Hanna Knowles vented her frustration at not being able to find chicken two times in the past 24 hours. “It’s good that there are buying limits for meat now, but yesterday people were going nuts and every store I go to there are meat shortages. Everyone’s saying people are scared abattoirs will be shut.”
3rd Aug 2020 - NEWS.com.au

Australia's job recovery is losing momentum as Victoria enters stage four lockdown. Economists are urging the federal government to do more.

Jobs continued to bounce back in July, but its trajectory upwards has slowed considerably in the latest report from ANZ Bank. “The second wave of COVID-19 cases and return to Stage 3 restrictions in Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire have undoubtedly weighed on the recovery in labour demand so far,” senior economist Catherine Birch said. With Victoria moving to stage four at the beginning of August, the federal government will need to do even more to support a jobs recovery, Birch noted.
3rd Aug 2020 - Business Insider Australia

Victoria lockdown: NSW considers harsher border restrictions

Only those authorised under the public health order may enter NSW if they have been in Victoria in the last 14 days, the Premier said that could be strengthened to impact NSW residents if COVID-19 cases don’t start to slow down. South Australia hardened its borders last week, meaning anyone – including SA residents – would not be able to enter the state if they had been anywhere in Victoria. “There are various checks in place, and if we need to do more, we will,” Ms Berejiklian said on Monday.
3rd Aug 2020 - NEWS.com.au

Australia Orders Six-Week Closure of Melbourne Businesses Amid Outbreak

Australia is ordering non-essential businesses in Melbourne, its second-largest city, to close for six weeks starting Wednesday as authorities try to control an outbreak that accounts for nearly all of the country’s new coronavirus cases. Health officials reported Monday 429 new COVID-19 infections and 13 deaths in Victoria state, which includes Melbourne. In addition to closing most stores, other industries such as construction and meat production will have to limit their operations starting Friday. The Victoria government declared a COVID-19 disaster in Melbourne on Sunday, and with the new restrictions going into effect, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Monday that workers in Victoria who do not have paid sick leave and have to isolate themselves will be eligible to receive a payment of about $1,000.
3rd Aug 2020 - VOA Asia

'A gargantuan task': The mistakes Victoria made in Stage Three lockdown

Melbourne residents are facing a difficult six-week period as harsh Stage Four restrictions including a nightly curfew have been imposed on the Victorian city. The drastic move was announced by Premier Daniel Andrews on Sunday in the face of stubbornly high virus cases persisting in the state. Despite referring to the introduction of a face mask mandate as “essentially Stage Four” last week, new cases continued to mount and health authorities were forced to tighten the screws even further. After more than three weeks of Melbourne under Stage Three restrictions, it was deemed that more restrictions were needed.
3rd Aug 2020 - YAHOO!

Coronavirus: How Melbourne's stringent new lockdown compares to NZ's

Melbourne is under a strict new lockdown following a second wave of coronavirus sweeping the city. Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews​ announced the tougher restrictions on Sunday, in response to the rapidly rising Covid-19 cases which officials are desperately trying to get on top of. The latest lockdown bears resemblance to New Zealand's level 4 restrictions, but aren’t quite as severe. Before the latest rules were announced, Australian experts had been calling for tougher measures for some time, including the mandatory use of face masks. Here’s a look at Melbourne’s latest stringent measures, and how it compares to New Zealand's successful response.
3rd Aug 2020 - Stuff.co.nz

What Victoria can learn from New Zealand's drastic lockdown

You can tell a bit about a collective mood from internet memes. Berlin-based author Konstantin Richter, who was stranded in New Zealand during its drastic seven-week coronavirus lockdown, wrote in Politico of a joke doing the rounds: "God was spotted in New Zealand. 'What are you doing in Aotearoa, God?' 'Working from home, bro!'" Melbourne lockdown memes are comparatively glum: "COVID and Australia is like the Spice Girls. Everyone is doing their bit but Victoria is ruining it for everybody." Support for New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is stratospheric following the country’s elimination of the virus from the community. With just weeks until the September election, Labour has soared to 60.9 per cent in polls under Ms Ardern’s leadership, the highest in polling history.
3rd Aug 2020 - The Age

Factbox: Australia's Victoria state imposes new lockdown measures

** For the next six weeks, a daily curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. bars nearly five million Melbourne residents from leaving their houses except for work or to receive or give care. ** Melbourne residents are not allowed to move any further than 5 kms (3 miles) away from their homes with limited exceptions. ** Only one person per household can spend up to one hour away from home to shop within the 5 kms radius. ** Recreational activities and most home visits are no longer allowed and residents may only spend one hour exercising outdoors in groups not exceeding two. ** All schools will move to remote learning from Wednesday.
3rd Aug 2020 - Reuters UK

Egyptians Celebrate Eid Al-Adha With Coronavirus Restrictions

During this year’s Eid al-Adha celebrations in Egypt, worshippers watched and listened to last year’s prayers on TV and the radio. Public gatherings and in-person mosque services were banned. The government mandated that people who wished to slaughter livestock — the mainstay of the Islamic “sacrifice holiday” — should bring their animals to specific, regulated butchers. Some people followed the new rules, others did not. Gardens, small butcher shops and sidewalk celebrations ran with the blood of sheep, goats and cows sacrificed in honor of the holiday.
3rd Aug 2020 - Voice of America

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Libya to impose full lockdown as pandemic cases grow

Libya’s internationally recognised government in Tripoli will impose a full lockdown in areas of the country it controls, it said on Thursday, after a sharp rise in coronavirus cases. Libya, split since 2014 between areas held by the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli and a rival administration in the east, managed to avoid an early surge of the pandemic. However, the disease has been spreading more quickly this month and Libya’s National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), one of the few bodies that operates across the country despite the conflict, has confirmed 3,222 cases.
31st Aug 2020 - Reuters Africa

Greater Manchester declares major incident after rise in Covid-19 cases

A major incident has been declared in Greater Manchester in response to increases in coronavirus infection rates across “multiple localities”. The decision to up the readiness of emergency and public services to react to the escalating Covid-19 transmission rate in the region comes after the government announced new lockdown restrictions for parts of north-west England on Thursday. Gold command meetings of senior figures from the police, local authorities and other agencies to discuss the pandemic have been taking place over the weekend. Major incidents are often declared as a result of a terror attack or natural disaster and mean a region can access extra national resources if necessary, with the police able to draft in the army if they need support.
2nd Aug 2020 - The Guardian

Melbourne declares 'state of disaster' as coronavirus sweeps through Victoria

Australia on Sunday introduced sweeping new measures to control a growing coronavirus outbreak in its second-biggest city, including an overnight curfew and a ban on weddings for the first time during the pandemic. Despite a lockdown that began in early July, Melbourne has continued to report hundreds of new cases daily, and authorities said the city's residents would now face a curfew from 8 pm to 5 am for the next six weeks. Declaring a "state of disaster" on Sunday, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said the state capital would move to Stage 4 restrictions until September 13 given "unacceptably high" levels of community transmission.
2nd Aug 2020 - Times of Malta

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Libya to impose full lockdown as pandemic cases grow

Libya’s internationally recognised government in Tripoli will impose a full lockdown in areas of the country it controls, it said on Thursday, after a sharp rise in coronavirus cases, Reuters reports. Libya, split since 2014 between areas held by the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli and a rival administration in the east, managed to avoid an early surge of the pandemic. However, the disease has been spreading more quickly this month and Libya’s National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), one of the few bodies that operates across the country despite the conflict, has confirmed 3,222 cases. Libya’s health system is in tatters after nearly a decade of chaos and war that has fragmented the state, destroyed infrastructure and left many people living in crowded conditions after fleeing their homes.
31st Jul 2020 - Middle East Monitor

Coronavirus: Too soon for Bradford lockdown easing

It is "too soon" for further easing of lockdown measures in Bradford, the city's council leader has said. Susan Hinchcliffe's warning comes as coronavirus infection rates in the city rose to 48 per 100,000 of population for the week ending 25 July. Ms Hinchcliffe is in talks with the government about if the city should move forward with an easing of restrictions on 1 August. She said holding back could help avoid the imposition of a city-wide lockdown. Venues such as bowling alleys and boxing gyms are due to reopen from 1 August, while those extremely vulnerable people who have been shielding will no longer need to
30th Jul 2020 - BBC

Australia PM Scott Morrison says strict Victoria lockdown is not getting its desired results

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Victoria’s strict lockdown was not achieving its desired results after the nation’s coronavirus hotspot reported another record-breaking day for deaths and new infections. Victoria experienced its worst day since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic with 723 new cases and 13 deaths recorded on Thursday. Morrison expressed great concern for the state and said the weeks it’s been back in lockdown after a surge in infections in the last month has been necessary but will come at an impact to the economy.
30th Jul 2020 - Stuff.co.nz

Victoria has worst death toll as fears that rise Melbourne lockdown failing

Victoria has reported its worst daily coronavirus death toll and the highest rise in infections amid fears that a six-week lockdown of the state capital, Melbourne, is failing. The state reported 723 new cases today — a 36 per cent rise on the case record set on Monday. It also reported another 13 deaths — the largest number in a single day since the pandemic took hold in Australia. There are fears that Melbourne’s lockdown, which began on July 8, will need to be extended. The Victoria government said that sick people breaking isolation rules by going to their workplaces were responsible for the rising number of infections. “If you’ve got symptoms, the only thing you can do is get tested,” said the state premier, Daniel Andrews.
30th Jul 2020 - The Times

'7000 cases': The dire reality if Victoria coronavirus lockdown was lifted today

An eerie prediction has revealed what Victoria could look like if state’s current six-week lockdown was to be lifted. On Thursday an additional 723 coronavirus cases were reported in Victoria and a record 13 deaths. The deaths mean the state has recorded 44 fatalities in just five days, the majority of which are aged care related. The fatalities mean Victoria is the first state to reach 100 deaths. The state has recorded 105 deaths, more than double NSW’s 51 since the pandemic began.
30th Jul 2020 - YAHOO!

Lebanon virus cases peak ahead of new lockdown

Lebanon on Wednesday reported 182 new coronavirus cases, its highest single-day infection tally since the country's outbreak began in February, ahead of fresh lockdown measures that go into effect at midnight. The new cases bring the total number of COVID-19 infections in Lebanon to 4,202, including 55 deaths, according to health ministry figures cited by the state-run National News Agency (NNA). New nationwide lockdown measures were announced this week following a rise in cases after previous restrictions were gradually lifted.
30th Jul 2020 - The Jakarta Post

Coronavirus: Home visits banned in parts of northern England

The new lockdown rules for parts of northern England come nearly four weeks after restrictions were eased across the country, and people were allowed to meet indoors for the first time since late March. More than four million people in Greater Manchester, Blackburn with Darwen, Burnley, Hyndburn, Pendle, Rossendale, Bradford, Calderdale and Kirklees will be affected by the tightening of restrictions. The measures, which came into force at midnight, mean different households will not be allowed to meet in homes or private gardens, but individual households will still be able to go to pubs and restaurants.
30th Jul 2020 - BBC

China toughens travel rules for Xinjiang capital

China is tightening travel restrictions in the capital of the Xinjiang region amid a COVID-19 outbreak in the northwestern city. People arriving in Urumqi from regions considered to have high infection risk must undergo a two-week quarantine. Others arriving from less risky areas most show proof of good health. Locals “in principle” must stay in the city or show proof of health to be allowed to leave.
30th Jul 2020 - Hilton Head Island Packet

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Catalonia orders local lockdown as Spain battles new virus surges

Authorities also recommended that people stay at home in a suburb of Barcelona, capital of the northeastern region of 7.5 million people where there has been an acrimonious push for independence in recent years. Having suffered more than 28,400 deaths, tourism-dependent Spain brought the epidemic largely under control through a tough national lockdown that was lifted on June 21. However, since then, more than 170 local outbreaks have been detected, with 120 still active - including a worrying one around the Catalan city of Lleida. The order for residents of Lleida, and seven nearby towns, to stay at home still needs to be approved by a judge amid tensions over how to handle local outbreaks.
29th Jul 2020 - Yahoo! News

Coronavirus: Spain travel row and a local lockdown

Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak this Tuesday evening. We'll have another update for you tomorrow morning.
29th Jul 2020 - BBC

Covid 19 coronavirus: 'No way' Victorian lockdown will end within three weeks, expert says

An expert says there is "no way" Victoria's lockdown will end within three weeks as initially announced. Victorians were expected to emerge from a six-week lockdown on August 16 but Melbourne University epidemiologist Professor Tony Blakely believes authorities will need at least two extra weeks beyond that to get coronavirus cases down. Blakely told news.com.au that outbreaks in the aged-care sector have contributed to continuing high numbers and said there was "no way" lockdown would end within three weeks. "Things have not gone the way we hoped," he said. "Numbers are still high because of essential workers. It will take longer to pull the numbers back because there are cases in so many different segments."
29th Jul 2020 - New Zealand Herald

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Australia’s Covid-19 lockdown rules and coronavirus restrictions explained

Australians had been slowly emerging from Covid-19 lockdowns since the federal government announced a three-stage plan in May to ease restrictions across the country, but from 8 July the Melbourne metropolitan area and Mitchell shire immediately to the north returned to a stage three lockdown for six weeks. Here we try to answer some of the most common questions people have about the laws, based on the information current as of 28 July.
28th Jul 2020 - The Guardian

Coronavirus Australia: Victoria faces Stage Four of lockdown

Victoria's coronavirus cases surge by 532 - the state's worst increase yet Doctors call for Stage Four lockdown to get Victoria's numbers down fast Never-before-seen Stage Four would be like NZ's tough Level Four restrictions Would mean no takeaway coffee or food, shops closed, construction sites shut Young adult Victorians have been identified as having highest infection rate
28th Jul 2020 - Daily Mail

The five reasons why Victoria's second lockdown ISN'T working as the state records 532 cases

Victoria reported a record number of 532 new coronavirus cases on Monday Health experts have revealed why Melbourne's second lockdown isn't working Reasons included behavioural changes and feeling pressured to attend work The full effect of wearing mandatory face masks has also not yet been seen
28th Jul 2020 - Daily Mail

Calls for 'New Zealand-style' stage-four coronavirus lockdown in Victoria

As daily cases of coronavirus surged beyond 500 for the first time in Victoria on Monday, a growing number of experts are urging the state government to enforce a stricter lockdown. The president of Victoria’s Australian Medical Association, Associate Professor Julian Rait, believes if a similar lockdown that was rolled out in New Zealand was implemented across metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire, it could provide a quicker route out of the current crisis. "What New Zealand did for a month is that they closed pretty much all businesses other than pharmacies, medical clinics, grocery stores, petrol stations and really curtailed a lot of retail shopping, and a lot of businesses," he told Melbourne radio station 3AW. "That’s the model that I would look to and clearly they were able to achieve elimination through that with a month of such measures.”
28th Jul 2020 - Yahoo News Australia

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Second Wave of Coronavirus in Asia Prompts Fresh Lockdowns

Countries around Asia are confronting a second wave of coronavirus infections and are clamping down again to try to contain the disease, with Australia recording a record daily rise in cases and Vietnam locking down the city of Danang. Mainland China is battling the most aggressive return of COVID-19 in months, confirming 57 new locally transmitted cases on Sunday, the highest level since early March, driven by fresh infections in the far western region of Xinjiang. In the northeast, Liaoning province reported a fifth straight day of new infections and Jilin province reported two new cases, its first since late May. Hong Kong is expected to announce further restrictions on Monday including a ban on restaurant dining and mandated face masks outdoors, local media reported.
27th Jul 2020 - U.S. News & World Report

European countries considering new lockdown restrictions amid coronavirus surge

A surge in new coronavirus cases across Europe has prompted several nations to consider tougher restrictions to prevent a “second wave”. Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Romania have all experienced a significant rise in infections amid concerns citizens are starting to drop their guard against the disease in the summer weather. “In two weeks, we have tripled our rate of contagion,” said government expert Maria Jose Sierra. “We could be seeing a second wave, but we have to see what happens in the coming weeks.” It came after the 30,000 residents of the town of Totana in the southeastern region of Murcia were locked down on Thursday following 55 new cases that were traced to a bar. Authorities in Romania also blamed Friday’s record daily high of more than 1,000 new infections on a failure to wear masks, including in indoor public places or on public transport.
27th Jul 2020 - The Independent

Coronavirus: Muslim women cook free meals for struggling families during Melbourne’s second lockdown

A group of Muslim women has come together to feed Melbourne’s most vulnerable people amid the city’s second Covid-19 lockdown. Lawyers, teachers and healthcare professionals volunteer their time every Friday to cook meals for those struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic. Afshan Mantoo, chairperson of Muslim Women’s Council of Victoria Inc. and head of the volunteer group, said she hoped the programme would help change attitudes about Muslim women’s participation in Australian society.
27th Jul 2020 - The Independent

Coronavirus cases rising in every global region as Catalonia orders partial lockdown measures

Dozens of countries, including the US, Spain and Australia, have reported record single-day increases in coronavirus infections over the past week, as data shows the pandemic is rising in every region of the world. In Spain, Catalonia has ordered the closure of nightclubs and late-night bars as fears grow of a second wave, with a new daily record figure likely to deter tourists from visiting one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. The US remains officially the worst hit, according to the data, having this week passed more than 4 million cases in total and recording more than 1,000 deaths from the virus for the fourth straight day.
27th Jul 2020 - The Independent

Second wave of coronavirus in Asia prompts fresh lockdowns

Nations in Asia imposed new restrictions on Monday, while an abrupt British quarantine on travellers from Spain threw Europe’s summer reopening into disarray, as the world confronted the prospect of a second wave of COVID-19 infections. In the United States, still dealing with its first wave as infection rates have climbed since June, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, became the most senior official to test positive. The White House said Trump had not interacted with him in days and was not at risk. Surges were reported in several countries that previously appeared to have the virus under control.
27th Jul 2020 - Reuters UK

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NKorea puts border city in lockdown over suspected outbreak

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un placed the city of Kaesong near the border with South Korea under total lockdown after a person was found with suspected COVID-19 symptoms, saying he believes “the vicious virus” may have entered the country, state media reported Sunday. If the person is officially declared a virus patient, he or she would be the North’s first confirmed coronavirus case. North Korea has steadfastly said it has no single virus case on its territory, a claim questioned by outside experts. The lockdown was declared Friday afternoon. The Korean Central News Agency said the suspected case is a runaway who had fled to South Korea years ago before illegally crossing the border into the North early last week.
26th Jul 2020 - ABC News

North Korea declares state of emergency after Kim meets advisers to discuss 'first coronavirus case'

North Korea decalred a state of emergency after a person suspected of having coronavirus entered the country. If officially confirmed it would be the first official case acknowledged by North Korean countries in the country
26th Jul 2020 - Daily Mail

Morocco Shuts Down Major Cities After Spike in Coronavirus Cases

Morocco will stop people entering and leaving some of its biggest cities from midnight to contain a surge in COVID-19 cases, the interior and health Ministries said on Sunday. The cities to be locked down include the economic powerhouse of Casablanca as well as Tangier, Marrakech, Fez and Meknes. The country eased a nationwide lockdown a month ago, though international flights are still suspended except special flights by national airlines carrying Moroccans or foreign residents. On Sunday, the health ministry said 633 new COVID-19 cases were recorded, one of the biggest daily rises so far, bringing the total number of confirmed infections to 20,278, with 313 deaths and 16,438 recoveries.
26th Jul 2020 - The New York Times

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French President Macron discusses COVID-19 situation with Australian PM

French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the COVID-19 pandemic situation during a phone briefing on Thursday with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Macron’s office said, as leaders around the world prepare for a possible new wave of the virus. “The President of the Republic and the Prime Minister of Australia shared their analyses on the evolution of the COVID-19 epidemic in the world and on measures being taken to prevent its resurgence,” said a statement from the French Presidency. Australia’s second most populous state of Victoria reported on Thursday five deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours and the third-highest daily rise in coronavirus cases.
23rd Jul 2020 - Reuters

Australia's Covid-19 border restrictions: where you can travel to and from

After several months of lockdown, Australians everywhere are itching to travel. With international borders closed for the foreseeable future, domestic tourism is becoming an increasingly attractive option. But as Victoria and New South Wales try to contain a second wave of coronavirus cases, different Australian states and territories have imposed varying restrictions on travel. Here’s what we know about where you can go and where you can’t based on where you’re coming from. And beware that those caught breaching border rules could face stiff fines in some states.
23rd Jul 2020 - The Guardian

If coronavirus spreads despite lockdowns, the economic hit would prove a 'big waste'

The Australian's Economics Editor Adam Creighton says if COVID-19 spreads around the country then the lockdowns, and the economic damage they caused, would be a "big waste." Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced on Thursday Australia's gross debt is forecast to hit $851.9 billion with this year’s budget deficit expected to reach $184.5 billion due to the novel coronavirus. Mr Creighton said he projected the federal debt will go beyond 1 trillion by 2022. “We are seeing further outbreaks around the world now – we’re seeing them in countries that have had lockdown, haven’t had lockdowns, it’s kind of irrelevant,” Mr Creighton told Sky News
23rd Jul 2020 - Sky News Australia

Australia coronavirus cases surge as 'nine in ten ignore isolation rules'

Australia reported 502 new coronavirus infections over a single 24-hour period yesterday — the largest daily number of cases since the pandemic began. The figure was well ahead of the previous single-day record of 469, recorded in March. Australia also reported its highest daily number of coronavirus-related deaths in three months today, with five deaths in the past 24 hours taking the nationwide total to 128. “This demonstrates the growing toll this terrible virus is taking on our community,” Jenny Mikakos, the health minister, said. The increase prompted Daniel Andrews, the Victoria premier, to threaten a longer lockdown in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, which has been hardest hit by the resurgence. The city, which has a population of 4.9 million, is in the throes of a second six-week lockdown aimed at slowing the spread of Covid-19.
23rd Jul 2020 - The Times

Victoria state premier lambasts Australians for 'still going out while sick' with coronavirus as country suffers worst day of new infections

Victoria's state premier has berated people sick with Covid-19 for “still shopping and going to work” as Australia suffered its worst day for new infections. Daniel Andrews spoke out as new figures showed 90 per cent of recent cases failed to isolate between falling sick and getting tested. Just over half had failed to self-isolate while waiting for the result. “That means people have felt unwell and just gone about their business. They have gone out shopping. They have gone to work. They have been at the height of their infectivity and they have just continued on as usual,” he said.
23rd Jul 2020 - Evening Standard

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Coronavirus: Oman to impose 'total lockdown' over Eid due to spike in cases

Gulf state will impose night curfew and ban travel between all its governorates from 25 July to 8 August to slow spread of Covid-19
22nd Jul 2020 - Middle East Eye

Delhi virus cases dip but more Indian states lock down

New Delhi recorded fewer than 1,000 coronavirus cases for the first time in seven weeks on Tuesday, even as more Indian states imposed restrictions to halt the spread of the pandemic. India last week became the third country after the United States and Brazil to hit one million cases but many experts say that with testing rates low, the true number could be much higher. More than 28,000 people have died, with the western state of Maharashtra, home to Mumbai and its teeming slums, suffering the highest death toll followed by the national capital Delhi and Tamil Nadu in the south.
22nd Jul 2020 - The Guardian Nigeria

Coronavirus: Six-day lockdown imposed in Kashmir Valley to contain spread of virus

Several states in India on Wednesday extended lockdowns in an effort to control the increasing spread of coronavirus cases as India’s tally neared the 12-lakh mark. India on Wednesday recorded 37,724 new cases, taking the country’s tally to 11,92,915. The toll increased to 28,732. In Manipur, a complete lockdown would be imposed for 14 days from July 23. The Jammu and Kashmir administration has announced a six-day shutdown in the Valley, except for Bandipora district, from July 22 to July 27. Bhopal will also be under lockdown from July 24 to August 3. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization praised India for responding to the coronavirus pandemic with “utmost urgency”.
22nd Jul 2020 - Scroll.in

Two weeks into Melbourne's lockdown, why aren't COVID-19 case numbers going down?

Fourteen days after Melbourne was put back into lockdown, the latest daily tally of 484 new cases in Victoria makes for dispiriting reading. Why have the numbers stubbornly refused to go down, despite Melburnians being confined to their homes for all but non-essential trips?
22nd Jul 2020 - The Conversation AU

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Delhi COVID-19 cases dip but more Indian states lock down

New Delhi recorded fewer than 1,000 coronavirus cases for the first time in seven weeks on Tuesday, even as more Indian states imposed restrictions to halt the spread of the pandemic. India last week became the third country after the United States and Brazil to hit one million cases but many experts say that with testing rates low, the true number could be much higher. More than 28,000 people have died, with the western state of Maharashtra, home to Mumbai and its teeming slums, suffering the highest death toll followed by the national capital Delhi and Tamil Nadu in the south. A surge of 37,140 new cases in the past 24 hours has taken India’s number of coronavirus infections to 1,155,191.
21st Jul 2020 - Gulf News

Local lockdown concerns raised by Kent councillors

Power being passed to local council have been branded a "cop out" by one councillor as concerns over enforcing lockdowns are raised. The county's 14 councils have been given new powers to close shops, cancel events and shut outdoor spaces to manage local coronavirus outbreaks. Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announcement three days ago as 343 councils across England largely welcomed the move. In a virtual cabinet meeting yesterday, Kent County Council's (KCC) public health cabinet member, Cllr Clair Bell (Con), said: "The purpose of these powers is to enable councils to act more quickly in response to outbreaks where speed is paramount."
21st Jul 2020 - Kent Online

Southland brothers amid second Melbourne lockdown urge Government to have clear plan before introducing trans-Tasman bubble

Southland brothers stuck in a second Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in Australia are urging the New Zealand Government to take their time to get it right before introducing a trans-Tasman bubble. Paul and Matthew Emms, originally from Southland, have been living in Melbourne, Victoria, the epicentre of the pandemic in Australia. Coronavirus cases in the state have skyrocketed and a second state stay-at-home order has been put in place until August 19.
21st Jul 2020 - Stuff.co.nz

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Xinjiang capital in 'wartime' lockdown over spike in coronavirus cases

A "wartime" state has been declared in the capital of Xinjiang, home to China's persecuted Muslim-majority Uyghur ethnic group, as authorities implement strict and sweeping measures to stem a spike in coronavirus cases. The city of Urumqi reported 17 local infections Sunday, meaning that 47 cases have been identified since last Wednesday. Before that, it had not recorded a single case in nearly five months, according to the Xinjiang health authorities.
20th Jul 2020 - CNN

Hong Kong ponders lockdown amid latest coronavirus outbreak

Panic spreads after more than 500 new cases recorded in past two weeks, most of them local. Once named in the same breath as Taiwan and Singapore as an early example of successful virus control, Hong Kong is now in the midst of a worsening outbreak of the coronavirus, with no sign of it slowing down. Hong Kong residents had been living with reduced pandemic-related restrictions in recent months. But in the past two weeks the region has recorded more than 500 new cases, over 400 of them local. About 40% have an unknown source and the majority are not imported – a stark inverse in the proportions seen the last time Hong Kong experienced a sudden rise in cases. On Monday, more than a third of the 73 new cases reported came from an unknown source. It followed a record 108 new cases – 83 local transmissions – reported by the centre for health protection on Saturday.
20th Jul 2020 - The Guardian

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The Latest: Rome region warns of possible new lockdowns

Lazio Region Health Commissioner Alessio D'Amato said 17 new COVID-19 cases were registered on Sunday, 10 of them “imported” from other countries when foreign residents returned to Italy. “We can't turn back and waste all the efforts done till now,” D'Amato pleaded in a Facebook post. Lazio's increases were included in Italy's 219 new cases, raising to 244,434, the number of confirmed infections since the outbreak began.
19th Jul 2020 - Devdiscourse

China's western city Urumqi enters 'wartime mode' after reporting 16 coronavirus cases

Urumqi, the capital of China’s far western region of Xinjiang, has gone into “wartime mode” and launched an emergency response plan after the city reported 16 new coronavirus cases on Friday. State broadcaster CCTV cited unnamed officials as telling a press conference on Saturday that the city had suspended gatherings and ordered communities to restrict visits to other households. It urged people not to make unnecessary trips outside the city and ordered infection tests for anyone who needed to leave Urumqi, aiming to prevent the spread of the virus. It has also carried out city-wide free infection tests, officials told the press conference as part of what the officials termed a “wartime” response.
18th Jul 2020 - Reuters UK

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Hundreds of millions in India back in lockdown as virus cases surge

Hundreds of millions of people in India are back into lockdown conditions as coronavirus cases surge in the country. More than 400 million people are impacted in three Indian states shut down, CNN reported on Wednesday. Lockdowns were also instituted in high-risk areas of localities in several other states, permitting only essential food supplies and health services, The Associated Press reported.
16th Jul 2020 - The Hill

Lockdown 'should be lifted in 90% of Leicester'

Leicester's mayor has called for 90% of the city's lockdown to be lifted and said residents will be "very angry" if restrictions are extended further. A prolonged lockdown for the city was announced on 29 June after a spike in Covid-19 cases, with non-essential shops and schools closed. But mayor Sir Peter Soulsby said new data showed only 10% of Leicester had seen higher transmission rates. The health secretary is due to rule on whether to extend restrictions later. The Department of Health and Social Care previously said it "makes no apology" for trying to reverse infection rates. Sir Peter said the government had got local people into a "messy situation" by its handling of the restrictions. On the prospect of the local lockdown being extended, he said: "I think if we are told that, there are going to be an awful lot of Leicester people who are very angry indeed."
16th Jul 2020 - BBC

Indian states ordered back into lockdown as coronavirus cases surge

Coronavirus cases have surged in India, as the country is now expected to reach a million infections in the next days. A three-day lockdown will be going into effect as of Thursday night in the state of Goa, which is also implementing a night curfew until August 10, and a two-week lockdown has now gone into effect in the Eastern city of Bihar, as FRANCE 24’s New Delhi correspondent Diya Gupta reports.
16th Jul 2020 - FRANCE 24

India sends 375million people back into lockdown

India's 29,429 new coronavirus cases bring its total from 906,752 to 936,181 Health officials also recorded 582 new deaths, taking tally from 23,727 to 24,309 State of Bihar and IT hub of Bangalore are among areas to impose new lockdown
16th Jul 2020 - Daily Mail

Unemployment rises to 22-year high as second lockdown fears stifle economic recovery

Australia has recorded the highest unemployment rate for 22 years, raising fears the “COVID-19 economic recession” will dampen prospects of an early recovery. Labour figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics released Thursday showed Australia’s June unemployment rate rose to 7.4 per cent, a 0.3 percentage rise on the previous month. It was the highest monthly unemployment rate since November 1998 and prompted Prime Minister Scott Morrison to label the fiscal pain caused by the pandemic as Australia’s “COVID-19 economic recession”.
16th Jul 2020 - NEWS.com.au

Leicester lockdown to be only partially lifted, Matt Hancock confirms

The confusion around the Government's coronavirus messaging was perfectly illustrated by two Cabinet ministers buying their breakfast at Pret A Manger on Tuesday. When Liz Truss, the International Trade Secretary, emerged from the sandwich shop wearing a mask – but the Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove came out with his face uncovered – it showed that the ever-changing rules were flummoxing even those running the country. On Friday, Boris Johnson is expected to give another landmark speech, urging the nation to get back to work after the Governor of the Bank of England warned that people's "fear" of commuting was "holding back the country". Yet with Downing Street continuing to emit mixed messages about what the public should and should not do – and millions of workers still on furlough until October – some are starting to question the directions on the Prime Minister's latest road map....
16th Jul 2020 - The Telegraph

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Coronavirus: Leicester cases ‘still well above’ rest of UK as government prepares to review lockdown

The number of Covid-19 cases in Leicester remains too high, health secretary Matt Hancock has warned, as government officials prepare to review the city’s current lockdown measures. Restrictions were tightened across the East Midlands city on Monday 29 June following a spike in infections, with all non-essential shops and schools closed as part of the government’s “whack-a-mole” strategy for dealing with localised outbreaks. The city’s seven-day infection count has since fallen from 159.1 cases per 100,000 people to 119.9, according to the most recently available data, but Mr Hancock has said the number of positive cases in Leicester remains “well above” the rest of the UK.
15th Jul 2020 - The Independent

Coronavirus: New cases force 160,000 back into localised lockdown in Spain

Spain's national lockdown ended on 21 June, but it has since seen more than 170 clusters of COVID-19 spring up, leading to localised lockdown measures like the one seen in Leicester in the UK.
15th Jul 2020 - Sky News

New virus lockdown another burden for cash-strapped Palestinians

For Palestinians already hit financially by the coronavirus pandemic, a new round of restrictions has added to their woes as infections in the occupied West Bank spike again. When the Palestinian Authority decreed the new 14-day lockdown on Sunday, some businessmen took to the streets of Hebron, the city with the territory's highest infection rate, in defiance of a curfew. The next day in Ramallah, where the PA is based, about 50 merchants rallied to voice their anger and demand the reopening of their shops, some of which had been shuttered for days before the curfew went into effect.
15th Jul 2020 - FRANCE 24

Coronavirus surge forces 375m Indians back into strict lockdown

Panicked Indian states and cities have sent 375 million people back into lockdown to stem a surge of coronavirus infections. The northeastern state of Bihar, one of India’s poorest, said that its 125 million residents would face restrictions again for two weeks from tomorrow. The decision underscores the sense that the response to the pandemic is unravelling, weeks after the lifting of a strict three-month lockdown imposed by Narendra Modi, the prime minister.
15th Jul 2020 - The Times

India sends 375million people back into lockdown as country suffers record spike of 29,429 new coronavirus cases with total infections nearing one million

India has ordered 375million people back into lockdown as the country suffered another record spike in coronavirus cases today. Health officials announced 29,429 new cases this morning, bringing the total from 906,752 to 936,181 with India on the brink of becoming the third country after the US and Brazil to pile up a million infections. The death toll jumped by 582, rising from 23,727 to 24,309, with nearly half of all fatalities recorded in the state of Maharashtra which includes Mumbai.
15th Jul 2020 - Daily Mail

Police crackdown on people flouting ACT lockdowns

Federal Police in the Australian Capital Territory have been cracking down on lockdown measures in a bid to limit the spread of COVID-19. The nation’s capital currently has five active cases. There have been 113 infections in the territory since March, with 105 of those recovered. As part of the lockdown measures, police have been conducting regular checks on people in self-isolation, often asking them to come out to the balcony and present their driver’s licenses for identification. DOMA Hotels Director Patrick Lonergan said the territory has people quarantining in serviced apartments so hotels can continue to run as usual. While the serviced apartments aren’t monitored by security guards, the apartments have cameras on every floor, Mr Lonergan said.
15th Jul 2020 - Sky News Australia

Lockdown restrictions reimposed in California, Hong Kong and Australia as virus cases spike

California has reimposed sweeping lockdown restrictions ordering all bars and indoor restaurant dining to shut amid a surge in coronavirus cases. Most indoor religious services, gyms and hair and nail salons have also been told to close after experts warned of the extent to which the virus can be transmitted doors. Governor Gavin Newsome has repeatedly implored people to refrain from social gatherings and expressed frustration that many are not following the guidance.
15th Jul 2020 - Evening Standard

Venezuelan capital to go into lockdown – as it happened

Venezuela's government on Tuesday decided to reimpose strict lockdown measures in the capital Caracas and the central state of Miranda, after a recent spike in the number of COVID-19 cases. "President Nicolas Maduro communicated the decision to take the capital district and Miranda state to level one of strict lockdown, starting tomorrow July 15, to the presidential commission on COVID-19, due to the rise in cases and for the sake of the people's health," Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said on Twitter. The government is confident that the measure can "sever the chains of transmission from the outbreak these central regions are undergoing," said Rodriguez.
15th Jul 2020 - Xinhuanet

Thousands of Catalans return to lockdown as Spain fights new virus clusters

Barcelona may bring back some restrictions on daily life after the number of coronavirus cases tripled in a week, its mayor said on Wednesday, as around 160,000 people in another part of Catalonia went back under lockdown to stem a new surge in cases. Just weeks after a nationwide lockdown was lifted and life returned largely to normal as infection rates dropped, Spain’s second-most populous region reported on Tuesday three deaths and 938 new coronavirus cases. Some 63% of those new cases were detected in Barcelona and its surroundings, stirring fears the regional capital and popular tourist destination might again become an epicentre of the virus.
15th Jul 2020 - Reuters UK

As Bihar Goes Into A 15-Day Lockdown, A List Of What's Open, What's Not

Bihar will go into a complete lockdown from Thursday as coronavirus cases in the highly populated state saw an "alarming surge" in the last three weeks. Detailed guidelines have been released by the state government setting down strict rules of what can remain open and what cannot. The 15-day lockdown in the state from July 16 to July 31 was confirmed by Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi saying the Nitish Kumar government had ordered that "all city municipalities, district headquarters, block headquarters will stay under lockdown".
15th Jul 2020 - NDTV

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UK government will look at Leicester lockdown on Thursday, says health minister

British Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Tuesday the government would assess whether lockdown measures in the English city of Leicester could be eased on Thursday, but warned that the number of coronavirus cases was still high. A stringent lockdown was imposed in Leicester, in central England, two weeks ago - even as many restrictions were being lifted for the rest of the country - after a spike in cases of COVID-19 in the city. “I set out that there is process for whether changes can be made in Leicester. The process is that we will look at 14 days of data ... on Thursday of this week and make a public announcement as soon as is reasonably possible about whether and if any changes can be made to the situation,” Hancock told parliament adding that the number of positive cases was still well above the rest of the country.
14th Jul 2020 - Reuters

Catalan authorities order local lockdown again despite court ruling

Spain’s Catalonia approved a resolution on Tuesday to place the residents of the city of Lleida and seven nearby towns under home confinement to stem a surge in coronavirus infections, after a judge earlier ruled that such a measure was unlawful. The confinement will come into force on Wednesday and last for 15 days, Catalan regional government spokeswoman Meritxell Budo told reporters. Some 160,000 people within the affected area must return to home confinement except for work and other specific activities, less than a month after the country’s national lockdown was lifted.
14th Jul 2020 - Reuters

Coronavirus: Is Sydney set for a new lockdown?

Sydney remains on tenterhooks as rising coronavirus cases evoke the spectre of a renewed lockdown. 9News state political reporter Chris O'Keefe said the critical balance involved deciding between our jobs and our health. The NSW government spent $2 billion to fight the virus outbreak, including buying 2000 ventilators.
14th Jul 2020 - 9News

Melbourne lockdown key to getting Covid-19 contact tracing to manageable level, expert says

The second lockdown in Melbourne will be key to getting contact tracing to a manageable level, an epidemiologist has said, as Victoria struggles to cope with around 5,000 contacts of people who tested positive for coronavirus in the second spike. Victoria has seen over a week of triple-digit daily case numbers of coronavirus reported, largely in the Melbourne and Mitchell shire areas. The state has around 1,000 contact tracers working to identify those who people who have tested positive have been in contact with. Now with more than 1,800 active cases as of Tuesday, it becomes much harder for contact tracers to track down large numbers of contacts, Prof Catherine Bennett, the chair in epidemiology at Deakin University, told Guardian Australia.
14th Jul 2020 - The Guardian

Spain's Catalonia seeks to bypass ruling striking down home confinement

Spain’s Catalonia approved on Monday a decree giving it legal backing to place restrictions on the city of Lleida and its surroundings to stem a surge in coronavirus infections, defying a judge’s earlier ruling that such an order was unlawful.
14th Jul 2020 - Reuters UK

India's tech hub, other towns back in lockdown as coronavirus infections surge

India’s high-tech hub of Bengaluru will go back into a coronavirus lockdown for a week on Tuesday after a surge of infections, threatening to derail government efforts to revive a stuttering economy. Places of worship, public transport, government offices and most shops will close again from the evening, and people will be confined to their homes, only allowed out for essential needs. Schools, colleges and restaurants will remain shut, authorities said. Bengaluru, home to some of the world’s biggest IT firms such as Infosys, had only about 1,000 coronavirus cases in mid-June and was seen to have fared better than other parts of India in terms of testing and contact tracing.
14th Jul 2020 - Reuters UK

California's new lockdown dims outlook for U.S. growth in pandemic

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s decision Monday to reimpose restrictions on bars, restaurants, gyms and even ordinary office work to tamp down a surge of coronavirus infections is dimming economic growth prospects for the nation as a whole.
14th Jul 2020 - Reuters UK

Health Ministry officials said to conclude there’s no escaping 2nd lockdown

TV report comes hours after Health Ministry director assures Israelis his office working to prevent another statewide shutdown, but warns that infection rate has risen to 6%
13th Jul 2020 - The Times of Israel

Coronavirus: Kazakhstan denies 'unknown pneumonia' reports but has imposed second national lockdown

On July 8, the Chinese embassy in Kazakhstan warned Chinese citizens that the country had an “unknown pneumonia” outbreak more deadly than COVID-19. The following day, the Kazakhstani health ministry acknowledged the presence of viral pneumonias of “unspecified” cause, but denied that the outbreak was new or unknown. The newly appointed health minister, Alexey Tsoy, declared that the claim published by Chinese media “does not correspond to reality”.
8th Jul 2020 - The Conversation UK

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Coronavirus: California reimposes sweeping restrictions amid virus spike

California has reimposed restrictions on businesses and public spaces amid a spike of coronavirus infections in America's most populous state. Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday ordered an immediate halt to all indoor activities at restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, zoos and museums. In the worst-affected counties of the south-western US state, churches, gyms and hairdressers will also close. California has more than 330,000 Covid-19 cases, with more than 7,000 deaths. The reimposition of the restrictions in the state with nearly 40 million people was prompted by a 20% rise in people testing positive in the past two weeks.
14th Jul 2020 - BBC

Greece considers second lockdown after tourists bring spike of cases

Greece could reintroduce some lockdown measures, after the country has seen a spike in Covid-19 cases following the return of tourism. There are now more active infections in Greece than at any other point during the pandemic – 2,205 people in Greece are known to have the virus right now. On Friday, 60 people were confirmed to have contracted the virus, the highest daily number since April 21. More than 100 new cases reported in the last 10 days have been among incoming tourists. British holidaymakers are due to return to Greece from July 15, with UK flights resuming on that date. However, Greek authorities are now considering introducing stricter lockdown measures, potentially from as early as tomorrow (July 13). Government spokesperson Stelios Petsas told local media: "We knew from the beginning that when we gradually opened the country’s gates to the world, we would have imported incidents." He added that he is "determined to protect the majority from the frivolous few.
13th Jul 2020 - The Telegraph

Fresh lockdown for 250,000 in Manila as virus surges

About 250,000 people in Manila will go back into lockdown, an official said Monday, as the number of new coronavirus infections in the Philippines surges. Residents in Navotas, one of 16 cities that make up the sprawling capital of 12 million people, will have to stay home for a fortnight, just six weeks after emerging from one of the world's longest lockdowns. "I am not sure if this is a solution, but I am certain that if I do this the number of cases will not increase," Navotas city mayor Toby Tiangco told a radio station.
13th Jul 2020 - FRANCE 24

Tourist hotspot Croatia brings in tough new lockdown rules

Countries in eastern Europe are facing rising waves of coronavirus infections, leading to new restrictive measures such as the mandatory use of face masks in Croatia and travel bans or quarantines to be imposed by Hungary. Hungarian authorities said on Sunday that they would put countries in three categories – red, yellow and green – based on their rate of new coronavirus infections. Restrictions including entry bans and mandatory quarantines will be imposed, depending from which country people were coming from. “We see worrisome signs about an increase in the number of cases in the neighbouring countries, Europe and the whole world,” Gergely Gulyas, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff, said.
13th Jul 2020 - Wales